Tuesday04 August 2015

hansom for i pad

Hansom: All downhill from here

31 Jul 15

Tolkien fans support a venture to create a real-life Hobbit holiday home, team Mace prove their construction skills know no bounds as they enter the Red Bull soapbox race, and Chelsea top the house price Premier League

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Hansom: This too shall pass

24 Jul 15

We meditate on the world’s transient nature, as we see sandcastles washed away, Zaha’s Olympic dream ends, and we are walked out on by a nuclear bigwig. But friends are forever, especially at Balfour Beatty


Hansom: Parks and recreation

17 Jul 15

The sun has been out, so who’s for a spot of croquet at the airport, a jolly old sing-song, a trip to Wembley and a tour of the more unusually named towers of London?


Hansom: Pole position

10 Jul 15

In a week of stats and records, can you guess a builder’s favourite on-site groove? Or how many Brits claim home ownership is their main ambition in life? And do you think a builder from Derby can pull a 12-tonne truck?


Hansom: Tell us a joke

3 Jul 15

Former City of London planning officer Peter Rees is game for a laugh, Mace celebrates its 25th birthday, Elizabeth II gets her tool belt on, and the Building crew take to the waters of a west London reservoir


Hansom: Withering Heights

26 Jun 15

A lot of people are at the top of their game this week, with guest appearances from Marcus Trescothick and Ellie Goulding, and the architect of One Blackfriars looking to the stars - but someone else is in the doghouse


Hansom: Just plain silly

19 Jun 15

Fun and games this week as we visit brutalist playgrounds and consider Cambridge university’s professorship of play - plus, creepy crawlies, open seas, and a plea for nonsensical projects


Hansom: Nature’s bounty

12 Jun 15

A good week for bees, areas of outstanding cooking and dilapidated Victorian villas, but DIY skills are on the wane and the Garden Bridge is wilting - as, apparently, are those who spot hunky builders working onsite


Hansom: Feeling romantic...?

5 Jun 15

Well stop - the Paris authorities want none of it. So instead of a city break you could try losing yourself in a debut novel, or perhaps the open road is more your passion - we’d just suggest you opt for an electric car


Hansom: Darling, you were fabulous

29 May 15

Gurkhas, thesps and other fans of the great Joanna Lumley will be thrilled to see her gracing these pages this week, while the rest of us make do with unexploded bombs, 180km cycle rides and free PR advice


Hansom: Parties and politics

22 May 15

The anti-Garden Bridge brigade phone it in, RIBA gets theatrical in an ex-Shed, Prince Charles’ fears about fish are published, and someone has to pay at Balfour Beatty. Plus, Make parks itself in its new studio


Hansom: Ups and downs

15 May 15

This week, London property moguls and an arts executive consider their respective fortunes under a Tory government, while others escape politics by embracing the virtual world and life at high altitude


Hansom: Polling booth blues

8 May 15

An election week special is soon diverted to more intriguing matter, including Man City footballers seeking solace on a construction site, mixed-reality headsets and what RMJM’s office building did next


Hansom: Follies galore

24 April 2015

This week, the builder of a mock-Tudor castle prepares to move into demolition, a petition is launched for a duck, Network Rail gives us the willies, and election excitement reaches fever pitch as politicians dig a hole


Hansom: Reasons to be cheerful

17 Apr 15

Happiness has broken out on the UK’s building sites, it seems (are they putting something in the tea?). Plus, tall towers, oversized sculptures, fantasy drama and Iain Duncan Smith. Happy?


Hansom: Digging deep

10 April 2015

This week sees an industry mired in conflict and charity, as a warrior against the Garden Bridge takes a break, Tory donors swell Cameron’s war chest, Osborne does a good deed, and Costain enters the Dragons’ Den


Hansom: The weird and wonderful

2 Apr 15

Things take a turn for the strange this week. The Serpentine’s summer pavilion dabbles in psychedelia, a national memorial centre is shaped like a Spitfire, and Boris Johnson can be found tunnelling underneath London


Hansom: The young ones

27 Mar 15

This week, how watching telly can inspire the next generation of construction workers; northern youth marches south; an octogenarian architect is unstoppable; and the chancellor contemplates a career change

Hansom at Mipim

Hansom: Party poopers

20 Mar 15

Mipim was as varied as a pack of liquorice allsorts this year with delegates from far-flung corners of the world such as Dagenham imbuing the fair with fun-filled exoticism - all the more puzzling that some failed to show


Hansom: Virtual realities

13 Mar 15

Exploring alternative planes of existence, there’s Alastair Campbell at Ecobuild, Mipim by bike, bat warnings, and building structures in a 3D procedurally generated world. More mundanely, there’s stamps and Lego

hansom for i pad

Hansom: No brainers

6 Mar 15

Lots of bright ideas this week: a skyscraper made of wood, relocating parliament to Hull, prolonging Euston Station’s life and a lycra-testing cycle ride to Cannes. Plus, we learn that the Walkie Talkie can whistle too

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