Friday20 January 2017

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Hansom: Money, money, money

20 Jan 17

This week, the Garden Bridge Trust is keen to close its funding gap and a place close to my heart is getting a big cash boost. However, one lucky householder doesn’t have to worry about how much things cost …

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Hansom: All in the mind

13 Jan 17

This week, we find people with an incredible gift for predicting the past, architects get an offer they can’t refuse, Renzo Piano finds boat building isn’t plain sailing, and German existentialism gets a new lease of life

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Hansom: Yule never walk alone

6 Jan 17

Christmas pud all eaten up, life returns to what we like to call normal – a world of football rivalries, eye-catching press releases, new year’s honours and Brexit. What’s left of the season of goodwill is restricted to dogs

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Hansom: Road worthy

19 Dec 16

This week, a not-so-ingenious firm hits the road, a Hollywood trolling, demolishing the wrong house is a ‘boo-boo’, contractors lose a Victorian post box and underground cars are a non-starter

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Hansom: We’d like to thank …

9 December 2016

We’re far too modest to mention our IBP magazine of the year award last week, ahem, but of course much of our success is thanks to the everyday, sometimes eccentric contributions of building folk - talking of which …

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Hansom: The malcontents

2 December 2016

If you thought the grouse season was almost over, think again - there’s all manner of bellyaching this week - luckily, we have Titanic-inspired apartments, a tale of love pursued and a nice ski holiday to look forward to

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Hansom: It’s the real thing

25 November 2016

Those who feel the reality show that is life has just taken a surreal turn for the worse in having a game show host elected as the next president of the United States, will find nothing to reassure them on this page

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Hansom: Sporting chances

18 November 2016

This week, Tottenham Hotspur kick off their new stadium, the Building Awards are a night to remember that some may prefer to forget and the competition for one position may not be as hot as some might think

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Hansom: Apocalypse now?

11 November 2016

The sandwich board men might be right this week, as we see Donald Trump affecting house prices, aircraft thronging the skies, sinister signs, beloved pubs being demolished and it’s even raining in CGI images

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Hansom: That’s show business

4 Nov 16

A little glamour this week (not before time), as a construction grandee is touched by Tinseltown, Zaha Hadid designs for the Brits, and we get not one but two film festivals - plus, there’s a real tearjerker about a bench

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Hansom: Misperceptions

28 Oct 16

Our understanding of the world is challenged this week as the true nature of an industry figure is revealed while it seems we’ve got van drivers all wrong, and coffee cups are no longer just vessels for hot beverages

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Hansom: Coming of age

21 Oct 16 | Updated: 21 Oct 16

If the stress of working in construction is turning your hair grey, count yourself lucky – you could be a GP. And if you really want to keep in touch with your younger side, you can always dig out your old Lego set

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Hansom: No time like the present

14 Oct 16

We celebrate the Little Britain Challenge Cup, Dagenham is ready for its close up, a plan for a shared football ground in Manchester gets fans excited (but not in a good way), and the future is closer than you think

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Hansom: Core values

7 Oct 16

The Considerate Constructors Scheme finally puts women centre site, a great deal of fuss about Apple’s office move, an invitation to design buildings that few people will see, and a team raises cash for charity

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Hansom: Ars longa, vita brevis

30 Sep 16

This week, Google’s mothballed plans for a King’s Cross HQ are revisited, West Ham footballers plan to turn up at Mipim, selling luxury homes gets arty, and our hacks fail to shine at ping pong

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Hansom: What the dickens?

23 Sep 16

This week, we have a colourful tale of giant chimneys, a certain shade of the colour blue, ever-more absurd house prices, a modern mausoleum and some excellent exploits in aid of the less fortunate

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Hansom: It’s the surreal thing

16 Sep 16

This week, a gobsmackingly pricey home, students of today aren’t what they used to be, chamber music at City Hall, British Land goes walkies, and Holiday Inn guests get to sleep in shipping containers

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Hansom: Gargoyles and grotesques

9 Sep 16

Chelsea vs Spurs compete for your attention this week – plus, it’s journey’s end for a 1926 signalling cabin, we get ready for Construction Rocks and Boris Johnson gives us a fright (possibly not for the last time)

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Hansom: Behind the scenes

2 Sep 16

This week, Pokémon Go players are shown the door (again), Manchester City’s glass tunnel raises hackles, John Laing remembers the trouble with PFI, there’s a dispute about bricks and we all go to the opera

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Hansom: Curtain calls

26 Aug 16

HS2 is buying a forest, a director’s daughter wants to save Kensington Odeon, the EFA head of capital cuts his hair off, and an architect finds fame on the soccer field. Plus, construction wakes up to its Poke´mon problem

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Hansom: Dishing the dirt

12 Aug 16

It’s not that we’ve got it in for the Rio Olympics but things didn’t get off to a glitch-free start. At least there’s good news from the world of cement, a harebrained transport idea could just fly, and Northerners come clean

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