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Chris Wise

Chris Wise

Wet behind the ears

19 Feb 14

It turns out that the problem of flood protection, which has flummoxed generations of politicians, can be solved in an afternoon by some engineering undergraduates. But will the government listen?

Chris Wise

A riff on the luxury of time

4 Oct 13

The Royal Designers Summer School inspires Chris Wise to reflect on the civilising quality of time and buy a flamenco guitar

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Gus Alexander


How I learned to love part L

22 October 2010

The Building Regulations - it hardly needs saying - must be greeted with fear and loathing. But oddly, says Gus Alexander, they can instil a feeling approximating joy - if only for 10 seconds

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Gus Alexander

Country matters

27 August 2010

For the architect, the country offers variety, novelty and the prospect of tanned craftsmen toiling in the wolds. But if you want control over a project, stick to the city

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Amanda Levete

Amanda Levete

Rulers were made for…

17 December 2010

You can’t measure the value of design with any kind of measuring stick - and anyone who suggests you can deserves a rap on the knuckles

Amanda Levete

Why we should train architects on the job

19 November 2010

Higher education is going to become increasingly inaccessible, so why don’t we create ways of training while working

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Richard Steer

Richard Steer 2014

The blame game

9 Aug 17

The government has used the recent leaseholder scandal to blame the industry for the ‘broken’ housing market. In fact, it’s just covering up its own lack of action when it should be working with housebuilders to find ways of fixing the problem

Richard Steer 2014

Business as usual

14 Jun 17

Will the new and weakened Tory government do more to promote construction? With a new set of challenges, and time ticking for the Brexit negotiations, recognising the industry’s potential is more important than ever

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Nick Raynsford

Nick Raynsford

Stealing is good

21 Aug 15

Bent on pursuing its ideological objectives, the government has dismissed the Lyons and Armitt reports. Instead, it should plunder them and present the best solutions as its own

Nick Raynsford

Time to be heard

5 Mar 15

MPs are frequently having their ears bent by lobby groups opposed to construction activity, but the run-up to May’s election is a real opportunity to redress the balance

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Michael Latham


You can’t ditch the indispensable

15 October 2010

We’ll soon know whether the government intends to sell off ConstructionSkills. Whatever happens, our industry will still insist on a levy to pay for training, says Sir Michael Latham

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When will they ever learn?

18 July 2008

Despite the abundance of evidence that good clients get cheaper projects, many still insist on lowest price and highest cost. Councils, for example. Sir Michael Latham asks, why?

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Steven Morgan

Steven Morgan

The right kind of bribe: BAA's Steven Morgan on project roles

09 October 2009

Roles and expectations should be set in stone before a project starts. And if you really want a good job done, says Steven Morgan, add some sweeteners into the mix

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Kevin Cammack

Kevin Cammack

Greg Fitzgerald as Bovis CEO is a masterstroke

6 Apr 17

Attracting Greg Fitzgerald out of retirement could be just what the struggling housebuilder needed to do to turn its fortunes around

God help the first-time buyer

26 March 2010

They won’t be getting a lot of assistance from banks, government, housebuilders or themselves. And that’s not good news for the rest of the market

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Greg Verhoef

How planning can save you money

04 February 2011

We can save costs by advanced organisation and getting those involved in a project to work together, says Greg Verhoef. But alas, we’re missing opportunities to get the best out of each other

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So this is sharing the pain?

12 November 2010

Everybody is asking everybody else for a discount just when they are least able to offer one. We all end up losing out and undermining the relationships we need if we are to thrive

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