Wednesday26 November 2014


Hansom: Losing my religion

21 Nov 14

Atkins and Network Rail endure a marriage of inconvenience, architects splash out on the Guggenheim Helsinki, Canadians pray for Canary Wharf, and all hell breaks loose on the UK’s roads. Plus, Zaha vs Japan

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Hansom: All Atwitter

14 Nov 14

This week, barely containable excitement at Canary Wharf as the Qataris try to buy up the whole show, things are going nuts at the Cheesegrater, BIM is top trump, and Sir John Soane’s classical Rome is a corker


Hansom: Every breath you take

7 Nov 14

London’s Battersea Power Station development gets its first celebrity tenant, a huge game of Monopoly raises a shedload of (real) cash and polystyrene goes the way of Opal Fruits and Marathon bars with a rebrand

Hansom Halloween

Hansom: Trick or treat

31 October 2014

It’s a Halloween special this week: it’s revealed HLM’s chair once played with the living dead (Status Quo), a former Building cover star meets a terrible fate on the Graham Norton Show, and Frank Gehry gets a bit grisly


Hansom: Nothing by halves

24 Oct 14

If you’re building a new HQ, why not divert the canal so it’s nearer to you? Moving a 2.5 tonne sculpture? Get a friendly contractor to shift it. Fundraising for charity? Run up 35 floors of a tower. Doing lunch? Do two


Hansom: Known unknowns

17 Oct 14

The year 2014 is an unnerving place - nobody’s sure how many chimneys Battersea Power Station has, Bob the Builder has the face of a child, and an app can summon hordes to your door to devour your leftovers


Hansom: How are you feeling?

10 Oct 14

Do you have a ringing in your ears like a siren going off, having trouble saying certain words? Maybe the lastest housing stats are making you feel a little lightheaded? Don’t worry, it’s nothing a cycle on the Thames won’t cure


Hansom: Positively negative

3 Oct 14

No one defects to the Tories, a fringe event at Conservative conference fails to impress, the British Aviation Group stays grounded, and the EFA misses a mountain. Plus, construction gets ready to rock


Hansom: Dare to be different

26 Sep 14

Sit at home and watch Eastenders if you want - or go watch a melting house, take pictures of a major infrastructure project, design the new Guggenheim, or live in a zero-carbon house for a year. Up to you


Hansom: Know the score

19 Sep 14

A US construction giant celebrates the opening of Spartak Moscow’s new football stadium, the Australian prime minister goes to live in the Outback and there’s some sterling charity work being done across the sector


Hansom: Plaudits and brickbats

12 Sep 14

There’s a lot to celebrate this week - both at the Holcim Awards in Moscow and at HLM’s 50th. Elsewhere, though, the industry is in the dock and a hideous building gets planning approval in Brum


Hansom: Prepare for landing

5 Sep 14

Modelling gets physical (again), the CBI could go either way on airports, Atkins finds a new purpose for aviation technology, Fred Flintstone does a runner - and Isambard Kingdom Brunel quits smoking


Hansom: Plastic bricks and mortar

29 Aug 14

Monaco plans to become home to the most expensive apartment in the world, we mark a posthumous birthday for an early pioneer of suspension bridges, and a Lego visitor centre is made out of… you guessed it


Hansom: Fantasia

22 Aug 14

Create your own unique buildings using Lego bricks, see your dreams of a replica Eiffel Tower come true, watch as a dead monarch’s head comes back to life, be amazed as Battersea’s crumbling towers are resurrected …


Hansom: Heads and tales

8 Aug 14

Land Securities’ New Ludgate office development brings up tales of headless maidens, bear-baiting and rhinoceroses, while a PV expert suggests that solar panels across the UK are facing the wrong way


Hansom: Verse and worse

30 Jul 14

Poetry (of a kind) wins the day for WSP, placemaking finds its place (on the coffee table), Ken doll’s private bits get a once over, Germany beats Argentina (again) and Didcot A power station is blown up out of all proportion


Hansom: All change

25 Jul 14

With Gove gone, architects sniff better days ahead, the revolving door of planning ministers takes another turn, a former Kier boss makes a speedy, if unadventurous, comeback, and JCB digs 18 more holes


Hansom: Time gentlemen, please

18 Jul 14

There’s a wry confession at the Education Funding Agency, directors at a charity’s VIP reception sneak into a pop concert, and workers on the Nottingham Tramlink project face a strict drink and drugs test


Hansom: That’s entertainment

11 Jul 14

There’s hilarity at the GCS, a ripping idea for how to use waste paper, Crossrail gets its own TV series, and there’s an update on the industry’s charitable activities. Plus, happy anniversary to a modular building firm


Hansom: Quite a performance

4 Jul 14

Roll up, roll up … And enter a magical world where cranes dance on building sites, construction professionals ride dragons across the waves, civil engineers are funny, and death metal bands are completely silent


Hansom: Whatever floats your boat

27 Jun 14

This week, the construction industry has fun on the water and climbs every mountain - well, three of them - while Berkeley celebrates trickle-down happiness and the chancellor makes a shocking confession

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