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Let's talk Turkey

27 Nov 15

Despite acute problems on its borders and ongoing political instability, not to mention a permanently-pending EU membership application, Turkey has new build figures the UK can only dream of. But is it open to UK firms getting in on the act?

46 cover

Special application

20 Nov 15

From the outside things may be looking better for specialist firms but money is still tight, especially with some contractors imposing tough terms and long payment times. Is it time for specialists to cut out the middle-men?


In pics: London 2145

27 Nov 15

What will the London skyline look like in the year 2145?

Contractors' salary survey 2015

Contractors' salary survey 2015: Rise and shine

26 Nov 15

Wage inflation among contractors may have slowed in the past year, but it’s still a pretty good time to ask for a pay rise

fulham wharf

It’s the final countdown

19 Nov 15

With just over four months to go before BIM level 2 will be required on all central government projects, Building reveals the responses to its second annual BIM survey. There’s good news … and there’s bad news

lse union

Universities: Short-term fix

12 Nov 15

Raising tuition fees gave university estates a shot in the arm, in terms of investment. But with student numbers predicted to fall and competition fierce, how can institutions maintain that momentum?


Where will the UK be in 2030?

11 Nov 15

In the week of the publication of Global Construction 2030, Building was given exclusive access to the report’s findings, and the answers are not necessarily what you’d expect

crossrail alamy

Spending cuts: Where the axe falls

5 Nov 15

As the chancellor prepares to unveil the latest Comprehensive Spending Review and Autumn Statement, Building asks where will the cuts be made


Commercial developments: Playing catch-up

4 Nov 15

Office construction is at its highest point since the credit crunch. So why aren’t the main players full of confidence for the future?

on the turn

Economic recovery: On the turn?

30 Oct 15

Future-gazing economists don’t have to look very far to see threatening signs on the horizon for the construction industry. As the CPA revises its forecasts down, should we be calling time on the recovery?

market forecast chart 2

Market forecast: A change of mood

29 Oct 15

With demand outstripping supply, selectivity was the dominant theme for contractors this year. And a failure to attract tenderers led to more creative approaches to procurement. But will these changes be lasting or is this just the current stage of a cyclical process?


What do you really think about BIM?

29 Oct 15

Building wants your help in getting behind the BIM hype with this online reader survey


Housing: Home delivery

28 Oct 15

While politicians wrangle over the number of homes they propose to build, housing stock is falling woefully behind the UK’s needs

Leader reception October 2015

Construction leaders reception

22 Oct 15

Building magazine’s publisher hosts an event for leading industry figures

west village

Housebuilders' salary survey 2015: Making hay…

22 Oct 15

This year’s housebuilders’ salary survey finds that wages and bonuses are both on the up. But how long will it last?

office stairs

Wellness: The ups and downs

21 Oct 15

Now that employers have cottoned on to the link between wellbeing and improved productivity, pressure is growing for clients to start taking the concept seriously

Building Live

Infrastructure: Hitting home

16 Oct 15

In the first of a series of articles leading up to the Building Live conference, Joey Gardiner reports on the opportunities in infrastructure


BES: Birmingham or bust

15 Oct 15

Birmingham council has scrapped its energy efficiency drive. We look at how the £1bn Birmingham Energy Savers scheme and the Green Deal’s fates were inextricably bound, and what the city’s options are now


Can Corbynomics get Britain building?

8 Oct 15

As the major influence on Jeremy Corbyn’s economic policy, Richard Murphy has had a lot to talk about over the last few months. But what might the much-trailed people’s QE mean for the construction industry?

Mark Leftly

Not plane sailing

8 Oct 15

Labour conference showed the party is currently split into three significant factions


Bringing it all back home

7 Oct 15

With some main contractors taking delivery expertise back in house in the hope it will reassure clients they can get the job done, Joey Gardiner asks if the subcontracting model has had its day

39 cover

Nuclear haste

2 Oct 15

The Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant is edging closer to reality, with backing from China. But the nearer it gets to going ahead, the greater the opposition gathering against it. Can the industry finally start believing it will happen?

uk housing © alamy

1 million homes: Hitting the mark

1 Oct 15

Housing minister Brandon Lewis has publicly stated that he wants to see over one million homes built in the next five years. But can the sector meet this challenge?

Building intelligence: Q2 2015

30 Sep 15

The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show that total construction output remained flat over the quarter, but registered above levels recorded for the same period last year. Experian Economics reports

Rebranding Cover

Corporate rebrands: Name dropping

25 Sep 15

In the week the EC Harris name is dropped as part of Arcadis’ global rebrand, Joey Gardiner asks why the historic names are disappearing from construction – and if the benefits of rebranding outweigh the risks

Map and diagram

Market review: Hold steady

24 Sep 15

Despite wobbles in the global economy and a dip in private commercial construction, overall activity in the industry remains strong

Careers steps

Moving jobs: Watch your step

21 Sep 15

The sector is booming, yet failing to attract fresh blood, so staff are in high demand. With big money on offer, now could be the time to move between firms. But be aware of the dangers that move could bring

Top 150 consultants

Top 150 Consultants 2015: Work in progress

18 Sep 15

In the UK’s newly recovered economy there is plenty of work for this year’s top 150 consultants, allowing them to pick and choose what they bid

little britain challenge cup

Little Britain Challenge Cup 2015

18 Sep 15

The 28th annual industry yachting event takes place at Cowes, Isle of Wight

Top 150 consultants

Top 150 Consultants 2015: Engineers

17 Sep 15

Building’s full Top 150 consultants 2015 survey is out tomorrow, but we’re releasing the results showing the top 50 engineers online today

Jeremy Corbyn

Conference season: Get the parties started

17 Sep 15

What do the four main parties have to say on construction?

Top 150 consultants

Top 150 Consultants 2015: Architects

16 Sep 15

Building’s full Top 150 consultants 2015 survey is out on Friday, but we’re releasing the results showing the top 50 architects online today

Construction on hold

Construction on hold

11 Sep 15

Alarmed by the pace at which construction costs are rising, more and more clients are putting their projects on hold

Social housing

Housing associations: Going it alone

10 Sep 15

Housing associations are being forced to find efficiencies, with some taking repairs and maintenance work in-house and leaving private contractors out in the cold

school UK Alamy

School places: Do the math

4 Sep 15

The Department for Education is scratching its head over how to meet the demand for 25% more school places at a time of rising construction inflation and a dearth of available urban land

university alamy 2

University challenge

3 Sep 15

With contractors more choosy about the projects they bid for, and inflation eroding HE’s fixed tuition fee income, can universities remain attractive to the industry?

Immigration 3

Crossing the line

28 Aug 15

With the Calais crisis still a hot media topic, the government is on the warpath against construction companies employing illegal workers. But is the sector doing enough to make sure it doesn’t get caught out?

Locations of contracts awarded in July

Market review: Regaining momentum

25 Aug 15

July saw construction activity levels pick up, in a reflection of the wider economy during the spring months

Geeta Nanda

Interview: Geeta Nanda

21 Aug 15

With government policies that cut rents and extend Right to Buy, housing associations are feeling the strain. But Geeta Nanda of Thames Valley Housing has an alternative approach

The Class of 2014

Class of 2014: One year later

20 Aug 15

Building catches up with the class of 2014 to find out if, having made it through their first year, life in construction is all they’d hoped it would be

Green deal

The Green Deal: 'A catastrophe from start to finish'

7 Aug 15

It’s been called the greatest flop of the last parliament. But why did the Green Deal, the government’s flagship retrofit scheme, fail so spectacularly?

Construction site

Apprenticeships levy: Taxing Times

4 Aug 15

The government’s pledge to deliver 3 million apprenticeships through a levy on large employers has left many in the industry confused as to how the policy will work

Brandon Lewis

Interview: Brandon Lewis

31 Jul 15

Building talks to housing minister Brandon Lewis about the Conservative government’s radical policy agenda

contract locations

Market review: Begin again

27 Jul 15

The Budget has given us a taste of this Conservative government’s economic policy and forecasts for the sector are also looking strong


SME catch-up: Whatever happened to …

24 Jul 15

Five years ago Building profiled 10 small, young firms whose fresh thinking and bright ideas stood in stark contrast to the gloomy economic environment at the time. Now, we revisit them to see how these cutting edge companies have fared while the industry has started to recover. So who has prospered, and who has struggled?

Policy bonfire

Construction policies: In the line of fire

23 Jul 15

After the Conservatives’ unexpected torching of construction policies, we look at the driving force behind this drastic industry shake-up

Top 150

Top 150 contractors: Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow

17 Jul 15

This year’s contractors and housebuilders Top 150 list shows the sector pulling out of recession and with a spring in its step. But with big losses for some contractors pushing down profits, and margins increasing by a mere 1.2%, the danger remains they could still fall flat on their backs.

Network Rail

Network fail?

16 Jul 15

Network Rail is a huge client for the UK construction industry but with the Department for Transport increasingly frustrated by engineering overruns, can chief executive Mark Carne safeguard the company’s future?


Who’s running Balfour Beatty?

10 Jul 15

New Balfour Beatty chief executive Leo Quinn has wasted no time making his mark on the contracting giant. But so far his actions haven’t managed to stem the flow of senior figures departing the troubled firm

offshore wind

Infrastructure: Offshore wind

10 Jul 15

Reduced costs and the ability to attract finance are critical to the viability of the UK wind industry, and with the government recently withdrawing onshore subsidies, the focus on offshore has never been greater

Heathrow perimeter fence

Davies report: Will it fly?

8 Jul 15

Howard Davies’ Airports Commission has come down emphatically in favour of a third runway at Heathrow, but the politics are so fraught and planning issues so labyrinthine that a final decision still looks a long way off


Retrofit: Low expectations

2 Jul 15

David Blackman looks at the vanishing chances of making green retrofit a national infrastructure priority


Budget preview: Ace up Osborne's sleeve?

1 Jul 15

Freed from the shackles of coalition government, chancellor George Osborne will be outlining some quite different policies and priorities when he presents his emergency Budget next week

Steve Elliott

Interview: Steve Elliott

26 Jun 15

Steve Elliott took Morgan Sindall’s fit-out business to an industry-leading position. After taking a year out he’s ‘got the band back together’ at BW Interiors and is thinking big again


Are QSs fit for purpose? Your views

25 Jun 15

Readers react to our recent feature on QSs failure to price projects accurately


Women in engineering: The only way is up

23 Jun 15

With women making up fewer than 10% of engineers in the UK, what can be done to encourage more to join the profession?

Skills illustration

Skills: Up to the job?

18 Jun 15

With funding of apprenticeships under threat and training providers not always churning out people with the right skills, how will we get the workers we need?

Walkie Talkie; 1 Fitzroy Place; Wembley stadium; and Nova Victoria

PC Harrington: The higher they climb…

18 Jun 15

When PC Harrington Contractors collapsed into administration in May, it had debts of around £28.4m and just £900 cash in the bank. We reveal the true story of the firm’s demise


Foresight saga

12 Jun 15

QSs are supposed to price a job accurately and de-risk procurement. But some clients are wondering what they’re paying them for

Turner & Townsend

Free webinar: Using BIM on the London Bridge project

11 Jun 15

Hear views from key players on how BIM is being used on one of the capital’s landmark infrastructure projects

Crossrail tunnel

Infrastructure: Keep the engine running

11 Jun 15

Lack of investment in UK infrastructure could be a serious barrier to economic growth, but is the government prepared to pay for it?

Ashmount Primary School, by Penoyre & Prasad

Free webinar: The future of school building

10 Jun 15

Hear views from architects, contractors and QSs on the Conservative government’s school building plans and the impact of tight budgets on projects


Hays international salary survey 2015

5 Jun 15

The clamour for talent in the UK is growing and salaries are rising in response


The centre cannot hold

4 Jun 15

Our Inside Westminster series continues with a look at the government’s plans to devolve powers to mayor-led cities and regions


Schools: Where are they all going to sit?

28 May 15

25% more new school places will be needed in the next five years than the previous five, yet the government is cutting overall capital funding by 16%


It’s time to fix the housing crisis

22 May 2015

With a dire shortage of homes in the country, what has the government got to do to get housing working again?


Wates and Shepherd deal - at a glance analysis

21 May 15

Wates eyes expansion, while Shepherd Group focuses on modular builder Portakabin

Construction professions

Professions: Now you see them, now you don’t

21 May 15

Construction’s professions could effectively disappear within a decade, according to the author of a challenging report

David Cameron and cabinet

The next five years

14 May 15

Following a surprise result which leaves the Tories free to rule without coalition partners, what can construction expect from the next parliament?

Inside Westminster

Inside Westminster: Bringing the house down

14 May 15

Costs are being estimated for the critical repair job needed to the Houses of Parliament - with some suggesting the Palace of Westminster has just 20 years before it’s unusable

Hygienic, hard-wearing surfaces

Interiors products: What’s new?

14 May 15

Here’s a preview of some of the new products on display at the May Design Series, from bathroom brassware to infrared-controlled radiators

Compact living and micro-homes

Can better design help to solve the housing crisis?

13 May 15

Andy Pearson looks at four housing design proposals that could transform the way we live

Sebastian Conran and Daniel Hopwood

How interior design is changing

12 May 15

As part of our May Design Series preview, Sebastian Conran and Daniel Hopwood offer their perspectives on how interior design is changing


May Design Series preview: Three days in May

11 May 15

The May Design Series focuses on the key trends and issues affecting interior design - and explores them in a compelling conference and seminar programme

Election 2015

Election special: Now listen here...

08 May 2015

Company chiefs and heads of industry bodies from across the sector set out their messages to the prime minister


Election 2015: What happens in a hung parliament?

7 May 15

With all predictions pointing to a hung parliament, what could happen after the election?

Floating voters: The next government’s priorities need to be …

7 May 15

This week two members of our panel of floating voters highlight vital areas of construction policy that will require the attention of the next government, whatever its political make-up

Floating voters: Which way are you leaning?

1 May 15

This week we catch up with our panel of floating voters, first selected during the 2010 election, to ask what they think the different parties offer the industry and who they are intending to vote for this time around

eric pickles

Eric Pickles' letter to the construction industry

1 May 15

Conservative party’s secretary of state responds to Building’s manifesto aims

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