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Jingle bell blocks

19 Dec 14

Take five teams of construction professionals, stick them in a roomful of Lego, get them to carry out three slightly offbeat tasks, and award them bonus points for good ideas on where to stick Santa… yes, folks, it can only be Building’s 2014 Christmas challenge


Review of 2014: Fairy tale endings

19 Dec 14

Continuing our look back at the year gone by, here’s a selection of some of the biggest positive news

trap door

Review of 2014: Grimm Tales

19 Dec 14

Our annual review of construction dwells, for a moment, on the sector’s most depressing stories

Paul Sheffield

Review of 2014: Cast changes

19 Dec 14

Who went where?


Review of 2014: Heroes

19 Dec 14

The people and stories that thrilled us in 2014

Panto villains

Review of 2014: Pantomime villains

19 Dec 14

Who and what we loved to hate this year


Review of 2014: Best lines

19 Dec 14

A collection of the best and most regrettable quotes of 2014


Review of 2014: Final bow

19 Dec 14

The people we bade farewell to in 2014

Bond Street lights

Image of the week: Peacock suit

19 Dec 14

Why are this year’s Bond Street Christmas lights modelled around the motif of peacock feathers

Manchester Library

Projects 2014 review: part 1

17 Dec 14

Building takes a look back at the completed projects that impressed in 2014

News analysis timer

Calling time on the coalition

12 Dec 14

From the Green Deal to Crossrail, the government made a number of pledges back in 2010 to keep the industry afloat during the grim five years ahead. But how well has it stuck to them?

Concrete Arteries

Image of the week: Concrete Arteries

12 Dec 14

CIOB’s Art of Building competition entry shows the construction of a new metro line in Amsterdam, Holland

Osborne and Alexander

Image of the week: Here come the boys

5 Dec 14

George Osborne and Danny Alexander leave the Treasury on Wednesday

Class of 2014

The Class of 2014: Three months on

4 Dec 14

Back in September we introduced you to our Class of 2014: 14 young recruits embarking on their careers in construction. Three months later, we ask them how they’re getting on - and if the industry is living up to their expectations


The cost of training an industry

28 Nov 14

Criticised for its complexity, the CITB is reforming its method for levying the funds it uses to subsidise industry training. The streamlined plans will see some employees paying less, but for others, it could mean a larger bill.

T pylon test line

Image of the week: All aboard the T-line

28 Nov 14

Work starts on a test line for the new T-pylon designed by Bystrup

Mackintosh building

Image of the week: Buried treasures

21 Nov 14

Forensic archaeologists begin examining the fire-damaged Mackintosh Library at the Glasgow School of Art

bim tin

Is BIM what it says on the tin?

21 Nov 14

While Building’s BIM survey indicates that adoption of the technology is increasing, there is growing anxiety about its effect on the dynamics of project teams

NA 2111

Paying the price

21 Nov 14

New research into the housebuilding industry shows that although staff are enjoying higher salaries, they’re also taking on more responsibilities, working longer hours and finding their work/life balance out of kilter.


Specialists: We've got the power

14 Nov 14

Burgeoning workloads have given specialist contractors a boost and signalled a shift in their relationship with main contractors. Some of the big players reveal what they’ll do with their new found powers …

Fizzy living

Meet the new kids on the block

14 Nov 14

A new generation of developer clients is shouldering its way into a buoyant property market, giving contractors a lot to get up to speed with

Tipping point

Contractors: The tipping point

7 Nov 14

After years of clients worrying about subcontractors’ health, suddenly it’s main contractors that seem to be in trouble, caught out by rising costs on fixed price jobs. Building reports on a nervous time of profit warnings and senior management departures

The One World Trade Center in New York opened for business earlier this week. The $3.8bn (£2.4bn) building is built on the site of the twin towers of the previous World Trade Center, which were destroyed in the 9/11 attacks in 2001. The SOM designed  104-

Image of the week: Open for business

7 Nov 14

The One World Trade Center in New York opens, 13 years after the 9/11 attacks


South-east Asian construction economies: Chasing tigers

6 Nov 14

China and India may be the big beasts of the East but UK construction would do well to train its sights on South-east Asia where huge untapped potential lies waiting

Pegasus Academy in Thornton Heath, north Croydon

Croydon’s capital works programme: Educating Croydon

5 Nov 14

With one of the fastest growing populations in London, Croydon is set for a flurry of development over the next five years. But will the borough be able to meet demand for school places?

Building Awards 2015 logo

Building Awards 2015 opens for entry

31 Oct 14

Widely recognised as the sector’s most prestigious awards for excellence, the Building Awards have opened for entry for 2015

Is the north on the up

Is the north on the up?

31 Oct 14

George Osborne talks of a creating a ‘northern powerhouse’ but how much faith should the industry put in Westminster’s affirmations?

Wanda Cultural City Tourism & Exhibition Centre

Horrific architecture: Part 2

30 Oct 14

Continuing our Halloween tribute to the most gruesome building designs around the globe, here’s the second of our three part mini-series

White Sails Hospital, Tunisia

Horrific architecture: Part 1

29 Oct 14

Dim the lights and get ready to hide behind the sofa. It’s the return of Building’s Halloween tribute to the most gruesome building designs around the globe

LVMH Foundation

LVMH Foundation for Creation by Frank Gehry

27 Oct 14

Frank Gehry brings his futuristic architecture to suburban Paris with a privately funded art gallery

1934 - Lawn Road Flats, London by Wells Coates. Nominated by Elizabeth Darling

Housing that defined the 20th Century

27 Oct 14

The Twentieth Century Society’s 100 Buildings 100 Years project provides a fascinating overview of the history of housing

GEG 2014 image 4

Good Employer Guide 2014: Results analysis

24 Oct 14

With recruitment and retention once again critical issues for the industry, here’s how this year’s top 50 employers are luring and keeping hold of key staff

GEG 2014 image 3

Good Employer Guide 2014: A focus on staff wellbeing

24 Oct 14

Mental health issues can be difficult to detect in the workplace - which means they can also be easy to ignore. But as this year’s guide shows, the best employers are those that are ready and able to heed the warning signs

Didcot B burning

Image of the week: Inferno

24 Oct 14

Firefighters battle against the flames at Didcot B power station

new houses

Reviewing the Lyons Review

23 Oct 14

The Lyons Review sets out a routemap to the construction of 200,000 homes a year, so what do private housebuilders and affordable housing landlords make of it?

Top 150 consultants 2014

Top 150 consultants 2014: Let the good times roll

17 Oct 14

There’s an upbeat mood in this year’s Top 150 consultants survey with strong growth and jobs being created. It’s now just a matter of finding the staff to keep it going

Scunthorpe steelworks

Image of the week: Goodbye to the age of steel?

17 Oct 14

Scunthorpe steelworks, which is set to be sold by owner Tata Steel

Tender package

Building at Construction Rocks 2014

17 Oct 14

The great and the good of UK construction took to the stage at The Vaults in London

Top 50 engineers

Top 150 consultants 2014: Engineers

16 Oct 14

Building’s full Top 150 Consultants 2014 survey is out tomorrow, but we’re releasing the results showing the top 50 engineers online today

Toy house

Always read the label: Home performance labelling

16 Oct 14

The amount of consumer information for home buyers is pitiful, but now a pilot project will test what better home performance labelling might look like in practice

Top 50 architects

Top 150 consultants 2014: Architects

15 Oct 14

Building’s full Top 150 Consultants 2014 survey is out tomorrow, but we’re releasing the results showing the top 50 architects online today

Eco background

A sustainable future

10 Oct 14

Is implementing green policies a must for the future, or an unnecessary cost in an industry just back from the brink of recession? Four corners of the sector have their say

Nick Clegg

Image of the week: Looking to the next level

10 Oct 14

Nick Clegg explains his policy on garden cities to the Lib Dem party conference

Boris Johnson and brick

Image of the week: ‘Behold the brick’

2 Oct 14

Boris Johnson wows the Conservative party conference using piece of building material

Contractors' salary survey 2014

Contractors' salary survey 2014: The only way is up

2 Oct 14

Construction’s recovery was always going to bring higher wages and the upward pressure on salaries is almost countrywide


The Russian dilemma

26 Sep 14

The Ukraine crisis has brought uncertainty to what should be a flourishing Russian market, but there are still good reasons for doing business there

Milan expo pavillion

Image of the week: Putting the 'bee' in British …

26 Sep 14

UKTI present Wolfgang Buttress and BDP’s competition-winning design for the British pavilion at next year’s Milan Expo

Cost model: Extra care housing

Cost model: Extra care housing

25 Sep 14

With a rapidy ageing population demanding high standards of both housing and care, while also imposing a rising cost on public finances, could “extra care” housing be part of the solution?

Agenda 15 draft manifesto cover

Agenda 15 draft manifesto

22 Sep 14

Building’s draft manifesto for construction for the next parliament is now online for consultation here - and we want you to let us know what you think

Cameron conference

Party time

19 Sep 14

As we approach the last party conference season before the general election, Building offers a guide to where each party stands on construction issues


Agenda 15: The next phase

19 Sep 14

As the party conference season approaches, Building is now ready to unveil the next stage of its Agenda 15 campaign to create a manifesto for construction for the next parliament.

The class of 2014

The class of 2014: Consultants and engineers

19 September 2014

What made our consultants and engineers choose construction and what can we learn from them about recruiting new talent?

The class of 2014

The class of 2014: Architects

18 Sep 14

What made our architects choose construction and what can we learn from them about recruiting new talent?

The class of 2014

The class of 2014: Contractors and housebuilders

17 Sep 14

What made our contractors and housebuilders choose construction and what can we learn from them about recruiting new talent?

London 2030

Image of the week: Future city

11 Sep 14

Is this what the City of London will look like in 2030?

Royal College of Physicians

Review: Denys Lasdun exhibition

10 Sep 14

Visitors to the new Lasdun exhibition at the Royal College of Physicians will envy the relationship between client and architect

careers feature

Expat hotspots

10 Sep 14

Global construction is set to boom over the next decade, so where are UK construction consultants most in demand?

Pilsdon farm yard

The Pilsdon Community: Second time lucky

9 Sep 14

When the refurbishment of a refuge for people in crisis ran into trouble, it left the community disillusioned with the building industry. But construction charity CRASH responded to its plea for help


Time to go back to school?

5 Sep 14

When it comes to school building work, the construction industry has been tasked with doing ‘more for less’, but as the economy picks up is it time for a rethink?

Mairi Johnson

Interview: Mairi Johnson

5 Sep 14

While at the EFA, Mairi Johnson was obliged to espouse a design-averse school building programme she didn’t much care for. Now at Aecom, she is fulfilling her ambitions

Unite’s plans for a 759-bed student block off Greetham Street in Portsmouth

Student digs

5 September 2014

Despite rising tuition fees, university applications in the UK have risen to an all-time high. How is the industry is coping with the demand for student accommodation?

H.O.U.S.E 1

Our H.O.U.S.E

4 Sep 14

Combining the benefits of high enviromental efficiency and prefabricated design and assembly, the student-designed H.O.U.S.E is setting the benchmark for regulation friendly housing


Will they stay or will they go?

29 Aug 14

What effects would a ‘Yes’ vote in the Scottish referendum have on the industry?

Glasgow School of Art

What did Scotland ever do for architecture?

26 Aug 14

Scotland’s architectural pedigree goes back well before the 1707 Act of Union, and whatever the result of the referendum, its architects will continue to transform the built environment well beyond the bonnie braes of their homeland

Procurement on trial

Procurement on trial

22 Aug 14

Construction firms are increasingly emboldened to take the government to court over its procurement decisions, but who’s to blame?

Earls Court

Earls Court: That's show business

7 Aug 14

Plans to redevelop 77 acres of prime real estate in Earls Court - entailing the demolition of London’s landmark exhibition centre - have become mired in political wrangling. But is there really any doubt as to how it will end?


Agenda 15: Your views

6 Aug 14

The spotlight turns to sustainability policy and ways to promote longer-term infrastructure planning

agenda 15 megaphones 2

Agenda 15: What you said

1 Aug 14

Building has been asking the construction industry what policies the next UK government needs to adopt - here we review your responses


This week in 1974

1 Aug 14

Newly elected RIBA vice-president Sydney Champan wrote a column challenging the abandonment of plans for the Thames Estuary airport in Building, 2 August 1974


The sum of their parts: Mergers and acquisitions

31 Jul 14

There’s no guarantee that mergers will work out for the companies involved - we look at four of construction’s biggest deals

Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Making waves: Plymouth Marine Laboratory

23 Jul 14

Moving-floor technology may seem the stuff of fictional super-villain lairs, but the leading hydrodynamics laboratory at Plymouth University has employed the technology to support one of the largest energy wave test sites in the world

Skills gap news analysis

Training to nowhere

11 Jul 14

Plenty of young people across the UK are signing up for construction training - the real problem, according to a report out today, is that many are taking courses that simply don’t meet the industry’s needs.

New House Alamy

Zero Carbon Hub report: Performance gap in new homes

9 Jul 14

The ‘performance gap’ between the design of new homes and their as-built energy use can no longer be ignored. And according to the Zero Carbon Hub, the only answer is to fundamentally shake up the way that the industry works


Infrastructure: Flood management

8 Jul 14

This year’s extreme weather has highlighted the increasing risk of flooding and the difficulties faced in prioritising investment. EC Harris examines the UK’s approach to flood risk management

Recovery position

How vital is government as a construction client?

4 July 2014

Public sector work has kept much of the construction industry off the critical list for the past six years but with the private sector now in increasingly robust health, how much is government really needed as a client?

Visualistation of Wenlock Road, which will be the tallest CLT residential building in the UK

The rise of cross-laminated timber

3 Jul 14

Cross-laminated timber is fast establishing itself as a quicker, greener alternative to concrete or steel structural frames. With the market growing threefold in the past two years, is it time to consider it a genuine rival to the big two?

M2 Collapse

Time to act: Debating UK infrastructure policy

3 Jul 14

As the Institution of Civil Engineers delivers a worrying State of the Nation report on UK infrastructure, Building charts the changes that the sector believes should be prioritised by the next government

Did it change us?

Latham's report: Did it change us?

27 June 2014

Twenty years after the publication of Sir Michael Latham’s Constructing the Team, Joey Gardiner looks back at the report’s impact, whether it changed construction for the better and if its grand ambitions survived the financial meltdown

Neptunus apartment block

The recyclable house

26 Jun 14

Technology used to build the world’s largest McDonald’s is being adapted to build temporary, highly flexible, 100% recyclable housing in Holland. Could the model be brought here to solve the UK’s affordable housing crisis?

Green Construction Board

What's been the impact of the Green Construction Board?

20 Jun 14

As the Green Construction Board marks its second birthday, not everyone has found reasons to celebrate. But the board’s defenders point to impressive delivery of a 162-point action plan. Now it needs to convince others it can make a difference

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