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'Jigsaw' Crossrail station at Custom House

Image of the week: Slotting into place

27 Mar 15

Laing O’Rourke completes ‘jigsaw’ Crossrail station at Custom House


Inside Westminster: One for the road

20 Mar 15 | By Mark Leftly

Continuing our series looking at construction from inside the corridors of power in the run-up to the election, Mark Leftly asks if the coalition’s track record on infrastructure is anything to celebrate


Image of the week: George’s last stand?

19 Mar 15

Our image of the week shows the chancellor preparing for his final Budget of this parliament

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Stratford Academy, under construction

Do priority schools add up?

1 Apr 15

The picture emerging from some of the few completed priority schools is one of cut-price, smaller buildings with potentially higher long-term maintenance costs

UKIP posters

UKIP: The vocal minority

12 Mar 15

Control immigration and large areas of British countryside will not need to be destroyed by housebuilding, says UKIP. Nationalist populism at its most simplistic, perhaps, but the party’s anti-development stance is bearing down on politics at a local level

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Sarah Richardson

Do the math

1 Apr 15

An increase in spending on school building now could prevent greater costs further down the line

Chris Grigg

Capital growth

1 Apr 15

Invest in London’s infrastructure and the rest of the UK will benefit. Hold back, and we will be repeating historic mistakes

Helen Gough

The future of surveying

27 Mar 15

Financial benefits can be monetised but it is less easy to quantify and advocate the value of experience or the existing knowledge of a building or site

Houses of Parliament

Online poll: Who's best for construction?

1 Apr 15

Which of the UK political parties has the best policies for construction? Vote here

Jack Pringle

Hot-desking 2.0

31 Mar 15

The modern worker may not need a desk to sit at 24/7, but they do want staircases, sofas, reclaimed timber floors, and a new kind of urban realm

Balfour Beatty

Online poll: What next for Balfour Beatty?

26 Mar 15

Do you think the worst is now over for Balfour Beatty? Vote here

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Serpentine Sackler Gallery

Wonders & blunders with Gill Parker

12 Sep 14

London resident Gill Parker thrills to the Sackler Gallery’s contemporary spirit but is less than charmed by a sixties housing estate that has ghettoised its residents

Florey building, Oxford

Wonders and blunders with Nicola Rutt

13 Jun 14

Nicola Rutt finds Oxford University’s Florey Building ‘brave and beautiful’, but thinks more recent student accommodation, Unite’s post-Olympic Stratford development, is ‘overbearing’ and ‘confused’

Pimlico wonder

Wonders and blunders with Andrew Henriques

3 Jun 14

Andrew Henriques believes that his old school in Pimlico, designed by John Bancroft in the sixties, was a shining example of brutalist architecture. While its replacement is a lesson in ticking boxes

Houses of Parliament

Online poll: Who's best for construction?

1 Apr 15

Which of the UK political parties has the best policies for construction? Vote here


Haydn Mursell

Interview: Haydn Mursell

27 Mar 15

Haydn Mursell, Kier’s third chief executive in five years, is keen to maintain the firm’s traditional financial disciplines, while using his background in corporate mergers and acquisitions to push for future growth. Will he manage it?

Nick Taylor

Interview: Nick Taylor

19 Mar 15

Nick Taylor closed the Russian office of his company, Waterman Group, one month before Putin annexed the Crimea. He explains why pulling back from developing markets and focusing on the UK is right for the engineer

Peter Rogers

Interview: Peter Rogers

13 March 2015

Despite a career spent working on London’s skyline, Peter Rogers has never lost his hunger for a challenge. Which is just as well, as he’s taking on the Pinnacle, possibly the capital’s most troubled project

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Sarah Richardson

A test of loyalty

25 Mar 15

Leo Quinn’s ability to restore Balfour Beatty’s former glory relies on clients not being spooked by the firm’s latest woes

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