Wednesday23 April 2014

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Hansom: The place to be

17 Apr 14

BAM’s building sites take their place in high society, Dubai regains its appetite for the grandiose, Glasgow shelves plans for a five-tower demolition extravaganza - oh, and there’s surfing on Snowdonia

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Hansom: Twists and turns

11 Apr 14

James Corden struts his stuff at the Building Awards, Caroline Murphy veers sharp left for a possible new career, Boris heads up North for a spot of campaigning and cyclists find that charity is the wheel thing

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Hansom: Awkward situations

4 April 2014

Boris prepares to invade France, Sir Michael Lyons suffers from sleep deprivation and wet underwear, Kate Barker blames herself, and the City of Westminster is in the money. Plus, HS2 is watching the detectives

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Hansom: Fond memories

28 Mar 14

This week, Terry Farrell’s former life, a musical interlude with Rafael Viñoly, plans for Battersea Power Station’s third phase go south, RICS’ HQ is publicly exposed - and oh, some football results just in

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Hansom: Along for the ride

21 Mar 14

This year Mipim gave us Boris, Baroness Jo Valentine (who?), a pulsating dance palace with more Russian occupiers than the Crimea, a dapper looking French waiter, big wheels, cyclists and … er … Boris again

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Hansom: Go compare

14 Mar 14

Architects get competitive about the size of their erections; there are cars as status symbols (or not, if at Ecobuild); and a chance to steer a 1,000 tonne boring machine under London. Plus, Peter Rees’ greatest hits

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Hansom: Positive identification

6 Mar 14

Some big personalities unburden themselves at Ecobuild, and we try to get to know our readers (and their taste in tea) better. But who is the mysterious figure lined up to host this year’s Building Awards?

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Hansom: Day-to-day activities

28 Feb 14

Russia wonders what to do now the Games are over, the BBC brings a party on four wheels to the submerged South-west, a hacks bangs his head, and construction collides with the world of musical theatre (jazz hands!)

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Hansom: Lessons from history

21 Feb 14

We find a regal way to avoid assassination at industry events, meet a modern-day King Canute, chat about the footie and see some ice sculptures. Plus, are Crossrail workers hearing things that go bump in the night?

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Hansom: These foolish things

14 Feb 14

This week, the chancellor plays chuff-chuffs, kids get to work on Crossrail, we warm to Cold Homes Week, and the City hands Richard Rogers a big set of keys

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Hansom: Heroes and villains

7 February 2014

In this week’s adventure, construction’s finest unite to battle invading Germans (or, at least, Boris’ eccentric sense of humour), radioactive deer, and a ‘giant silver turd’ in the centre of Madrid. Plus, how attractive are you?

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Hansom: Interrupted service

31 Jan 14

The BBC’s Nick Robinson relives his embarrassment over a saucy seventies rock classic and a concrete leak causes havoc on the Victoria line, but can anything bring Unite’s Bernard McAulay to a halt?

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Hansom: Feelings of nostalgia

24 Jan 14

We say goodbye to a respected old colleague; the smell of tarmac takes us back to our Olympic glory days; we remember when folk gave to charity; plus, nothing beats a good old cup of tea and a building made of cake

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Hansom: Specialist subjects

17 Jan 14

This week we relive our student days by going back to our ABC, learning about the latest catwalk fashions (donkey jackets, apparently), popping into a bookshop, and then going to a gig. Just don’t mention ‘eco-towns’

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Hansom: The morning after

10 Jan 14

Images from the New Year binge flash before our eyes: it starts with a game of darts; then fireworks; then we wake up from a disturbing dream about massive lobsters to find we’re cuddling a baby seal

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Hansom: A construction carol

20 Dec 13

Warm up your voicebox for our festive sing along - featuring the UKGBC Christmas choir, a resurrected job market, a certain government framework (bah humbug!), decorated cranes, and some recipe ideas

Hansom: Stocking fillers

13 Dec 13

You’ve sorted out a gift subscription to Building, so it’s time to think about the rest of your Xmas shopping: Lego, a moustache trimmer, a crime thriller and a bag of Haribo.Then you can get ready for Boxing Day …

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Hansom: Going the rounds

6 Dec 13

A brief excursion to the moon this week to sniff out energy supply possibilities; back on earth, we limber up for a bit of festive fisticuffs and are aghast at the cost of postage. Meanwhile, Mace takes the biscuit

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Hansom: Drying up

29 November 2013

This week, Ed Balls reminisces about Labour’s ‘zero homes’ policy, a Building columnist faces every public speaker’s worst nightmare, and EC Harris is (temporarily) off the sauce

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Hansom: On and off the field

22 Nov 13

World Cup fever and a spot of rain hit Doha (but no sign of Zaha Hadid), London’s Emirates Air Line is spurned, structural engineers are deaf to opera, and the FT tries to keep up

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Hansom: Communication skills

15 Nov 13

Wayne Hemingway shows how to lose friends and alienate people, the Co-op HQ goes green(er), Graham Watts takes to the stage, and Southwark council emphatically denies knocking a hole in Justin Webb’s house

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