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carillion news analysis

City surprised at Carillion and Balfour merger talks

25 Jul 14

Analysts say proposed merger between two construction giants has a “50/50” chance of going ahead

Top 150 v2

Top 150 contractors and housebuilders 2014

25 Jul 14

Building’s annual list of the UK’s biggest performers in the construction sector shows that housebuilders have enjoyed the past 12 months most. But many predict the tides are ready to turn for contractors, as Joey Gardiner reports

Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Making waves: Plymouth Marine Laboratory

23 Jul 14

Moving-floor technology may seem the stuff of fictional super-villain lairs, but the leading hydrodynamics laboratory at Plymouth University has employed the technology to support one of the largest energy wave test sites in the world

Skills gap news analysis

Training to nowhere

11 Jul 14

Plenty of young people across the UK are signing up for construction training - the real problem, according to a report out today, is that many are taking courses that simply don’t meet the industry’s needs.

New House Alamy

Zero Carbon Hub report: Performance gap in new homes

9 Jul 14

The ‘performance gap’ between the design of new homes and their as-built energy use can no longer be ignored. And according to the Zero Carbon Hub, the only answer is to fundamentally shake up the way that the industry works


Infrastructure: Flood management

8 Jul 14

This year’s extreme weather has highlighted the increasing risk of flooding and the difficulties faced in prioritising investment. EC Harris examines the UK’s approach to flood risk management

Recovery position

How vital is government as a construction client?

4 July 2014

Public sector work has kept much of the construction industry off the critical list for the past six years but with the private sector now in increasingly robust health, how much is government really needed as a client?

Visualistation of Wenlock Road, which will be the tallest CLT residential building in the UK

The rise of cross-laminated timber

3 Jul 14

Cross-laminated timber is fast establishing itself as a quicker, greener alternative to concrete or steel structural frames. With the market growing threefold in the past two years, is it time to consider it a genuine rival to the big two?

M2 Collapse

Time to act: Debating UK infrastructure policy

3 Jul 14

As the Institution of Civil Engineers delivers a worrying State of the Nation report on UK infrastructure, Building charts the changes that the sector believes should be prioritised by the next government

Did it change us?

Latham's report: Did it change us?

27 June 2014

Twenty years after the publication of Sir Michael Latham’s Constructing the Team, Joey Gardiner looks back at the report’s impact, whether it changed construction for the better and if its grand ambitions survived the financial meltdown

Neptunus apartment block

The recyclable house

26 Jun 14

Technology used to build the world’s largest McDonald’s is being adapted to build temporary, highly flexible, 100% recyclable housing in Holland. Could the model be brought here to solve the UK’s affordable housing crisis?

Green Construction Board

What's been the impact of the Green Construction Board?

20 Jun 14

As the Green Construction Board marks its second birthday, not everyone has found reasons to celebrate. But the board’s defenders point to impressive delivery of a 162-point action plan. Now it needs to convince others it can make a difference

Clients feature 20 June 2014

What clients want

20 Jun 14

A resurgent commercial market means contractors now more able to pick and choose their projects. But this is making clients keener than ever to develop relationships, build a team and engage earlier with specialists

careers headshot crop

Why be a distance learner?

19 Jun 14

More and more construction professionals who want to gain a competitive edge to progress their careers are turning to distance learning. Just don’t think of it as the easy option


Contractors through the recession: Part 3

12 Jun 14

In the final installment of Building’s analysis of major contractor’s businesses pre and post recession, we look at which firms have seen the biggest turnover increases and falls


A client's view: Argent

12 Jun 14

Argent’s Tony Giddings on the developer’s near £1bn pipeline of work and its belief in partnering

Construction site

Which contractors have remained profitable in the recession? (Part 2)

11 Jun 14

In the second part of Building’s analysis of the performance of the Top 20 UK contractors through the recession, we look into the reducing margins of UK firms - and find out who has bucked the trend

Paul Lewis

A client's view: Stanhope

11 Jun 14

Stanhope’s head of development management on selecting contractors and the London market

Brief history of zero carbon animation

Animation: A brief history of zero carbon Video

10 Jun 14

All you need to know about the troubled history of the UK’s journey to try to reach zero carbon homes in 2016

Matthew Bonning-Snook, Helical Bar

A client's view: Helical Bar

10 Jun 14

Helical Bar’s director on how it procures work and the market conditions in London


Contractors: How have they fared in the recession?

10 Jun 14

Analysis of the financials of the top 20 major contractors showing who has weathered the recession - and who hasn’t

James Pellatt

A client's view: Great Portland Estates

9 Jun 14

GPE’s head of projects on it’s pipeline and what it takes to work for the top London developer

classroom education useful

Priority School Building Programme update: 10 key questions answered

9 Jun 14

Find out what work is to be procured next under the flagship building programme, and which contractors have won the most work so far

London skyline

Life after Davis Langdon: One year on

9 Jun 14

Building catches up with the various offspring of the former Davis Langdon business


Ten steps to finding a builder

7 Jun 14

A guide on how to find, select and manage building trades on a domestic construction project, brought to you by Building magazine in conjunction with TrustMark

Brasilia National Stadium

The beautiful game

6 Jun 14

Busted budgets, poor planning and co-ordination, horrendous delays, cancelled transport schemes, laborious bureaucracy, corruption, mass protests and onsite fatalities - apart from that, preparations for the 2014 World Cup seem to have gone very smoothly

international salary survey map

Hays international salary survey 2014

06 June 2014

As memories of the dark days of recession in the UK fade, working abroad may no longer be a necessity, but is often still an attractive option.Jim Dunton looks at Hays’ International Salary Survey 2014 for regions that are on the up

Eric Pickles

The Alan Cherry Debate 2014: Pickles goes back to the future

5 Jun 14

The communities secretary used this year’s Alan Cherry debate to argue that the way to increase housing supply is through a full-blown return to off-site manufacture. But not everybody was convinced, as Joey Gardiner reports

London skyline

The London housing problem

30 May 14

Best estimates suggest that London needs to be creating between 42,000 and 52,000 homes each year to keep up with demand. But with only 17,000 built in the last year, what chance is there of closing the gap?

Agenda 15 light bulb

Agenda 15: What's the big idea?

23 May 14

Want a say in shaping the future of the construction sector? With Agenda 15, Building is gathering the most important policy proposals for the next UK government to address. From infrastructure to environmental issues, it’s a chance to have your voice heard - but hurry, submissions close on 13 June

London Underground projects

ICE London Engineering Awards winners: Capital schemes

23 May 2014

Transport infrastructure projects feature heavily among the winners of this year’s ICE London Engineering Awards. Thomas Lane reports on the ambitious engineering and sheer inventiveness of the developments that aim to make life easier for Londoners


Is BIM ready to stand alone?

22 May 14

The industry has made great strides in adopting BIM since the government said it would be a compulsory part of public sector work by 2016. However, news the task group driving uptake is soon to be wound down is shaking confidence that the deadline will be hit

mental health

Why is talking about mental health taboo in construction?

16 May 2014

As Building launches its Building A Better Balance initiative, shining the spotlight on the hidden concerns of construction workers, we focus on a serious health and safety issues facing the industry: depression, anxiety and stress-related illness

Consultants' salary survey 2014: Rise and shine

The 2014 consultants' salary survey

8 May 14

Wages are still slowly on the up according to this year’s Building/Hays Construction consultants’ salary survey, but more significant is the drive towards recruitment in 2014, with firms seeking - and competing for - new talent to avoid skills shortages on the horizon

Liveprool Street site

Lack of infrastructure investment could hit recovery

7 May 14

Arcadis report finds lack of investment in new and replacement buildings and infrastructure could threaten UK’s economic recovery

The Building Worker

Image of the week: Workers’ Memorial Day

2 May 14

Trade union Ucatt pays tribute to workers who have lost their lives on sites this year

The balance of payments

The pressure of payment reform

02 May 2014

The launch last week of a new payment charter adds to the legitmate pressure on contractors to pay their subbies promptly. But this pressure could also starve contractors of the cash they need to invest, push up prices, and even push some firms over the edge

Garden cities: Back to the future

Garden cities: Back to the future

1 May 14

Garden cities offered a utopian vision of town planning at the dawn of the last century. But could they be the answer to the current housing crisis? The coalition seems to think so

wire frame

NBS survey: The BIM that will bring us together

17 Apr 14

NBS’ annual BIM survey suggests that uptake of the collaborative technology has risen sharply over the past year. But is it really becoming the industry norm?

Workers of the World unite

Workers of the World unite

17 Apr 14

Bosses of employee-owned companies claim greater engagement and increased profitability. So why isn’t everyone doing it?

BIM: The inside story two years on

BIM: The inside story three years on

16 Apr 14

Manchester council’s FM team were initially reluctant to use BIM in the operation of the city’s newly refurbished Central Library. But then they were shown how much time it could save, even on changing a lamp… Thomas Lane catches up with the team in part three of a series that follows a BIM project from start to finish

New London Architecture’s view of the City of London in 2025

Cost model: Tall buildings

15 Apr 14

With nearly 250 towers set to be built in London alone - the vast majority of them residential - Brian Smith, Mital Dholakia and Richard Heseltine of Aecom highlight the main design and cost considerations in reaching for the skies

Brent Civic Centre

Building Award Winners: Sustainable project of the year

11 Apr 14

There were several trailblazing projects in this category, but Skanska and Hopkins Architects’ Brent Civic Centre stands out for redefining the humble council office as a beacon of low-energy design

Trouble at the top

Trouble at the top

10 Apr 14

Bad managers can have a big impact on staff morale and productivity levels, and they could even pose a serious threat to the industry’s upturn. So why are there so many of them?

Cleaning services

Sustainability: Facilities efficiency

9 Apr 14

As construction becomes ever more energy efficient, attention is turning to facilities management to deliver greater carbon and cost savings. Phil Birch of Sweett Group examines how the purchasing and management of cleaning and catering operations can reduce a building’s environmental impact


Fair payment charter: Cheque’s in the post

8 Apr 14

Few issues are more contentious in construction than payment practices. So will a new fair payment charter that asks contractors to commit to shorter payment times actually work - or merely add to the pile of previous failed attempts to reform the industry?

Panoramic images show the Shishiori area of  Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture, (from top) on 15 March 2011, four days after the disaster; on 30 August 2012; and on 14 February 2014.

Rebuilding after Japan's tsunami

4 Apr 14

Three years on from its devastating earthquake and tsunami, Japan is, for the first time, signalling that it needs help rebuilding homes and communities. For UK construction firms willing to dig in, this could mean new opportunities

Putting the wind up construction

Putting the wind up construction

3 Apr 14

Ofgem’s announcement last week that the six big energy firms face a competition inquiry has spooked the market and alarmed construction firms relying on new energy generation capacity. But are things really as bleak as they seem?

The squeeze is on

Tax changes for temporary site workers

28 Mar 14

In a radical move that seems bound to increase labour costs, the government is clamping down on temporary site workers claiming to be self-employed. And as if that wasn’t bad enough news for construction companies using this kind of labour, they’ve only got two weeks to prepare for the change

Infrastructure: highways maintenance

Infrastructure: highways maintenance

21 March 2014

Damage to UK roads due to flooding has put a spotlight on the condition of our highways, at a time when the maintenance backlog is already estimated to be at least £10bn. Barbra Carlisle and Brian Fitzpatrick of EC Harris examine the key issues

Agenda 15 Green Priorities

Agenda 15: Green priorities

20 Mar 14

In the latest in our series on Building’s Agenda 15 campaign ahead of the next election, and fresh from the Ecobuild sustainability event, we report on what the industry wants the government to do about green regulation

George Osborne

Budget 2014: Over to you, George

14 Mar 14

Ahead of next week’s Budget, Building looks at the measures the construction industry can expect to emerge from Osborne’s red box

Dragon Boat 2014

Join the 2014 Dragon Boat Challenge

7 Mar 14

Support the construction industry Charity and enter this year’s race taking place on 26 June

UK floods

Flooding: 'We're planning for the wrong future'

6 Mar 14

As recent events have starkly illustrated, the UK can no longer ignore the growing risk of floods. But what can planners and designers do to manage our rising water levels? Here four of the country’s leading experts give their views


Ecobuild Building Performance and BIM highlights: Thursday 6 March

5 Mar 14

Robert Cohen previews his talk at Ecobuild

Green energy symbol

Ecobuild Green Energy Zone highlights: Thursday 6 March

5 Mar 14

Dr Tim Fox previews his talk at Ecobuild


Ecobuild Building Performance and BIM Zone highlights: Wednesday 5 March

4 Mar 14

Munish Datta previews his talk in the Building Perfomance and BIM content zone

Future Cities symbol

Ecobuild Future Cities Zone highlights: Wednesday 5 March

4 Mar 14

Dr Tristan Kershaw and Tony Barrett preview their talks

Green energy symbol

Ecobuild Green Energy Zone highlights: Wednesday 5 March

4 Mar 14

Rachel Coxcoon previews her talk at Ecobuild

retrofit and refurb symbol 72 dpi

Ecobuild Retrofit and Refurbishment Zone highlights: Wednesday 5 March

4 Mar 14

Stephen Passmore of the Energy Saving Trust previews his talk

Water, Waste and Materials Ecobuild symbol

Ecobuild Water, Waste and Materials Zone highlights: Wednesday 5 March

4 Mar 14

Peter Wilder of Wilder Associates previews his talk at Ecobuild

Ecobuild design symbol

Ecobuild Design Zone highlights: Tuesday 4 March

4 Mar 14

Ecobuild speakers highlight design talks at Ecobuild today

retrofit and refurb symbol 72 dpi

Ecobuild Retrofit and Refurbishment Zone highlights: Tuesday 4 March

4 Mar 14

Ecobuild speakers highlight retrofit and refurbishment talks at Ecobuild today

Water, Waste and Materials Ecobuild symbol

Ecobuild Water, Waste and Materials Zone highlights: Tuesday 4 March

4 Mar 14

Water, Waste and Materials content zone highlights at Ecobuild

WGBC interview

Video interview with Jane Henley of the World Green Building Council

3 Mar 14

Building interviews CEO of the World Green Building Council ahead of Ecobuild this week

London's concrete quarter

London's concrete quarter

28 Feb 14

The transformation of King’s Cross includes some of the UK’s most sustainable office buildings - and concrete is key to all of them

CRASH index

CRASH: The worst is far from over

28 Feb 14

Despite signs of economic recovery, the scale of homelessness in the UK is undiminished. In fact, a combination of changes to the benefits system and funding cuts to charities means the outlook for the most excluded in society looks even more uncertain

Ike doodle

Sketch of the week: It wouldn't happen in Rome

28 Feb 14

In the first of a new series Ike Ijeh takes a satirical look at London’s incoherent approach to tall buildings

Emmaus Brighton

CRASH: Team Effort

28 Feb 14

Meet two charities CRASH supports: one for people in inner London recovering from addiction, the other supporting a community living in a former convent in Brighton

CRASH Pilsden

CRASH: The Pilsden Community

28 Feb 14 | Updated: 28 Feb 14

The Pilsdon Community is a working farm in Dorset, which provides a refuge for people in crisis and intermittent respite for homeless people. But when they engaged a contractor to renovate a dilapidated barn and stables to create extra space they got their fingers burned. Here’s how working with CRASH and its patrons has rebuilt trust in the building profession

CRASH detail

CRASH: Let's take things up a gear

28 Feb 14 | Updated: 28 Feb 14

The construction industry continued to support CRASH even through the worst years of the downturn. But now that the economy is picking up, the charity is more ambitious than ever

Royal Docks competition: Move the river

On the waterfront: Royal Docks green design competition

28 Feb 14

Ecobuild and the Landscape Institute launched a competition for ideas on how to turn the Royal Docks into a green infrastructure space for east London. Ahead of the winner being announced at this year’s Ecobuild event, Thomas Lane reports on some of the top proposals

Michael Chaldecott

You can have a say in how CRASH is run

28 Feb 14 | Updated: 28 Feb 14

As a long-standing patron of CRASH, the managing director at British Gypsum Mike Chaldecott believes he’s found an efficient form of charitable giving for his company

Sustainability Stars 2014

50 sustainability stars

28 February 2014

In the expanding universe of sustainability, many stars shine out in the firmament. Building celebrates the sector’s top 50 brightest talents


Brush up on your BREEAM

28 February 2014

There’s little time left to comment on the draft BREEAM UK New Construction 2014. Yetunde Abdul, BREEAM scheme development manager, takes you on a whistlestop tour of the main changes

Ecobuild 2014

Ecobuild 2014 programme: Into the zone

28 February 2014

Here’s your visitors’ guide to the content zones and speakers at Ecobuild, along with some highlights of the talks to come

Hempsted Green

Custom build: Give us the tools

28 February 2014

Once trumpeted as a way of raising housing output by as many as 50,000 homes a year, custom build was responsible for barely a fifth of that figure last year. So what’s the hold-up and can anything be done to reinvigorate the market?

Marks & Spencer, Cheshire Oaks

Ecobuild 2014 preview: Now you’re talking…

28 February 2014

The pressures on today’s environment are many and Ecobuild is the stimulating forum in which to explore, exchange and debate the possible solutions. Ike Ijeh picks out some of the key themes at this year’s event


Agenda 15: Quite a climb

27 Feb 14

A recovery of sorts is under way, but large parts of the industry are still struggling to grow. As part of Building’s Agenda 15 campaign, we want to hear your views on what the obstacles to growth are and how can we overcome them. To prompt your thinking, we asked four industry leaders for their views

London Heathrow T2 exterior 2014

Behind the scenes at Heathrow Terminal 2

21 February 2014

Heathrow’s rebuilt Terminal 2 is six times bigger than the original, yet the design team reckons the layout has been so well thought through that passengers will be able to go from plane to terminal exit in just five minutes. Well, not counting the one hour hold-up at customs, of course

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