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Steel Insight 18

21 Oct 16

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High speed train

HS2: On track?

14 Oct 16 | By Joey Gardiner

Amid negative headlines and political uncertainty, signs of progress on the UK’s next rail megaproject are contradictory at best

Donald Trump

What if Trump does win?

7 Oct 16 | By David Blackman

The very idea of ‘President Trump’ has gone from the realms of jokes and nightmares to potential reality. So as the world holds its breath for the result of November’s US election, David Blackman considers how a Trump presidency would affect UK firms

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Farmer Review: Not waving but drowning

17 Oct 16

Mark Farmer’s government-commissioned report into the construction industry makes for shocking reading. Speaking to Building the author explains his view of the dire state of the industry


Housebuilders' salary survey 2016: Business as usual

21 Oct 16

The Brexit vote has ushered in a time of widespread uncertainty, but activity in the housebuilding sector has so far held up well. Joey Gardiner looks at what we can learn from this year’s salary survey and and asks how long trading can remain strong

Construction site

Farmer Review: Why construction is a sick patient

17 Oct 16

Mark Farmer adopts the analogy of an ailing patient, with symptoms ranging from low productivity to a bad public image

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Ben Derbyshire

Ben Derbyshire: ‘Change is necessary’

9 Sep 16

RIBA president-elect Ben Derbyshire is sure of one thing: the 182-year-old institute can’t go on the way it has done. So he’s embarking on a UK tour to try to stir up non-engaged members and convince them that turning the RIBA on its head is the best plan for its survival

David Hurcomb

Interview: NG Bailey's David Hurcomb

25 Aug 16

David Hurcomb talks to Building on why he’s not fazed by the last-minute delay to go ahead with Hinkley, how the UK needs to get on with Heathrow expansion and the virtues of working for a privately owned company

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Image of the week

The jungle camp, Calais

Image of the week: Nowhere left to go

21 Oct 16

Work continues on a wall in Calais to stop migrants boarding UK-bound lorries, as the residents of “the Jungle” camp are told to evacuate

Sketch of the week

Battle, Sussex, sketch by Mette McLarney

Sketch of the week: Battle, East Sussex

21 Oct 16 | Updated: 21 Oct 16

This week’s #buildingdoodle sketch is by Mette McLarney

Farmer Poll illustration

Online poll: Farmer Review

19 Oct 16

Is the Farmer Review right about the scale of the challenges facing the construction industry? Vote here



Farmer Review: Telling it as it is

19 Oct 16

Mark Farmer’s review outlines familiar problems but is hopefully the spark for powerful change

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Nigel Ostime

The Farmer Review overlooks architects' role

21 Oct 16

Reforming construction is a must, and designers have a vital part to play in improving the delivery of building projects

Chris Pike

Delaying a decision over airport capacity is economic madness

20 Oct 16

Government indecisiveness risks damaging investors appetite in UK infrastructure projects, and ultimately the UK’s fragile economy

Nick Cullen

I can sympathise with politicians' Heathrow dilemma

20 Oct 16

MPs have to weigh up the interests of their constituents against those of the the country as a whole, no wonder they’re dithering

Rab Bennetts

The Farmer Review is a call for re-education

19 Oct 16

This fragmented industry needs to reform for sure, but more than that we need to fundamentally change our attitudes to how we work together

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