Friday18 April 2014


Milton Keynes gallery

Sketch of the week: Milton Keynes gallery

17 Apr 14

Smith and Wallwork provides this week’s doodle – a concept sketch for Milton Keynes gallery

wire frame

NBS survey: The BIM that will bring us together

17 Apr 14

NBS’ annual BIM survey suggests that uptake of the collaborative technology has risen sharply over the past year. But is it really becoming the industry norm?

Workers of the World unite

Workers of the World unite

17 Apr 14

Bosses of employee-owned companies claim greater engagement and increased profitability. So why isn’t everyone doing it?

BIM: The inside story two years on

BIM: The inside story three years on

16 Apr 14

Manchester council’s FM team were initially reluctant to use BIM in the operation of the city’s newly refurbished Central Library. But then they were shown how much time it could save, even on changing a lamp… Thomas Lane catches up with the team in part three of a series that follows a BIM project from start to finish

New London Architecture’s view of the City of London in 2025

Cost model: Tall buildings

15 Apr 14

With nearly 250 towers set to be built in London alone - the vast majority of them residential - Brian Smith, Mital Dholakia and Richard Heseltine of Aecom highlight the main design and cost considerations in reaching for the skies

Holder 1

Sketch of the week: M&S Cheshire Oaks

11 Apr 14

Illustrator John Holder sketched M&S Cheshire Oaks, a Simons Group project, at various stages of its development

Trouble at the top

Trouble at the top

10 Apr 14

Bad managers can have a big impact on staff morale and productivity levels, and they could even pose a serious threat to the industry’s upturn. So why are there so many of them?

Cleaning services

Sustainability: Facilities efficiency

9 Apr 14

As construction becomes ever more energy efficient, attention is turning to facilities management to deliver greater carbon and cost savings. Phil Birch of Sweett Group examines how the purchasing and management of cleaning and catering operations can reduce a building’s environmental impact


Fair payment charter: Cheque’s in the post

8 Apr 14

Few issues are more contentious in construction than payment practices. So will a new fair payment charter that asks contractors to commit to shorter payment times actually work - or merely add to the pile of previous failed attempts to reform the industry?

Roma satdium sketch

Sketch of the week: Roma football stadium

4 Apr 14

Thanks to Dan Meis of architect Woods Bagot for his sketch of the week

Panoramic images show the Shishiori area of  Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture, (from top) on 15 March 2011, four days after the disaster; on 30 August 2012; and on 14 February 2014.

Rebuilding after Japan's tsunami

4 Apr 14

Three years on from its devastating earthquake and tsunami, Japan is, for the first time, signalling that it needs help rebuilding homes and communities. For UK construction firms willing to dig in, this could mean new opportunities

Putting the wind up construction

Putting the wind up construction

3 Apr 14

Ofgem’s announcement last week that the six big energy firms face a competition inquiry has spooked the market and alarmed construction firms relying on new energy generation capacity. But are things really as bleak as they seem?

Make's recycled pop-up cinema

Video: Make's recycled pop-up cinema

28 Mar 14

Watch how architect Make designed and built a recycled cinema at Ecobuild this year

The squeeze is on

Tax changes for temporary site workers

28 Mar 14

In a radical move that seems bound to increase labour costs, the government is clamping down on temporary site workers claiming to be self-employed. And as if that wasn’t bad enough news for construction companies using this kind of labour, they’ve only got two weeks to prepare for the change

Locomotive shed sketch by Simon Smith

Sketch of the week: A locomotive shed

28 Mar 14

Thanks to Simon Smith of Smith and Wallwork for sending in his sketch of the week

Santa Costanza, Rome

Sketch of the week: Roman columns

21 Mar 14

Thanks to Bryan Avery of Avery Associates Architects for sending in his sketch of the week

Infrastructure: highways maintenance

Infrastructure: highways maintenance

21 March 2014

Damage to UK roads due to flooding has put a spotlight on the condition of our highways, at a time when the maintenance backlog is already estimated to be at least £10bn. Barbra Carlisle and Brian Fitzpatrick of EC Harris examine the key issues

Agenda 15 Green Priorities

Agenda 15: Green priorities

20 Mar 14

In the latest in our series on Building’s Agenda 15 campaign ahead of the next election, and fresh from the Ecobuild sustainability event, we report on what the industry wants the government to do about green regulation

Amalfi sketch

Sketch of the week: Amalfi

14 Mar 14

Thanks to David Grech for sending in his sketch of the week

George Osborne

Budget 2014: Over to you, George

14 Mar 14

Ahead of next week’s Budget, Building looks at the measures the construction industry can expect to emerge from Osborne’s red box

Dragon Boat 2014

Join the 2014 Dragon Boat Challenge

7 Mar 14

Support the construction industry Charity and enter this year’s race taking place on 26 June

Ecobuidl video Ed Davey 2014

Ecobuild video: Ed Davey

6 Mar 14

Energy secretary talks about improvements to the Green Deal finance plan and the target to upgrade one million homes

UK floods

Flooding: 'We're planning for the wrong future'

6 Mar 14

As recent events have starkly illustrated, the UK can no longer ignore the growing risk of floods. But what can planners and designers do to manage our rising water levels? Here four of the country’s leading experts give their views

Vido Munish Datta

Ecobuild video: Interview with Munish Datta

6 Mar 14

Munish Datta, head of property plan A & FM, Marks & Spencer on his companies talks at Ecobuild this year

Video David Ball

Ecobuild video: Interview with David Ball

6 Mar 14

David Ball, chairman of David Ball Group, talks about his companies next generation of products


Ecobuild Building Performance and BIM highlights: Thursday 6 March

5 Mar 14

Robert Cohen previews his talk at Ecobuild

Green energy symbol

Ecobuild Green Energy Zone highlights: Thursday 6 March

5 Mar 14

Dr Tim Fox previews his talk at Ecobuild

Ecobuild video day 1

Ecobuild video: Day one

5 Mar 14

Find out what happened at Ecobuild yesterday


Ecobuild Building Performance and BIM Zone highlights: Wednesday 5 March

4 Mar 14

Munish Datta previews his talk in the Building Perfomance and BIM content zone

Future Cities symbol

Ecobuild Future Cities Zone highlights: Wednesday 5 March

4 Mar 14

Dr Tristan Kershaw and Tony Barrett preview their talks

Green energy symbol

Ecobuild Green Energy Zone highlights: Wednesday 5 March

4 Mar 14

Rachel Coxcoon previews her talk at Ecobuild

retrofit and refurb symbol 72 dpi

Ecobuild Retrofit and Refurbishment Zone highlights: Wednesday 5 March

4 Mar 14

Stephen Passmore of the Energy Saving Trust previews his talk

Water, Waste and Materials Ecobuild symbol

Ecobuild Water, Waste and Materials Zone highlights: Wednesday 5 March

4 Mar 14

Peter Wilder of Wilder Associates previews his talk at Ecobuild

Ecobuild design symbol

Ecobuild Design Zone highlights: Tuesday 4 March

4 Mar 14

Ecobuild speakers highlight design talks at Ecobuild today

retrofit and refurb symbol 72 dpi

Ecobuild Retrofit and Refurbishment Zone highlights: Tuesday 4 March

4 Mar 14

Ecobuild speakers highlight retrofit and refurbishment talks at Ecobuild today

Water, Waste and Materials Ecobuild symbol

Ecobuild Water, Waste and Materials Zone highlights: Tuesday 4 March

4 Mar 14

Water, Waste and Materials content zone highlights at Ecobuild

WGBC interview

Video interview with Jane Henley of the World Green Building Council

3 Mar 14

Building interviews CEO of the World Green Building Council ahead of Ecobuild this week

London's concrete quarter

London's concrete quarter

28 Feb 14

The transformation of King’s Cross includes some of the UK’s most sustainable office buildings - and concrete is key to all of them

CRASH index

CRASH: The worst is far from over

28 Feb 14

Despite signs of economic recovery, the scale of homelessness in the UK is undiminished. In fact, a combination of changes to the benefits system and funding cuts to charities means the outlook for the most excluded in society looks even more uncertain

Ike doodle

Sketch of the week: It wouldn't happen in Rome

28 Feb 14

In the first of a new series Ike Ijeh takes a satirical look at London’s incoherent approach to tall buildings

Emmaus Brighton

CRASH: Team Effort

28 Feb 14

Meet two charities CRASH supports: one for people in inner London recovering from addiction, the other supporting a community living in a former convent in Brighton

CRASH Pilsden

CRASH: The Pilsden Community

28 Feb 14 | Updated: 28 Feb 14

The Pilsdon Community is a working farm in Dorset, which provides a refuge for people in crisis and intermittent respite for homeless people. But when they engaged a contractor to renovate a dilapidated barn and stables to create extra space they got their fingers burned. Here’s how working with CRASH and its patrons has rebuilt trust in the building profession

CRASH detail

CRASH: Let's take things up a gear

28 Feb 14 | Updated: 28 Feb 14

The construction industry continued to support CRASH even through the worst years of the downturn. But now that the economy is picking up, the charity is more ambitious than ever

Royal Docks competition: Move the river

On the waterfront: Royal Docks green design competition

28 Feb 14

Ecobuild and the Landscape Institute launched a competition for ideas on how to turn the Royal Docks into a green infrastructure space for east London. Ahead of the winner being announced at this year’s Ecobuild event, Thomas Lane reports on some of the top proposals

Michael Chaldecott

You can have a say in how CRASH is run

28 Feb 14 | Updated: 28 Feb 14

As a long-standing patron of CRASH, the managing director at British Gypsum Mike Chaldecott believes he’s found an efficient form of charitable giving for his company

Sustainability Stars 2014

50 sustainability stars

28 February 2014

In the expanding universe of sustainability, many stars shine out in the firmament. Building celebrates the sector’s top 50 brightest talents


Brush up on your BREEAM

28 February 2014

There’s little time left to comment on the draft BREEAM UK New Construction 2014. Yetunde Abdul, BREEAM scheme development manager, takes you on a whistlestop tour of the main changes

Ecobuild 2014

Ecobuild 2014 programme: Into the zone

28 February 2014

Here’s your visitors’ guide to the content zones and speakers at Ecobuild, along with some highlights of the talks to come

Hempsted Green

Custom build: Give us the tools

28 February 2014

Once trumpeted as a way of raising housing output by as many as 50,000 homes a year, custom build was responsible for barely a fifth of that figure last year. So what’s the hold-up and can anything be done to reinvigorate the market?

Marks & Spencer, Cheshire Oaks

Ecobuild 2014 preview: Now you’re talking…

28 February 2014

The pressures on today’s environment are many and Ecobuild is the stimulating forum in which to explore, exchange and debate the possible solutions. Ike Ijeh picks out some of the key themes at this year’s event


Agenda 15: Quite a climb

27 Feb 14

A recovery of sorts is under way, but large parts of the industry are still struggling to grow. As part of Building’s Agenda 15 campaign, we want to hear your views on what the obstacles to growth are and how can we overcome them. To prompt your thinking, we asked four industry leaders for their views

London Heathrow T2 exterior 2014

Behind the scenes at Heathrow Terminal 2

21 February 2014

Heathrow’s rebuilt Terminal 2 is six times bigger than the original, yet the design team reckons the layout has been so well thought through that passengers will be able to go from plane to terminal exit in just five minutes. Well, not counting the one hour hold-up at customs, of course

news analysis paper people

Skills shortages: Let the right ones in

20 Feb 14

With the upturn in work has come predictions of a skills shortage. But the CIC’s Jack Pringle thinks the need for architects, QSs and engineers is already so critical that we should be sourcing them from outside the UK and Europe

A private hospital department reconfigured to house a new digital theatre

Cost model: Private healthcare

18 Feb 14

The reforms to the NHS are likely to lead to more work for private providers - and their construction teams. Mark Robinson of Aecom highlights the main design considerations for private hospitals and breaks down the costs

Where to spend it

Agenda 15: Spending priorities

14 Feb 14

As part of Building’s Agenda 15 campaign to influence the national political debate ahead of the next election, we launched one of the biggest consultations ever undertaken in the industry. This week we want you to tell us where future government spending should be prioritised. To help get you thinking, here’s the case for six of the biggest construction spending departments

What goes around …

Procurement: Facing the consequences

7 February 2014

For five years some clients have been taking advantage of the downturn by dumping risk on contractors and screwing them down on price. But now things are on the up, is the supply chain hitting back?

Agenda 15 logo yellow

This is why they’re supporting Building’s Agenda 15 ...

6 Feb 14

At the start of the year Building launched its Agenda 15 campaign - an attempt to pull together a manifesto for construction in advance of the next election. In reaction, the industry’s largest organisations have sent us messages of support, highlighting important issues for the political parties to address


Building Awards 2014 finalists revealed

3 Feb 14

The shortlist for the Building Awards 2014 has been announced today

EDF's Hinkley Point C

Brussels delivers blow to £16bn Hinkley nuclear project

31 Jan 14

European Commission’s initial report questions whether deal between EDF and government addresses genuine market failure

career landscape

Careers: Should I stay or should I go?

31 Jan 14

For young UK construction professionals looking with gloom at this country’s embattled industry, overseas work has long seemed a tempting prospect. But as work here picks up, can the UK retain and even regain its skilled staff? Mike Brown reports

Green Deal montage

Green Deal: One year on

28 Jan 14

The Green Deal is one year old this week but the celebrations are, to put it mildly, subdued. We look back on a year of disappointments for the energy efficiency retrofit market

Mark Reynolds

Dear next prime minster …

24 Jan 14

Agenda 15 is Building’s campaign to influence the next government by telling politicians what construction needs to be able to thrive. To get you thinking, we’ve asked four senior figures in the sector what single policy change they would most like to see adopted by the next government

Hyde Group’s Bermondsey Spa scheme includes both affordable and private-sale homes

Funding affordable housing with private sales

23 Jan 14

Government policy is still pushing social housing providers to develop and sell private homes in order to fund affordable ones. So what happens the next time that prices crash?

Rise of the machines

Rise of the machines

23 Jan 14

Quadrocopters, wall-making machines, multi-dimensional laser scans … These futuristic technologies may be coming soon to a building site near you


The truth about spending on flood protection

17 Jan 14

The government claims that flood protection spending is rising, but as the UK towels itself off after yet another deluge, the public is understandably sceptical. So what’s the real story?

James Soane, Lisa Pilley and Robin Partington

A splash of colour Video

16 Jan 14

Dulux Trade Contract Partnership’s debate saw speakers from the design and architectural world talk about how colour brings projects to life. Ike Ijeh finds out more

top euro contractors main image

Top 150 European Contractors 2014: Channel hoppers

16 Jan 14

The return to growth of the UK construction market has prompted some envious glances from mainland Europe, so should UK firms steel themselves for an influx of continental rivals? Plus find out this year’s Top 150 European contractors and manufacturers

Paul Roughan, sales director at AkzoNobel; Kenny Hallsall, supervisor painter at Bagnalls; Duncan Lochhead, judge and commercial marketing manager at AkzoNobel

Dulux Trade Most Trusted Contractor Painter Award 2013

10 Jan 14

Top prize in the 2013 Dulux Trade Most Trusted Contractor Painter Awards goes to Kenny Halsall, supervisor painter at Bagnalls

Agenda 15

Building's Agenda 15 campaign

9 Jan 14

The UK goes to the polls on 7 May 2015, but political parties will be forming their policies from now. So it is the time for the construction industry to tell the politicians what it needs to be able to thrive

weather map

Predictions for construction in 2014

8 Jan 14

Set after set of positive data means construction may finally dare to be optimistic. We look to the skies to predict what 2014 may have in store


Costain secures £750m of work for 2014

7 Jan 14

Chief executive Andrew Wyllie says focus on “blue chip” customers is yielding results

state of play

Construction and immigration: Have your say

3 Jan 14

With the immigration debate raging, Building wants to hear the views of the construction sector on the issue


Infrastructure project 2013: King's Cross Square

27 Dec 13

King’s Cross Square represents the progress that has been made towards establishing the area as a hub of commerce and tourism, showing the impact infrastructure can have.


Education project 2013: Leeds East primary school

25 Dec 13

Leeds East primary school is the first in the UK to be constructed from an innovative pod system, which comprises a series of structurally independent steel-framed classrooms

tate britain

Cultural project 2013: Tate Britain

24 Dec 13

In this time of austerity, Caruso St John’s extensively reconfigured Tate Britain is a considerable achievement considering its dependence on public funding.


Industrial project 2013: Arla foods

23 Dec 13

Arla Foods has built something incredible: the world’s first zero-carbon dairy near Aylesbury, which was switched on for the first time this year.

barbour report logo

Barbour ABI's December 2013 market review

20 Dec 13

Barbour ABI’s latest monthly Economic & Construction Market Review is now available to download

Leadenhall Make

Commercial project 2013: Leadenhall

20 Dec 13

20 Fenchurch Street - or the Walkie Talkie, has somewhat overshadowed the Leadenhall building. A shame, as the Cheesegrater represents some of the best in sensitive design


Boxing challenge: Blood, sweat and tears

20 Dec 13

It was perhaps more boot camp than Raging Bull, but Building’s Boxing Day charity event to raise funds for the Boxing Academy was nonetheless a gruelling test of strength, stamina and physical fitness for six of the industry’s heavyweights (and a Building super flyweight).

Greg Barker

Building family Christmas: Review of 2013

20 Dec 13

It may have more than its fair share of squabbles, but the construction community is a family like any other. Adam Branson gathers everybody round the table, gets the albums out, and looks back on the people and events that made 2013. Additional reporting by Peter Klein, Joey Gardiner and Sarah Richardson

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