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Top European contractors: Plus ca change

23 Jan 15 | By David Blackman

Deflation has darkened the mood across the eurozone’s construction markets, putting the long-awaited recovery on hold once more. Building examines what continued stagnation means for firms on both sides of the Channel

Double travel

Image of the week: On the right track?

23 Jan 15

Double Travel, the winning entry from the inaugural RICS photography competition

National Gallery with French flag

Image of the week: Nous sommes tous Charlie

15 Jan 15 | Updated: 15 Jan 15

London’s tributes after the Charlie Hebdo attack and subsequent violence

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Why we're backing Agenda 15

23 Jan 15

Our Agenda 15 campaign manifesto sets to influence the next government by setting out what construction needs to thrive. Here’s why some of those who have signed up to support it think this initiative is so important

Unwanted site

No man’s land: Unwanted supermarket sites

15 Jan 15

Supermarkets are responding to the UK’s shift in shopping habits by massively cutting back their development programmes, leaving the construction industry and affected communities wondering what will happen to the unwanted sites

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Julie Hirigoyen

The long road to sustainable real estate

26 Jan 15

Sustainability in real estate is not ever going to be a quick journey, but with the right attitude we could pick up the pace in 2015

Noble Francis

Feeling good

22 Jan 15

I’m not often optimistic, but 2015 looks set to be a happy new year for construction

James Maddock

Space: The final frontier

22 Jan 15

Our understanding of the kinds of workspaces employees require is changing and this will result in offices that are more flexible and responsive to the varied needs of their occupiers

Andrew Stunell

Decisions, decisions

23 Jan 15

Building’s Agenda 15 manifesto, launched this month, was drawn up after a year of consultation with its readers on what construction needs from the next government. Lib Dem Andrew Stunell is the first MP to respond to our policy blueprint

Michael Dall

Moving into 2015

22 Jan 15

The latest ONS figures confirmed that growth in construction slowed towards the end of last year

European flags

Online poll: European competitors

22 Jan 15

Will there be increased competition from European firms as a result of the stagnating eurozone recovery? Vote here

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Serpentine Sackler Gallery

Wonders & blunders with Gill Parker

12 Sep 14

London resident Gill Parker thrills to the Sackler Gallery’s contemporary spirit but is less than charmed by a sixties housing estate that has ghettoised its residents

Florey building, Oxford

Wonders and blunders with Nicola Rutt

13 Jun 14

Nicola Rutt finds Oxford University’s Florey Building ‘brave and beautiful’, but thinks more recent student accommodation, Unite’s post-Olympic Stratford development, is ‘overbearing’ and ‘confused’

Pimlico wonder

Wonders and blunders with Andrew Henriques

3 Jun 14

Andrew Henriques believes that his old school in Pimlico, designed by John Bancroft in the sixties, was a shining example of brutalist architecture. While its replacement is a lesson in ticking boxes


Stef Stefanou

Interview: Stef Stefanou

16 Jan 15

The former John Doyle chairman unpicks the events that led to the firm’s closure in 2012, and reveals how the industry exposed a darker side in his hour of need

Paul King

Interview: Paul King

11 Dec 14

Outgoing head of the UK Green Building Council Paul King sees an industry in large part willing to deliver the government’s green agenda. Unfortunately, the government itself has so badly undermined its own policies, the sector is no longer sure what that agenda is any more

John Assael

Interview: John Assael

2 Dec 14

John Assael’s ambition is to grow his practice, win awards and be known as a great employer. But he believes that it’s by achieving this last that the other two goals will be fulfilled. Meet the winner of Building’s Good Employer Guide.

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Sarah Richardson

A need for certainty

23 Jan 15

John Laing’s return to the stock market has highlighted the UK’s short-term approach to infrastructure

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