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Fighting for air: Pollution from on-site machinery

23 Feb 17

Sadiq Khan is on a crusade to improve London’s air quality and now has construction firmly in his sights. Joey Gardiner reports on the high levels of pollution coming from building sites, the danger they pose to workers, and the pressure being put on the industry to clean up its act

Economic Construction Market Review

Market review: Housing leads the way

21 Feb 17

The number and value of construction contracts awarded is rising, with growth in the residential sector especially clear. Michael Dall discusses the highlights of Barbour ABI’s monthly Economic & Construction review

Houses being built

A quiet revolution?

16 Feb 17

For some, last week’s housing white paper wasn’t worth the white paper it was printed on, but for others it presents a radical shift in policy away from home ownership and towards a much wider range of housing needs


Brexit: What we really really want

10 Feb 17

When Building launched its Building A Better Brexit campaign at the start of the year, we promised a reader survey to find out what the industry wanted the government to take into its negotiations with the EU

A crane

Strategic advances?

9 Feb 17

The government’s modern industrial strategy has been welcomed by business groups but are there opportunities for construction to benefit?

Cars in flood

Hell or high water

3 Feb 17

The North-west may have been spared flooding so far this winter, but the occurence and severity of the region’s floods is steadily increasing


New prisons: Not much in the swag bag

2 Feb 17

Converting old prisons into housing to fund new prisons in less expensive locations isn’t going according to script


Redressing the balance: Women engineers

27 Jan 17

With just 9% of UK engineers women, the sector clearly has a long way to go to achieving a diverse workforce

New homes being built at a garden village

It takes a village

11 Jan 17

The government’s recent commitment to back 14 new garden villages sounds like a lovely idea, providing 48,000 much-needed homes in stand-alone communities


2017: The mists of time to come…

3 Jan 17

It’s been a long time since the industry - and the country - has faced a year of such uncertainty. Joey Gardiner tries to make sense of it all

New York

How is New York dealing with Trump?

9 Dec 16

New Yorkers are still in shock at the idea of a Trump presidency, but some of those working in construction concede that having in the White House a New York property mogul with a $1tn infrastructure spend on his mind may not be all bad news

Tour of a building site

Autumn Statement: Hit and miss

30 Nov 16

Last week’s Autumn Statement trumpeted an extra £1.4bn for 40,000 affordable homes, but is the government set to miss its own target?

Donald Trump

Waiting on the White House

23 Nov 16

Could having a property developer as US president be good for UK construction, or will Trump’s protectionist approach spark trade wars and global recession?

Philip Hammond

Autumn Statement: Mister Money Bags?

8 Nov 16

At the Conservative party conference, the new chancellor Philip Hammond indicated that it might be time to abandon his predecessor’s budget surplus plan and invest in housing and infrastructure

Construction workers

Waiting for a EU turn

2 Nov 16

The new government professes grand ambitions to boost housebuilding and infrastructure. But how can it square this with its commitment to clamp down on foreign workers?

Child reaching for plane

So near and yet so far…

28 Oct 16

Setting up the National Infrastructure Commission was seen as a sign of the government’s commitment to getting rail, power and other major schemes built


Farmer Review: Not waving but drowning

17 Oct 16

Mark Farmer’s government-commissioned report into the construction industry makes for shocking reading. Speaking to Building the author explains his view of the dire state of the industry

Building's Brexit survey results in full

10 Feb 17

View the full results from over 2,000 readers who took part in our survey to find out the Brexit deal construction needs


Market review: Contract values fall

26 Jan 17

Despite the vote to leave the European Union, construction output remained healthy in 2016, but the value of contract awards declined over the year


Mentoring: Support act

25 Jan 17

Mentoring is touted as an effective way to help employees starting off in their careers to work their way up the ladder. So what do those who have signed up to be mentored get out of it? Yoosof Farah asked three of them


The sky’s the limit

20 Jan 17

New York is home to some of the most pioneering modern engineering feats - a 7,000-ton hovering stadium roof, impossibly skinny skyscrapers and a mammoth flood defence system disguised as a park

Building A Better Brexit

Brexit: Make yourself heard

19 Jan 17

As Theresa May makes clear that she favours full separation from the EU and we approach the March deadline to trigger Article 50, Building launches a survey to find out what readers want from the Brexit deal, both for your business and the wider industry


Construction industry Dragon Boat Challenge

11 Jan 17

The Construction Dragon Boat Challenge is back!

Economic Construction Market Review - December 2016

Market review: A bumpy ride

4 Jan 17

The Autumn Statement put its money behind infrastructure projects - but forecasts warn that difficult times lie ahead


2016 untangled - part two

19 Dec 16

Even people who like surprises are likely to end 2016 wondering if there isn’t something to be said for ‘boring and predictable’. The Building team reports on the rollercoaster highs and lows of one of the weirdest years on record


2016 untangled - part one

16 Dec 16

Even people who like surprises are likely to end 2016 wondering if there isn’t something to be said for ‘boring and predictable’. The Building team reports on the rollercoaster highs and lows of one of the weirdest years on record

Building's Christmas cocktail making

Christmas charity challenge: Good mixers

15 Dec 16

Nothing is better to round off an unsettling year than a nice stiff drink. So Building invited three teams from the construction industry to find out who could make the best festive cocktail, as part of our Christmas charity appeal for Crash

Economic Construction Market Review - November 2016

Market review: Better than expected

29 Nov 16

The economy has lost some momentum since the summer’s Brexit vote, but is doing better than analysts had forecast


Good Employer Guide 2016: Winners

25 Nov 16

Find out the overall top five winners in this year’s Good Employer Guide

Good Employer Guide 2016

Good Employer Guide 2016: Diversity challenge

25 Nov 16

Women and people from ethnic minorities make up just 10% of the UK building industry’s total employees, and new recruits are few and far between. So what are firms doing to widen construction’s gene pool?

GEG 2016

Good Employer Guide 2016: Trend Setters

25 Nov 16

An ever-dwindling workforce means the built environment is in dire need of fresh blood. So what improvements are this year’s top 50 employers making to retain staff and entice new recruits?


Specialist contractors: Marginal moves

25 Nov 16

Many specialist contractors are seeing margins recover, but wariness about future work remains

Pound hidden under cups

Contractors' salary survey 2016: All to play for

18 Nov 16

Brexit uncertainty has put a brake on wage inflation among contractors, but the latest salary survey from Hays shows opportunities are still out there


Building Awards 2016: BIM Initiative of the Year

17 Nov 16

This initiative suggests BIM could be used to facilitate a collaborative 3D multi-screen meeting space


Building Awards 2016: Building Magazine Project of the Year

17 Nov 16

Birmingham New Street station’s transformation is one of the most stunning achievements of recent time


Building Awards 2016: Construction Client of the Year

17 Nov 16

Transport for London is set become one of London’s biggest commercial and residential developers


Building Awards 2016: CEO's CEO of the Year

17 Nov 16

Andrew Davies has boosted Wates’ turnover by £300m annually while placing a commitment to social value at the heart of the company


Building Awards 2016: Small Project of the Year (up to £5m)

16 Nov 16

Shaftesbury Theatre’s stunning new design rewrites the rules about historic conservation


Building Awards 2016: International Project of the Year

16 Nov 16

This extraordinary modern Acropolis is one of the most spectacular cultural complexes in the world


Building Awards 2016: Skills Initative of the Year

16 Nov 16

The initiative’s holistic approach to the idea of training especially grabbed the judges’ attention


Building Awards 2016: Refurbishment Project of the Year

16 Nov 16

The Whitworth Art Gallery’s refurbishment is an excellent example of culturally-led regeneration


Building Awards 2016: Sustainable Project of the Year

16 Nov 16

The first listed building with a BREEAM “outstanding” rating in the UK was a worthy winner

Walter Lilly

Building Awards 2016: Contractor of the Year (up to £300m)

15 Nov 16

Walter Lilly has a great name in high end projects, with impressive clients saying they’d recommend the firm to others


Building Awards 2016: Major Contractor of the Year (over £300m)

15 Nov 16

Wates Group is showing balanced growth across the firm and completed more than 1,500 projects in 2015

Bacton Low Rise

Building Awards 2016: Housing Project of the Year

15 Nov 16

The first phase of the resident-led Bacton Low Rise development has seen the rebirth of a 1960s estate


Building Awards 2016: Product Innovation of the Year

15 Nov 16

The judges were impressed with Redland’s Innofix Clip which removes the need for hammers and nails while tiling


Building Awards 2016: Housebuilder of the Year

15 Nov 16

Places for People increased the number of homes built by 60% while continuing to manage more than 150,000 mainly affordable homes


Building Awards 2016: Specialist Contractor of the Year

15 Nov 16

Keltbray managed to recycle concrete from 22 buildings at its Nova Victoria scheme, saving over 5,000 lorry loads

Core Five

Building Awards 2016: Construction Consultant/Surveyor of the Year (fewer than 100 staff)

14 Nov 16

Established just four years ago, Core Five now has an impressive client list enabling it to tot up 22 £100m-plus projects


Building Awards 2016: Construction Consultant/Surveyor of the Year (100 staff or over)

14 Nov 16

Gleeds has had a bumper year with revenue, profit, staff numbers and productivity all on the up, it’s also bagged some mega-projects


Building Awards 2016: Architectural practice of the year

14 Nov 16

Bennetts Associates impressed the judges with the breadth and strength of its projects, the practice has also expanded with a new office in Manchester


Building Awards 2016: Engineering Consultant of the Year

14 Nov 16

The international reputation of Eckersley O’Callaghan has soared this year, with new offices all in major global cities

Tamsinw Tweddell

Building Awards 2016: Woman of the Year

14 Nov 16

The judges felt Tamsin Tweddell was the ideal role model for any aspiring female architect

Sadie Morgan

Building Awards 2016: Personality of the Year

14 Nov 16

Having co-founded her own architect practice dRMM, Sadie Morgan now shapes the wider construction agenda and in her key roles on the HS2 design panel and on the National Infrastructure Council she is a vital voice for good design in government circles


BIM survey: Multi-dimensional issues

11 Nov 16

Building’s annual BIM survey shows a lack of qualified staff, perceived higher costs and handicaps for SMEs, makes a fully digital built environment a far cry

Donald Trump

What Trump's victory means for construction

9 Nov 16

Back in October we asked industry experts what a Trump victory would mean for UK construction firms, here’s what they said …

City skyline at sunset with modern financial center behind, Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid, Spain

Spain: End of the affair?

3 Nov 16

With Spain’s economy in recovery and its construction industry bouncing back, ties between Spain and the UK have been strengthening. But after the Brexit vote, will the mutually beneficial relationship continue?

Heathrow airport

UK airports timeline: Half a century of political indecision

25 Oct 16

Today’s government decision to back a third runway at Heathrow comes after nearly 50 years of debate about where to expand airport capacity in the South-east


Market review: Inflation on the horizon

25 Oct 16

The data shows that the fall in the value of the pound is likely to lead to a period of inflation, with prices rising


Housebuilders' salary survey 2016: Business as usual

21 Oct 16

The Brexit vote has ushered in a time of widespread uncertainty, but activity in the housebuilding sector has so far held up well. Joey Gardiner looks at what we can learn from this year’s salary survey and and asks how long trading can remain strong

Cara Greaves

Learn as you earn

20 Oct 16

The Brexit vote combined with next year’s apprenticeship levy may give some firms a headache over investment plans but the need for construction apprentices has never been greater

Construction site

Farmer Review: Why construction is a sick patient

17 Oct 16

Mark Farmer adopts the analogy of an ailing patient, with symptoms ranging from low productivity to a bad public image

Off site construction

Farmer Review: The 10 recommendations

17 Oct 16

Today’s ‘Modernise or die’ report aims to kick-start reform with this 10-point action plan

High speed train

HS2: On track?

14 Oct 16

Amid negative headlines and political uncertainty, signs of progress on the UK’s next rail megaproject are contradictory at best


The lady is for turning

13 Oct 16

For now at least, Theresa May bestrides the political scene, dismantling David Cameron’s legacy and introducing policy changes in housing and infrastructure

Construction Rocks Bill Price and an inflatable dolphin

Construction Rocks: Vintage Bands night

12 Oct 16

The second leg of this year’s Construction Rocks event goes vintage

CRASH patrons

CRASH honours its Patrons at Annual Reception and Above and Beyond Awards

10 Oct 16

CRASH honoured its patrons’ unwavering generosity and loyalty at their Annual Reception and Above and Beyond Awards on Thursday 29 September

Donald Trump

What if Trump does win?

7 Oct 16

The very idea of ‘President Trump’ has gone from the realms of jokes and nightmares to potential reality. So as the world holds its breath for the result of November’s US election, David Blackman considers how a Trump presidency would affect UK firms

Trump Tower Chicago

Trump's project highlights

7 Oct 16

Building takes a look at four of the highlights of Donald Trump’s career in property development

Andrew Tesoro

The disgruntled architect and the Clinton v Trump debate

7 Oct 16

Hilary Clinton has highlighted the complaints of an architect who used to work for Trump

Construction Rocks Exile

Construction Rocks: New Bands night

6 Oct 16

New bands and a new judge at the first night of this year’s Construction Rocks fundraiser

Affordable housing

State of play: London

6 Oct 16

Sadiq Khan has proved himself a pragmatist - a quality he’ll need to address the capital’s major built environment challenges

Colombia feature

Colombia: Back in Bogotá

29 Sep 16

As a historic peace deal between the Colombian government and rebel group Farc is signed, Building returns to Bogotá

Market review

Market review: Rise after the fall

27 Sep 16

The economy bounced back after the immediate Brexit vote shock, with higher inflation failing to materialise


Is Heathrow coming in to land?

23 Sep 16

The good news is the government has signalled a decision on airport expansion will finally be made this autumn. The bad news is the PM may be swayed more by political pressures than the advice of the Davies Commission to pick Heathrow


State of play: Housing

22 Sep 16

The government wants to see one million homes built in England by 2020, but while some housing experts think a little tinkering will get us there, others countenance a far more radical plan

Spacelab office

Millennials: Goodbye 9-5

20 Sep 16

The world of work is changing. Forget being chained to a desk, a boss you only see through their office window

Building Awards shortlist party 2016

Industry gathers to celebrate Building Awards shortlist

19 Sep 16

Event at Building’s offices in central London attended by industry guests in the running for construction gongs

Corbyn and May

Party conferences preview

15 Sep 16

The political backdrop to the approaching party conference season looks nothing like it did this time last year. The Brexit vote, which swept Theresa May to power and plunged Jeremy Corbyn into another leadership contest, has many policy implications. So what do the two main parties have to say about construction?

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