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Guildhall Art Gallery

No place like home: Staycations, Part 3

15 Aug 17

Looking for a vacation without airport stress and high costs? Read the third part of a trip around the UK’s best holiday destinations


No place like home: Staycations, Part 2

14 Aug 17

Looking for a vacation without airport stress and high costs? Read the second part of a trip around the UK’s best holiday destinations


No place like home: Staycations, Part 1

11 Aug 17

Looking for a vacation without airport stress and high costs? Read the first part of a trip around the UK’s best holiday destinations

Victoria Station Manchester

Rail infrastructure: Losing track, Part 2

10 Aug 17

Read the second part of a tour of the UK’s major planned rail schemes. What are the chances of them hitting the buffers?


Online poll: Contractor margins

9 Aug 17

Can major contractors realistically hit margins of 5% in the near future?

Rail tracks in countryside

Rail infrastructure: Losing track, Part 1

9 Aug 17

Read the first part of a tour of the UK’s major planned rail schemes. What are the chances of them hitting the buffers?

Carillion cover 040817 2

Carillion: A cautionary tale

4 Aug 17

The UK’s second-biggest contractor has posted some pretty alarming figures recently, from its £695m debt to its £845m writedown. But how did it get into this state, how can it get out again, and what does it mean for the wider industry?

Three vans branded with Carillion logo

Online poll: Carillion troubles

4 Aug 17

Do Carillion’s recent woes point to wider problems in the business model of tier 1 contractors?

Theresa May and Arlene Foster

DUP: Done deal?

3 Aug 17

With the Conservatives and DUP agreeing increased funding for the region, and a sizeable chunk of it going to infrastructure projects, Northern Ireland looked to be the big winner from June’s election. But does ongoing political turmoil put much of this construction work at risk?

Barns Road

Housing Project of the Year shortlist

2 Aug 17

A Victorian chapel, rooftop houses, and a playground in the sky are just some of the innovations that feature in this year’s Building Awards housing shortlist, showcasing the country’s best residential projects

Top 150 contractors 2017

Top 150 contractors: Whatever the weather

28 Jul 17

This year’s contractors and housebuilders Top 150 shows the sector enjoying reasonably benign market conditions but remaining fearful of the uncertainties of Brexit and volatile domestic politics

New-build houses

Online poll: Leasehold sales of new-build homes

27 Jul 17

Should leasehold sales of new-build homes be banned?

Market review

Market review: Picking up

26 Jul 17

Despite mixed messages it looks likely that growth in the UK economy will pick up in the second quarter. Michael Dall discusses the highlights of Barbour ABI’s monthly Economic & Construction Market Review

Battersea Power Station

Battersea: ‘The toughest project in the world'

21 Jul 17

Battersea Power Station’s redevelopment has not had an easy time of it lately, with profit margins plummeting and costs soaring. The development company behind the scheme speaks exclusively to Building about the scale of the problems

Battersea Power Station

Online poll: Battersea Power Station

20 Jul 17

Should Phase 3 of the Battersea Power Station redevelopment incorporate more commercial use?

St Paul's Cathedral

Online poll: Views of St Paul's Cathedral

13 Jul 17

Should the City of London Corporation increase restrictions on tall buildings to protect views of St Paul’s Cathedral? Vote here


Qatar: ‘This dispute has escalated beyond any reasonably sane level’

13 Jul 17

With tensions between Qatar and Saudi Arabia and its allies rising by the week, many are fearful of the impact this row could have on construction companies working in the Gulf state, the World Cup 2022 preparations, and Qatari investment in UK projects

Infrastrucuture trains

Online poll: Infrastructure projects

7 Jul 17

Should the government do more to ensure post-Brexit funding for major infrastructure projects?

Philip Hammond Mansion House

Show us the money, Mr Hammond

7 Jul 17

When Philip Hammond announced last month that UK Guarantees would include construction, many viewed it as a lifeline for infrastructure projects unlikely to have access to funding from the European Investment Bank after Brexit. But will this replacement work?

Chalcots Estate

In Grenfell’s shadow

6 Jul 17

After the immediate shock of the Grenfell Tower fire, local authorities and housing associations are trying to work out what it all means for the social housing sector. Joey Gardiner reports

Elderly worker

Keep on running…

29 Jun 17

An ageing workforce, many members of whom are considering retiring, is one of the major issues contributing to the construction industry’s current skills crisis


Grenfell Tower: Heated debate

29 Jun 17

The Grenfell Tower fire has led to calls for fire safety regulations to be examined. But this was not the first warning sign that the current rules are not fit for purpose. What can be done to make sure a tragedy on this scale doesn’t happen again?

Two construction workers with back to camera

Online poll: EU workers’ status

28 Jun 17

Should the government be doing more to ensure clarity on the status of transient EU workers post-Brexit?


Market review: Crawling along

27 Jun 17

Macroeconomic signals have been mixed over the past month and the economy had the slowest rate of growth of any G7 economy in Q1

Hero Bennett, client sustainability advisor, Max Fordham

How six women saved the 'heart' of a £120m project

23 Jun 17

On International Women in Engineering Day, a female project team from LSE’s Centre Buildings Redevelopment tell their story

Eugenie Bliah

How Brexit got personal

23 Jun 17

The focus of Brexit so far has been the possible impact on construction’s growing skills shortage. But how is the UK’s vote to leave affecting the EU nationals themselves and what can employers do to ensure that they stay?

The European parliament building in Brussels

Brexit and construction law: Changing times

23 Jun 17

One year on from the EU referendum, nobody knows how a post-Brexit world will look


‘Projects won’t be delivered’

22 Jun 17

With the industry dependent on EU workers, major restrictions on immigration as part of a ‘hard Brexit’ could be disastrous

A clearly signposted open door at the bottom of a flight of stairs with a fire extinguisher next to it

Online poll: Fire safety regs

21 Jun 17

Does Part B of the Building Regulations need to be re-examined following the Grenfell Tower fire? Vote here

Grenfell Tower fire

Grenfell Tower: Construction facts

16 Jun 17

Building’s technical editor considers what is known about the building and the recent upgrade

Directors' in boardroom

Online poll: Directors' bonus pay

15 Jun 17

Should shareholders more actively restrict directors’ bonus pay? Vote here


How did construction’s candidates perform in the election?

15 Jun 17

Building spoke to three construction professionals who were standing in the general election, here is how they got on…


How did construction vote in the election?

15 Jun 17

After the shock election result last week, we asked Building readers to tell us how they actually voted in an online poll


Executive pay: Scrutiny on the bounty

15 Jun 17

Last month’s shareholder rebellion at Balfour Beatty’s AGM shows investors are now more willing to challenge large pay packets for the industry’s executives

10 Downing Street

Who’s who in government?

14 Jun 17

Who in Theresa May’s reshuffled team will have an effect on construction?

Crossrail 2

Election 2017: What’s what?

14 Jun 17

After last week’s shock election result, what does this hung parliament mean for some of the biggest issues facing construction?

Mark Reynolds

What happens in a hung parliament?

9 Jun 17

A guide to what a hung parliament means and what the impact could be for construction

Building A Better Brexit

Full house: Welcome to Parliament

9 Jun 17

Now that the election is over, a new parliament will convene. But are the incoming crop of MPs fully aware of how important the construction industry is for the UK economy?

Palace of Westminster

Online poll: New government

9 Jun 17

What area of policy should the new government focus on to boost the UK construction sector? Vote here

CCS framework

CCS framework: No pain, no gain

8 Jun 17

The industry has waited a long time for the government’s £2.9bn construction consultancy framework. But doubts remain that all the problems have been ironed out. So will the wait have been worth it for the 32 firms on the scheme?

Polling station

Election 2017: Hanging in the balance

2 Jun 17

Policy on major construction projects could have a substantial impact on some hotly-contested marginal seats

Election 2017 leaders

Building's election survey results in full

2 Jun 17

View the full results from over 1,100 readers who took part in our survey to find out who construction is backing in the election

10 Downing Street

Online poll: GE2017

1 Jun 17

Who do you think will win next week’s general election? Vote here


Economy watch: Output declines

1 Jun 17

Output has fallen month on month but levels of investment are continuing to rise

World map

Hays international salary survey 2017

1 Jun 17

This year’s Hays International Salary Survey shows that potential pickings for candidates are a lot richer overseas. The ‘Trump bump’ and Australia’s infrastructure boom are fuelling the already-strong international demand for UK construction professionals

Consumer Price Index

Economy watch: Inflation on the rise

26 May 17

A CBI survey of manufacturers shows that output is up - and it’s not just due to sterling’s fall in value

Flats under construction

Market review: Slow out of the blocks

26 May 17

While the recent economic results show only limited growth for the first quarter, the number of construction projects in April jumped by more than 25% on the previous month

Theresa May

Online poll: Conservatives' housing policy

25 May 17

Do you think Theresa May’s council housing policy will help to solve the housing crisis? Vote here

Tory manifesto

Conservative manifesto: Council housing’s new best friend?

25 May 17

Offering little new for construction by way of infrastructure commitments, the Tory manifesto nevertheless surprised with its brazen parking of tanks on Labour’s lawn


Housebuilders' ground rent "scandal"

19 May 17

Government has now said it will crack down on ‘doubling’ leasehold ground rents, earlier in the year Building investigated this controversial industry practice

Labour manifesto launch

Online poll: Labour manifesto

18 May 17

Would the policies outlined in Labour’s election manifesto be good for construction? Vote here


Economy watch: Layers of uncertainty

18 May 17

As the general election approaches and uncertainty around Brexit continues, economic indicators are starting to get darker


Labour manifesto: Cornucopia of delights or a suicide note?

17 May 17

With the Tories so far ahead in the polls, you might be forgiven for thinking the (official) launch this week of Labour’s manifesto is a bit of an irrelevance


London drops down T&T's global costs league

16 May 17

Latest global markets report from Turner & Towsend sees New York topple Zurich as the most expensive for property development


BIM: ‘They just don’t get it’

12 May 17

The latest survey from NBS shows take-up is growing but raises concerns that private clients don’t understand BIM and that the government is failing to enforce its own mandate

City of London

The great Brexit buy-up?

10 May 17

With sterling devalued but growth prospects strong, UK firms have rarely been more tempting to overseas buyers, as the recent takeover approach for Atkins may show. So could current market conditions signal a buying frenzy?

Hospital corridor

Just what the doctor ordered

3 May 17

The NHS has a maintenance backlog amounting to at least £5bn and it’s getting worse by the day as funds from the capital budget are raided to keep the health service running

Market review

Market review: A bump on the road?

2 May 17

A monthly decrease in construction work belies longer-term growth, with the number and value of contracts substantially higher than a year ago. Michael Dall discusses the highlights of Barbour ABI’s monthly Economic & Construction Market Review

housing pic

Housing: The forgotten crisis

28 Apr 17

Already it has been dubbed the ‘Brexit election’, so will this single issue overshadow all others, including how to tackle the housing crisis?

on site

Volunteering: The world of good

26 Apr 17

Volunteering your professional skills can lead to job satisfaction, improved skillset and an open outlook

Election 2017 leaders

The Brexit election

26 Apr 17

Before the parties nail down their manifestos, we take a look at what construction might expect from June’s vote


What next for Atkins and SNC Lavalin?

21 Apr 17

Deal creates £7bn turnover US and European consultancy powerhouse

Garden Bridge

Garden Bridge: Troubled crossing

19 Apr 17

Dame Margaret Hodge’s recent report on the controversial Garden Bridge has highlighted the question of whether the mayor of London should pull the plug on the project

What does a general election mean for construction?

18 Apr 17

More uncertainty looms - as Brexit debate set to dominate 8 June election

Here’s the snag …

Bovis: Here’s the snag …

13 Apr 17

Bovis Homes recently set aside £7m to deal with its torrent of snagging complaints from buyers of its properties - and it’s not the only housebuilder criticised for selling unfinished and faulty homes


Sustainability: Dropping the ball

13 Apr 17

Environmentalists have been alarmed by Trump’s reversal of US climate change policies and signs that Brexit has diverted the UK government away from sustainability priorities

Former police station

Schools for scandal?

7 Apr 17

The government has put its all behind its manifesto commitment to provide 500 free schools, with £10bn of funding to back it up

London skyline

Commercial towers: Riding high

6 Apr 17

The prospect of Brexit may not have stalled the wave of tall buildings under construction, but the market for towers is set to change as prime resi slumps


Drones: Something in the air

31 Mar 17

Put it this way: would you rather inspect the slipform of a tall tower by dangling off the 45th storey or by sending up a drone to do the job?

Obstacle course

Contractor's results: Fighting fit?

30 Mar 17

The annual results of the big contractors have shown an industry in somewhat shaky shape to withstand the inevitable challenge of exiting the EU


Is nuclear in meltdown?

24 Mar 17

Work on Hinkley C’s construction may be about to start but hopes for a whole new fleet of power stations are at risk after a ‘crisis’ in market confidence triggered by EDF’s Hinkley delivery problems

Market review

Market review: Earning more for less

23 Mar 17

The total value of construction contracts increased in February but the number of projects went down. Michael Dall discusses the highlights of Barbour ABI’s monthly Economic & Construction Market Review

Building A Better Brexit

Manifesto: Working for a better Brexit deal

17 Mar 17

Our Building a Better Brexit campaign asked over 2,000 construction professionals what could make leaving the EU work for them


BIM: It’s good to talk

16 Mar 17

The lack of a consistent approach to BIM software product data means that exchanges can be inaccurate and cause problems

Construction site

Budget 2017: Wake-up call

15 Mar 17

The chancellor has now ditched his planned increase to the self-employeds’ NI contributions, but what would the impact have been on 40% of construction’s workforce?

Planning Houses

What next for Bovis?

13 Mar 17

Galliford Try’s all-share tilt at Bovis is more likely to succeed than Redrow’s part-cash/part-share offer


Consultants salary survey 2017: The bold and the bountiful

10 Mar 17

Strong hiring intentions and employee caution post the Brexit vote mean those prepared to move jobs could be richly rewarded - as may firms prepared to be aggressive in sourcing new hires

Welcome to Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland: Building a wall

9 Mar 17

The UK region most hard-hit by the economic crash and the most reliant on EU trade, Northern Ireland is preparing for another body blow as Brexit negotiations threaten to put a barrier between it and its neighbour, the Republic of Ireland

Apprentice Alamy

How will T-levels affect construction training?

7 Mar 17

Industry gives a mixed reaction to the government’s latest technical training initiative


The apprentice

3 Mar 17

As the government’s new apprenticeship levy kicks big questions remain over how it will work

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