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This week in 1999

29 Aug 14 | By Meredith Papanicolaou

As the Scottish independence debate continues, we look at the opening of the Scottish parliament in 1999

TfL / Gotham building

Sketch of the week: 'Gotham city hideout'

29 Aug 14

This week’s #buildingdoodle sketch is by Warren Williams at Julian Cowie architects


Will they stay or will they go?

29 Aug 14 | By Joey Gardiner

What effects would a ‘Yes’ vote in the Scottish referendum have on the industry?

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Procurement on trial

Procurement on trial

22 Aug 14

Construction firms are increasingly emboldened to take the government to court over its procurement decisions, but who’s to blame?

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Earls Court

Earls Court: That's show business

7 Aug 14

Plans to redevelop 77 acres of prime real estate in Earls Court - entailing the demolition of London’s landmark exhibition centre - have become mired in political wrangling. But is there really any doubt as to how it will end?

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Nick Offer

Can building services continue to serve?

2 Sep 14

As the market comes out of recession building services teams need to be vigilant

Kwadwo Sardokie

Brazilian flair

1 Sep 14

Infrastructure development in the recent World Cup’s host country offers opportunities for UK firms

Simon Rawlinson

Growing pains

28 Aug 14

While the Monetary Policy Committee ponders a rise in interest rates, they’d be wise to take a closer look at what’s happening in construction - where lessons can be learned that have a bearing on the wider economy


Consultant consolidation is good news for SMEs

1 Sep 14

The recent splurge of M&A leaves gaps in the market for SMEs to exploit

Vern Pitt

Retrofit work looks set to bump along the bottom …

29 Aug 14

Is there still hope for the Green Deal?

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Iain Parker

Dating, to engagement, to marriage

27 Aug 14

With demand for construction services now outstripping supply, firms are becoming more choosey when picking partners

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Mark Davey

Interview: Mark Davey

28 Aug 14

Defying five years of recession, cladding company Lakesmere has experienced rapid growth. MD Mark Davey reveals how the firm beat the downturn

Gary Sullivan 3

Interview: Gary Sullivan

21 Aug 14

Gary Sullivan, co-founder and chairman of Wilson James, explains what the army can teach construction

Peter Amato

Interview: Peter Amato

17 Jul 14

As the man in charge of overseeing Chinese developer Dalian Wanda’s £3bn UK development plans, Peter Amato is already becoming the man contractors and consultants most want to know. But you’ll have to learn to keep up …

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Sarah Richardson

Beware unconscious uncoupling

29 August 2014

A vote for Scotland’s independence could mean big changes for the sector

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