Friday23 June 2017



‘Projects won’t be delivered’

22 Jun 17

With the industry dependent on EU workers, major restrictions on immigration as part of a ‘hard Brexit’ could be disastrous


How did construction’s candidates perform in the election?

15 Jun 17

Building spoke to three construction professionals who were standing in the general election, here is how they got on…


How did construction vote in the election?

15 Jun 17

After the shock election result last week, we asked Building readers to tell us how they actually voted in an online poll


Scrutiny on the bounty

15 Jun 17

Last month’s shareholder rebellion at Balfour Beatty’s AGM shows investors are now more willing to challenge large pay packets for the industry’s executives

Building A Better Brexit

Full house: Welcome to Parliament

9 Jun 17

Now that the election is over, a new parliament will convene. But are the incoming crop of MPs fully aware of how important the construction industry is for the UK economy?

CCS framework

CCS framework: No pain, no gain

8 Jun 17

The industry has waited a long time for the government’s £2.9bn construction consultancy framework. But doubts remain that all the problems have been ironed out. So will the wait have been worth it for the 32 firms on the scheme?

Polling station

Election 2017: Hanging in the balance

2 Jun 17

Policy on major construction projects could have a substantial impact on some hotly-contested marginal seats


Economy watch: Output declines

1 Jun 17

Output has fallen month on month but levels of investment are continuing to rise

Consumer Price Index

Economy watch: Inflation on the rise

26 May 17

A CBI survey of manufacturers shows that output is up - and it’s not just due to sterling’s fall in value

Tory manifesto

Conservative manifesto: Council housing’s new best friend?

25 May 17

Offering little new for construction by way of infrastructure commitments, the Tory manifesto nevertheless surprised with its brazen parking of tanks on Labour’s lawn


Housebuilders' ground rent "scandal"

19 May 17

Taylor Wimpey’s doubling of leasehold ground rents has drawn attention to what could be a wider industry practice


Economy watch: Layers of uncertainty

18 May 17

As the general election approaches and uncertainty around Brexit continues, economic indicators are starting to get darker


Labour manifesto: Cornucopia of delights or a suicide note?

17 May 17

With the Tories so far ahead in the polls, you might be forgiven for thinking the (official) launch this week of Labour’s manifesto is a bit of an irrelevance


BIM: ‘They just don’t get it’

12 May 17

The latest survey from NBS shows take-up is growing but raises concerns that private clients don’t understand BIM and that the government is failing to enforce its own mandate

City of London

The great Brexit buy-up?

10 May 17

With sterling devalued but growth prospects strong, UK firms have rarely been more tempting to overseas buyers, as the recent takeover approach for Atkins may show. So could current market conditions signal a buying frenzy?

Hospital corridor

Just what the doctor ordered

3 May 17

The NHS has a maintenance backlog amounting to at least £5bn and it’s getting worse by the day as funds from the capital budget are raided to keep the health service running

housing pic

Housing: The forgotten crisis

28 Apr 17

Already it has been dubbed the ‘Brexit election’, so will this single issue overshadow all others, including how to tackle the housing crisis?

Garden Bridge

Garden Bridge: Troubled crossing

19 Apr 17

Dame Margaret Hodge’s recent report on the controversial Garden Bridge has highlighted the question of whether the mayor of London should pull the plug on the project

Here’s the snag …

Bovis: Here’s the snag …

13 Apr 17

Bovis Homes recently set aside £7m to deal with its torrent of snagging complaints from buyers of its properties - and it’s not the only housebuilder criticised for selling unfinished and faulty homes


Sustainability: Dropping the ball

13 Apr 17

Environmentalists have been alarmed by Trump’s reversal of US climate change policies and signs that Brexit has diverted the UK government away from sustainability priorities


Crossrail 2

Election 2017: What’s what?

14 Jun 17

After last week’s shock election result, what does this hung parliament mean for some of the biggest issues facing construction?

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