Sunday19 February 2017


A crane

Strategic advances?

9 Feb 17 | By Joey Gardiner

The government’s modern industrial strategy has been welcomed by business groups but are there opportunities for construction to benefit?


New prisons: Not much in the swag bag

2 Feb 17 | By David Blackman

Converting old prisons into housing to fund new prisons in less expensive locations isn’t going according to script

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Redressing the balance: Women engineers

27 Jan 17 | By Joey Gardiner

With just 9% of UK engineers women, the sector clearly has a long way to go to achieving a diverse workforce

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Houses being built

A quiet revolution?

16 Feb 17

For some, last week’s housing white paper wasn’t worth the white paper it was printed on, but for others it presents a radical shift in policy away from home ownership and towards a much wider range of housing needs


Brexit: What we really really want

10 Feb 17

When Building launched its Building A Better Brexit campaign at the start of the year, we promised a reader survey to find out what the industry wanted the government to take into its negotiations with the EU

Cars in flood

Hell or high water

3 Feb 17

The North-west may have been spared flooding so far this winter, but the occurence and severity of the region’s floods is steadily increasing

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Bruno Dupety

Bruno Dupety: Action man

17 Feb 17

In 2014, Bruno Dupety was brought in to sort out Vinci’s UK construction arm: managing some massive project losses, refreshing the leadership team and restructuring struggling parts of the business

Paul Cossell

Paul Cossell: Above and beyond

13 Jan 17

Paul Cossell took charge of ISG last year as the fit-out, construction and engineering firm transferred into private hands, a move which has enabled him to explore areas outside the core business

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Image of the week

Not holding back

Image of the week: Not holding back

17 Feb 17

Water overwhelms the USA’s tallest dam, causing an evacuation

Sketch of the week


Sketch of the week: Greenaways

17 February 2017

This week’s #buildingdoodle sketch is by Hannah Smart of West Waddy ADP


Online poll: Power stations

15 Feb 17

Are the government’s plans for the next generation of UK power stations realistic? Vote here


Sarah Richardson

Moving away from Starter Homes is a big step

16 Feb 17

The government’s switch to supporting housing associations shows policy is heading in the right direction, but construction needs more support in the face of Brexit

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Adam Crossley

Ecobuild blog: Don’t lose focus on the environment

17 Feb 17

What businesses think sustainability is has widened into a whole range of interconnected social and environmental issues, but it is important not to lose sight of our carbon emissions reduction target

Sadie Morgan

Drawing conclusions

15 Feb 17

Projects on a grand scale generate innumerable written reports setting out the developer’s vision, but very few contain the hard information you get from an architect’s visual plan

Barny Evans

Changes to the Renewable Heat Incentive

14 Feb 17

There are two key areas the government should consider in the Renewable Heat Incentive review


Why have EU workers' pensions become a tax target?

13 Feb 17

HMRC must lift its block on French and Italians in the UK transferring their pension pots tax free, or risk losing the benefits their professional expertise brings to construction

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