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Farmer Review: Not waving but drowning

17 Oct 16

Mark Farmer’s government-commissioned report into the construction industry makes for shocking reading. Speaking to Building the author explains his view of the dire state of the industry


Housebuilders' salary survey 2016: Business as usual

21 Oct 16

The Brexit vote has ushered in a time of widespread uncertainty, but activity in the housebuilding sector has so far held up well. Joey Gardiner looks at what we can learn from this year’s salary survey and and asks how long trading can remain strong

Cara Greaves

Learn as you earn

20 Oct 16

The Brexit vote combined with next year’s apprenticeship levy may give some firms a headache over investment plans but the need for construction apprentices has never been greater

Construction site

Farmer Review: Why construction is a sick patient

17 Oct 16

Mark Farmer adopts the analogy of an ailing patient, with symptoms ranging from low productivity to a bad public image

Off site construction

Farmer Review: The 10 recommendations

17 Oct 16

Today’s ‘Modernise or die’ report aims to kick-start reform with this 10-point action plan

High speed train

HS2: On track?

14 Oct 16

Amid negative headlines and political uncertainty, signs of progress on the UK’s next rail megaproject are contradictory at best


The lady is for turning

13 Oct 16

For now at least, Theresa May bestrides the political scene, dismantling David Cameron’s legacy and introducing policy changes in housing and infrastructure

Construction Rocks Bill Price and an inflatable dolphin

Construction Rocks: Vintage Bands night

12 Oct 16

The second leg of this year’s Construction Rocks event goes vintage

CRASH patrons

CRASH honours its Patrons at Annual Reception and Above and Beyond Awards

10 Oct 16

CRASH honoured its patrons’ unwavering generosity and loyalty at their Annual Reception and Above and Beyond Awards on Thursday 29 September

Donald Trump

What if Trump does win?

7 Oct 16

The very idea of ‘President Trump’ has gone from the realms of jokes and nightmares to potential reality. So as the world holds its breath for the result of November’s US election, David Blackman considers how a Trump presidency would affect UK firms

Trump Tower Chicago

Trump's project highlights

7 Oct 16

Building takes a look at four of the highlights of Donald Trump’s career in property development

Andrew Tesoro

The disgruntled architect and the Clinton v Trump debate

7 Oct 16

Hilary Clinton has highlighted the complaints of an architect who used to work for Trump

Construction Rocks Exile

Construction Rocks: New Bands night

6 Oct 16

New bands and a new judge at the first night of this year’s Construction Rocks fundraiser

Affordable housing

State of play: London

6 Oct 16

Sadiq Khan has proved himself a pragmatist - a quality he’ll need to address the capital’s major built environment challenges

Colombia feature

Colombia: Back in Bogotá

29 Sep 16

As a historic peace deal between the Colombian government and rebel group Farc is signed, Building returns to Bogotá

Market review

Market review: Rise after the fall

27 Sep 16

The economy bounced back after the immediate Brexit vote shock, with higher inflation failing to materialise


Is Heathrow coming in 
to land?

23 Sep 16

The good news is the government has signalled a decision on airport expansion will finally be made this autumn. The bad news is the PM may be swayed more by political pressures than the advice of the Davies Commission to pick Heathrow


State of play: Housing

22 Sep 16

The government wants to see one million homes built in England by 2020, but while some housing experts think a little tinkering will get us there, others countenance a far more radical plan

Spacelab office

Millennials: Goodbye 9-5

20 Sep 16

The world of work is changing. Forget being chained to a desk, a boss you only see through their office window

Building Awards shortlist party 2016

Industry gathers to celebrate Building Awards shortlist

19 Sep 16

Event at Building’s offices in central London attended by industry guests in the running for construction gongs

Corbyn and May

Party conferences preview

15 Sep 16

The political backdrop to the approaching party conference season looks nothing like it did this time last year. The Brexit vote, which swept Theresa May to power and plunged Jeremy Corbyn into another leadership contest, has many policy implications. So what do the two main parties have to say about construction?


State of play: Brexit

9 Sep 16

So how’s it looking for construction more than two months after the nation voted for Brexit? Building’s survey of 500 construction professionals suggests that commercial, residential and infrastructure will be the worst hit sectors


State of play: Industry voices Brexit concerns

8 Sep 16

So how’s it looking for construction more than two months after the nation voted for Brexit? Building’s survey of 500 construction professionals suggests that commercial, residential and infrastructure will be the worst hit sectors … but that it’s not all bad news


How the Great Fire shaped modern London

6 Sep 16

On the 350th anniversary of the fire’s close, Ike Ijeh shows how the disaster heralded enormous changes for architecture and urbanism despite the sidelining of Wren’s grand plan

school cover

Building new schools: Between a rock and a hard place

2 Sep 16

Some 3.3 million secondary school places will be needed by 2024 - a 20% increase on today - but how will the demand be met?

University sector

Universities: Losing the higher ground?

1 Sep 16

The university sector has provided a solid pipeline of work for construction over recent years, even in the doldrums of recession. But could demand around higher education fall following the UK vote to leave the EU?

Crane silhouettes

Contractors' interims: Grave new world

24 Aug 16

After the shock Brexit referendum result, contractors have found themselves wondering how to adapt to survive in the renewed climate of economic uncertainty


Market review: Get comfortable

23 Aug 16

Despite Brexit causing an unwelcome stir, the total level of output is now comfortably above its pre-recession peak

Keltbray logo

Ambitious Keltbray sees Dunne deal as game changer

16 Aug 16

Contractor broadens reach with concrete frame work

Loughbourgh Science and Enterprise Park

Let's love industrial estates

15 Aug 16

The changing nature of manufacturing and enterprise means we need to unlock many sites in our cities, integrating industrial estates with surrounding neighbourhoods

32 cover

Sir Robert McAlpine: The hollow crown?

12 Aug 16

Family firm Sir Robert McAlpine is once again without a boss. So, what happened, and can things be different for the next person to take the job?


The new grand tour of Europe

12 Aug 16

Where’s a EU-positive culture vulture to go this summer for a lingering look at all the architectural gems the Continent has to offer? Some industry experts suggest an itinerary …

Rio Olympics

Rio 2016: Blood, sweat and tears

4 Aug 16

What with the economy nosediving, an all-consuming construction scandal, massive budget overruns and by the seat of their pants venue delivery - it’s a wonder the Rio Olympics are happening at all


The North goes south

3 Aug 16

The idea of establishing a northern powerhouse has lost a powerful supporter with the departure of chancellor George Osborne. Is there the will and momentum now in Whitehall to keep the project going?

Olympic Stadium / West Ham

West Ham's new home: Who forgot the roof?

29 Jul 16

At a cost of £700m, nearly three times the initial estimate, questions are being raised about the price tag of the former Olympic stadium

London legacy

Olympic Games: Keeping the legacy alive

28 Jul 16

Has the LLDC managed to adhere to the legacy promises that won the UK the Olympic bid in the first place?


Market review: After Brexit

26 Jul 16

Brexit has sent shockwaves through the construction industry, though the statistics have yet to reveal the full impact


Fixing the NHS

22 Jul 16

Health service spending on building maintenance and repairs faces a £4.3bn backlog. But there is good news for the construction industry

Top 150 contractors 2016

Top 150 contractors: The rough & tumble

21 Jul 16

This year’s contractors and housebuilders Top 150 shows the sector pulling out of recession, but economic danger remains


Sustainable sailor: Land Rover BAR

20 Jul 16

The Land Rover BAR sailing team have embedded sustainability into not just its new base building but also its core ethos


Top 20 housebuilders 2016

20 Jul 16

Find out who’s in this year’s league of top housebuilders by housebuilding turnover

Theresa May

How Theresa May can avoid a construction recession

13 Jul 16

In these days of lightning fast political changes, and possibly dire economic prospects, prime minister Theresa May has to hit the ground running if she is to prevent construction slipping into another recession

Ecobuild roundtable

Sustainability: The new normal

12 Jul 16

To launch the programme for next year’s show and its central question of redefining sustainability for the construction industry, Ecobuild gathered a panel of experts to debate the question of what sustainability means to them, and to our industry


This pensions crisis can only get worse

8 Jul 16

Consultants that offered generous final salary schemes decades ago are now suffering the consequences of shouldering huge pensions deficits

The site of Bristol Arena, due to open in 2018, which is being built by Bouygues

Resurgent regional cities

6 Jul 16

Developers and employers are looking outside the capital’s overheated market for opportunities in regional cities. Joey Gardiner goes beyond the northern powerhouse and looks at the prospects for Bristol, Birmingham and Glasgow

Off site construction

Off-site construction: Out of site

1 Jul 16

This year has seen some great leaps forward for off-site construction. But is it the future of the industry or a cyclical fad?


Brexit: The vote that shook Britain

29 Jun 16

It’s hit construction hard - on the stock exchange, in boardrooms and on sites across the UK, people are starting to rethink an industry that is no longer part of the EU. But what exactly will change and how quickly?

construction manager cover

The construction manager: Last chance to see?

24 Jun 16

Since its heyday in the 1990s, the construction manager has declined in numbers, due to the loss of its natural habitat of rising inflation and wealthy clients. Building assesses whether time has run out for the once-common role or whether it’s about to bounce back

Hansom HT

Hansom: Rule, Britannia

24 Jun 16

As the nation decides whether or not to bind its destiny to Europe’s, we are reminded of the strength of our territorial loyalties - be that to our nation, our home town - or to the desk we’re given to sit at …

Market review

Market review: Ongoing uncertainty

23 Jun 16

The UK economy and the construction sector both continue to grow but concerns over the EU referendum have led to things slowing down in recent months

dad in park with daughter

Parental leave: Man about the house

23 Jun 16

Many professionals in our male-dominated industry say they want to spend more time with their children. So why aren’t new dads taking up their recent right to shared parental leave? We talk to two fathers who took time out of the workplace


Brexit: No time to hedge our bets

17 Jun 16

As polling cards are readied for the UK’s EU referendum, the construction sector prepares for the possibility of a vote to Leave. Building speaks to professionals about the possible profound effects on labour and material costs, foreign investment, and growth and trade

Grand Union Park

‘The next Canary Wharf and Stratford combined’

16 Jun 16

A planned interchange between HS2 and Crossrail has made an unassuming spot of west London a candidate for the largest regeneration scheme in the UK


Sweett hereafter

10 Jun 16

With Sweett’s purchase by WSP PB making it the latest venerable UK consultant to be snapped up by a bigger foreign firm, Building considers how such takeover deals - and the spin-off firms that often result - are changing the market


Blacklist: ‘We take it very personal’

9 Jun 16

The legal battle against major construction firms for using an employee blacklist has finally been settled out of court to the tune of millions. But for some victims and supporters, the matter is very far from over

Serpentine Pavilion 2016 Bjarke Ingels

The verdict: BIG's Serpentine Pavilion

7 Jun 16

After 15 years the Serpentine has added four summer houses to its series of single pavilions. Is it enough to revive an ageing format? Ike Ijeh is in no doubt

Zaha Hadid

After Zaha

7 Jun 16

How does a living legend become a lasting artistic legacy?

Laing ORourke

Laing O’Rourke: Behind closed doors

3 Jun 16

Following problem jobs, awkward financial signs and the departure of the chief executive for health reasons, 69-year-old Laing O’Rourke founder Ray O’Rourke has taken the reins once again

World map

Hays international salary survey 2016

2 Jun 16

With an influx of huge construction projects being readied across the world, and a shortage of people to build them, working outside the UK seems like a sure-fire route to a better pay packet


The battle of Bishopsgate

27 May 16

The Bishopsgate Goodsyard development in east London was put on hold last month when the city’s departing mayor Boris Johnson deferred a public hearing on the planning application. The decision now falls at the feet of Sadiq Khan, in what could set a precedent for the new mayor’s planning policy


Market review: Cooling off?

25 May 16

Things are still on the up but are we witnessing a slowdown? And is there any way to rebalance the UK economy away from the service sector?


Qatar: Heating up

20 May 16

In the second of a two-part focus on Qatar, Building looks at how easy is it for Western firms to access the construction opportunities in one of the richest countries in the world

Migrant construction workers in Doha - March 2013

Qatar: ‘The scrutiny will be on them’

19 May 16

In the first of a two-part focus on Qatar, Building reveals how, in the light of reports of abuse, huge efforts are being made to improve standards for migrant workers


Market forecast: Certain uncertainty

17 May 16

Q1 sees the UK construction industry with a more uncertain outlook but it’s not all down to the EU referendum – there are a number of complex factors at play


Is the door still open on build to rent?

11 May 16

Just when you thought the private rented sector was about to take off, along comes the chancellor and whacks a big tax on the purchase of homes for rent

Sadiq Khan

London’s new mayor: Yes, he Khan

10 May 16

Sadiq Khan has the mother of all in-trays to contend with in his first months as London’s new mayor - everything from housing to Heathrow, Crossrail 2 to controversial planning decisions


Lands of hope and glory

3 May 16

More and more independent UK consultants are carving out thriving businesses for themselves in foreign lands. So what are the benefits and pitfalls of working abroad - and what’s the secret to competing with larger corporate rivals?

M62 motorway

Planes, trains and automobiles

27 Apr 16

George Osborne is famously a fan of infrastructure - but is he putting his money where his mouth is?


Market review: Holding steady

26 Apr 16

A month on from the Budget, the construction sector remains in reasonable health despite monthy fluctuations

Battersea crane collapse

Battersea crane tragedy: After the fall

22 Apr 16

Ten years after the Battersea crane tragedy, Joey Gardiner talks to the mother of one of the two men killed in the accident and asks if tower cranes are any safer now than they were a decade ago


Testing our metal

21 Apr 16

The steel rollercoaster of the last few weeks seems to have ended well, with Greybull’s purchase of Tata’s construction division. But is this, and the government’s call to ‘buy British’, enough to save UK steel?


Gender pay gap: Levelling the field

19 Apr 16

New legislation will mean firms have to publish how much both male and female employees are paid. Will this be the end of the gender pay gap?

Cover Mayoral Election

A tale of two mayors

15 Apr 16

With Londoners headed to the polls on 5 May to decide the city’s next mayor, we look at the impact frontrunners Zac Goldsmith and Sadiq Khan would have on the major construction issues facing the capital

Nine Elms

Nightmare on Nine Elms street?

14 Apr 16

The UK’s biggest construction site in west London looks on paper like a dream development in a market desperate for new housing. But amid scare stories of fleeing investors and slashed prices

Leo Quinn

Balfour Beatty: ‘Not short of stellar’

8 Apr 16

When Leo Quinn took over at a troubled Balfour Beatty, he launched a two-year strategy to revive the fortunes of the UK’s largest builder

Portcullis House (interior)

House of leaks

7 Apr 16

Never mind fixing the roof while the sun shines – the roof of parliamentary offices Portcullis House has been leaking since it was built 15 years ago

Aquatics Centre

A sensational career

6 Apr 16 | Updated: 8 Apr 16

Building’s architectural correspondent Ike Ijeh pays tribute to Zaha Hadid


Have you seen the BIM deadline?

1 Apr 16

From Monday, any firm wanting to be considered for public sector construction work will need to be BIM level 2 compliant. Yet just days before the deadline, only about half of companies are using the technology


Construction materials: Past our peak?

23 Mar 16

It turns out that the construction industry is using substantially less ‘stuff’ than it was 15 years ago. Is this a blip or a victory for resource-efficiency?


Market review: A bumpy ride

22 Mar 16

A drop in monthly construction output comes courtesy of a reduction in infrastructure activity, but the bigger picture shows steady growth

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