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The sky’s the limit

20 Jan 17

New York is home to some of the most pioneering modern engineering feats - a 7,000-ton hovering stadium roof, impossibly skinny skyscrapers and a mammoth flood defence system disguised as a park


Economic Construction Market Review - December 2016

Market review: A bumpy ride

4 Jan 17

The Autumn Statement put its money behind infrastructure projects - but forecasts warn that difficult times lie ahead


2016 untangled - part two

19 Dec 16

Even people who like surprises are likely to end 2016 wondering if there isn’t something to be said for ‘boring and predictable’. The Building team reports on the rollercoaster highs and lows of one of the weirdest years on record


2016 untangled - part one

16 Dec 16

Even people who like surprises are likely to end 2016 wondering if there isn’t something to be said for ‘boring and predictable’. The Building team reports on the rollercoaster highs and lows of one of the weirdest years on record

Economic Construction Market Review - November 2016

Market review: Better than expected

29 Nov 16

The economy has lost some momentum since the summer’s Brexit vote, but is doing better than analysts had forecast

Pound hidden under cups

Contractors' salary survey 2016: All to play for

18 Nov 16

Brexit uncertainty has put a brake on wage inflation among contractors, but the latest salary survey from Hays shows opportunities are still out there

Aecom Indices

Market forecast: Medium term limbo

17 Nov 16

Brexit continues to cause uncertainty, with increasingly mixed views about the medium-to-long-term emerging across the market. But as Michael Hubbard of Aecom reports, for now, business is looking good

Donald Trump

What Trump's victory means for construction

9 Nov 16

Back in October we asked industry experts what a Trump victory would mean for UK construction firms, here’s what they said …

City skyline at sunset with modern financial center behind, Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid, Spain

Spain: End of the affair?

3 Nov 16

With Spain’s economy in recovery and its construction industry bouncing back, ties between Spain and the UK have been strengthening. But after the Brexit vote, will the mutually beneficial relationship continue?

Heathrow airport

UK airports timeline: Half a century of political indecision

25 Oct 16

Today’s government decision to back a third runway at Heathrow comes after nearly 50 years of debate about where to expand airport capacity in the South-east


Market review: Inflation on the horizon

25 Oct 16

The data shows that the fall in the value of the pound is likely to lead to a period of inflation, with prices rising

High speed train

HS2: On track?

14 Oct 16

Amid negative headlines and political uncertainty, signs of progress on the UK’s next rail megaproject are contradictory at best

Donald Trump

What if Trump does win?

7 Oct 16

The very idea of ‘President Trump’ has gone from the realms of jokes and nightmares to potential reality. So as the world holds its breath for the result of November’s US election, David Blackman considers how a Trump presidency would affect UK firms

Colombia feature

Colombia: Back in Bogotá

29 Sep 16

As a historic peace deal between the Colombian government and rebel group Farc is signed, Building returns to Bogotá

Market review

Market review: Rise after the fall

27 Sep 16

The economy bounced back after the immediate Brexit vote shock, with higher inflation failing to materialise


Market review: Get comfortable

23 Aug 16

Despite Brexit causing an unwelcome stir, the total level of output is now comfortably above its pre-recession peak

Market Forecast August 2016 A

Market forecast: Not the whole story

8 Aug 16

As we look at the Q2 figures, people are ready to blame Brexit for plunging the UK construction economy into a darker period. But the reality is more complex. Michael Hubbard of Aecom reports


Market review: After Brexit

26 Jul 16

Brexit has sent shockwaves through the construction industry, though the statistics have yet to reveal the full impact

Market review

Market review: Ongoing uncertainty

23 Jun 16

The UK economy and the construction sector both continue to grow but concerns over the EU referendum have led to things slowing down in recent months


Market review: Cooling off?

25 May 16

Things are still on the up but are we witnessing a slowdown? And is there any way to rebalance the UK economy away from the service sector?


Market forecast: Certain uncertainty

17 May 16

Q1 sees the UK construction industry with a more uncertain outlook but it’s not all down to the EU referendum – there are a number of complex factors at play

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