Tuesday24 May 2016

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Hansom: The History boys

20 May 16

Khan looks back at his predecessor’s record, two museums cause bidding wars (of different sorts), some politicos put aside old quarrels and there’s more history than we can dig up. Plus, Robert De Niro’s waiting (to open a hotel)

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Hansom: The need for speed

13 May 16

Among the travels and travails this week, the Cheesegrater lifts, an on-the-go minister, van-based job ads, a ban on holiday homes and Boris Johnson riding into the sunset. Plus, HS2 blocked by hedgehogs

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Hansom: As time goes by

6 May 16

Tempus fugit, as Virgil said, or in other words, the clock is ticking, though in Big Ben’s case, not for long, it seems - mind you, 5,000 years ago they only had the sun to go by (thank goodness, that’s still going)

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Hansom: One for the birds

29 Apr 16

A theme park in Abu Dhabi dedicated to caped crusaders leaves Paramount London blushing, Cemex keeps a watchful eye on the local wildlife, while we say goodbye to a protector of Britain’s historic buildings

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Hansom: Sports and leisure

22 Apr 16

It’s kick around time in Qatar, UK housing targets look increasingly unlikely to be met (though one BBC audience member disagrees), and hotels are coming to Earth’s orbit. Plus, a car placed onto a roof for no explicable reason

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Hansom: Where the wild things are

15 Apr 16

Croydon is Dancing with Wolves, the City may become wooded, Pidgeon and Berry are misrepresented and political animals need to be rehoused. Meanwhile, one team is being threatened by a massive gorilla

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Hansom: Eureka!

8 Apr 16

In a week of discoveries, war-time plans to rebuild the Forth Bridge are uncovered, a translucent wood for housing is invented, and the top engineer of the natural world revealed

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Hansom: Stealing away

1 Apr 16

This week, the Treasury is robbed of a chance to celebrate, a grade II-listed building is stripped of its listing, AFC Wimbledon’s plans for a new ground suffer a setback, and stolen bricks are sold at a knock-down price

Hansom at Mipim

Hansom: All at sea

24 Mar 16

Communication breakdowns abound at Mipim, with the northern powerhouse left in the dark and a minister dropped in the merde. Thank goodness for the plain-speaking folk of Nottingham …

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Hansom: Pulling no punches

18 Mar 16

No mealy-mouthed timidity this week as architect Simon Allford tells it like it is, Stephen Fry confronts the ‘bag lady’ faux pas head on, and the Spanish bemoan the ‘heritage massacre’ of a castle’s recent restoration

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Hansom: Heaven knows I'm miserable now

11 Mar 16

This week’s tattle sees former Smiths frontman Morrissey consider running for mayor of London, Sir Terry Farrell brands a west London development a ‘cock-up’ and visitors to the Cheesegrater are left feeling squiffy

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Hansom: Known unknowns

4 Mar 16

We’re uncertain what’s happening at Google HQ, unsure if the Queen has been sticking her oar in, and doubt the wisdom of building next to a nightclub. But why anyone would buy a flat without windows is a total mystery

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Hansom: Just for the record

26 Feb 16

It’s been a week for the record books. Brighton is to open the world’s most slender tower, the tallest clock tower is set for India, while Zaha Hadid becomes the first female architect to appear on Desert Island Discs

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Hansom: Blowin’ in the wind

19 Feb 16

This week’s plots involve a housing scheme with a bat-birthing ward, comforting figures for the chancellor, a trip to virtual reality and some good work for charity. Plus, a change in wind direction is on the cards

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Hansom: Life in the big cities

12 Feb 16

New York eyes up a new tram system, Sir Terry Farrell gets the run of Newcastle, some old plasterwork is found in London and Time Out features a brilliant front cover. Plus, Richard Steer narrowly avoids a dress clash

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Hansom: A change of scenery

5 Feb 16

There’s plenty of moving about this week - rumours abound that the Science Museum is searching for new digs, while celeb haunt The Ivy spreads its tendrils to Tower Bridge. Heathrow, though, isn’t going anywhere

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Hansom: No place to go

29 Jan 16

After a combination of spiralling house prices, rising rents, road works, and getting chucked out of meetings, we don’t feel welcome anywhere this week. But, hang on … that igloo looks rather inviting …

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Hansom: The incredibles

22 Jan 16

An underwater tennis court, a cycle rack installed as public art, a grade II-listed DIY nuclear bunker, and a Russian official who steals a 50km stretch of road - clearly a week for suspending disbelief …

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Hansom: Grouse season

15 Jan 16

We’re feeling a little rebellious this week, what with protests against Donald Trump, a mixed-use tower in Paddington and the Garden Bridge

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Hansom: A chill wind

8 Jan 16

The season of goodwill comes to a screeching halt as Zaha looks over the new design for Tokyo’s Olympic stadium and a council has its revenge on piss-takers. It’s left to Costain to warm the cockles of our hearts


Hansom: Oh, bring us a figgy pudding

18 Dec 15

This week, a little boy waits 60 years for Santa to turn up, there are Christmas logs aplenty, plus some DIY advice for the holiday period - and if even cement delivery tankers can get into the festive spirit, anyone can

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