Monday08 February 2016

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Hansom: A change of scenery

5 Feb 16

There’s plenty of moving about this week - rumours abound that the Science Museum is searching for new digs, while celeb haunt The Ivy spreads its tendrils to Tower Bridge. Heathrow, though, isn’t going anywhere

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Hansom: No place to go

29 Jan 16

After a combination of spiralling house prices, rising rents, road works, and getting chucked out of meetings, we don’t feel welcome anywhere this week. But, hang on … that igloo looks rather inviting …

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Hansom: The incredibles

22 Jan 16

An underwater tennis court, a cycle rack installed as public art, a grade II-listed DIY nuclear bunker, and a Russian official who steals a 50km stretch of road - clearly a week for suspending disbelief …

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Hansom: Grouse season

15 Jan 16

We’re feeling a little rebellious this week, what with protests against Donald Trump, a mixed-use tower in Paddington and the Garden Bridge

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Hansom: A chill wind

8 Jan 16

The season of goodwill comes to a screeching halt as Zaha looks over the new design for Tokyo’s Olympic stadium and a council has its revenge on piss-takers. It’s left to Costain to warm the cockles of our hearts


Hansom: Oh, bring us a figgy pudding

18 Dec 15

This week, a little boy waits 60 years for Santa to turn up, there are Christmas logs aplenty, plus some DIY advice for the holiday period - and if even cement delivery tankers can get into the festive spirit, anyone can

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Hansom: A touch of class

11 Dec 15

This week, the case against Heathrow is nailed, a beer is launched specially for architects, a ballet school is a pas de deux or two away from expansion, and the burghers of Mayfair get sniffy about affordable housing

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Hansom: Tales of imagination

27 Nov 15

Croydon embraces the life aquatic, Ed Davey strikes like a mongoose, Kenya gets itself in a jam, RICS celebrates a young woman’s contribution and Amazon erects a wind farm. Plus, Antony Gormley invades Hong Kong

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Hansom: Let’s get creative

20 Nov 15

The industry finds many ways to express itself, from a musical property ad, to starring in a TV show, turning a car park into studios, and a straight-up art competition. Even white van men are reinventing themselves

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Hansom: Shape up

13 Nov 15

Time to get health conscious as Arcadis enrols on the Bear Grylls Survival Academy, and construction workers’ daily diet is examined. Elsewhere, the Daily Mail runs a mile as Jeremy Corbyn moves in down the road

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Hansom: Going viral

6 Nov 15

Ah, the internet. Where else would we find an Essex bricklayer capable of laying 90 bricks in a minute, the Institute of Civil Engineering’s self-penned song, or China’s psychedelic promotion of its five-year plan?

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Hansom: As time goes by

30 Oct 15

It’s like being in a time machine this week what with Back to the Future fervour, the return of Nick Clegg, the never-quite-finished Sagrada Familia, Croydon heading towards hipdom, and the ONS rewriting the past

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Hansom: The levellers

23 Oct 15

This week, princes Harry and William get to play with Lego, a pom gives Melbourne its comeuppance, a luxury office refurb aims for high-end users – while the Stirling prize has something for everyone


Hansom: Without a paddle

16 Oct 15

Have your faith in humanity restored by this week’s tattle as construction employees cycle, paddle and run in the name of fundraising. Then swiftly lose it again as research shows how many DIY jaunts end with a trip to A&E

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Hansom: People power

9 Oct 15

The People’s Republic of China is set to build our railways, the Garden Bridge ban on Pooh Sticks is lifted, Ryder makes it in New York, Land Sec awards some fast learners, and staff at Mace and JRP play with bikes and Lego

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Hansom: Such stuff as dreams are made on

2 Oct 15

This week, trips to Mars, gossip about a third runway at Heathrow, celebrations from yesteryear and a desk that turns into a bed - but donating blood at Gleeds quickly turns into a nightmare


Hansom: Carry on building

25 Sep 15

This week, more double entendres than we would like, perhaps, the French rugby team find out what fine dining really means, a descendant of Guy Fawkes plans a revolution, and Amber Rudd pops in - and out

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Hansom: Blowing your own trumpet

18 Sep 15

This week, QSs back a winner, Heathrow does some independent research, Melbourne introduces height limits, there’s a crowdfunded tower and a data firm with data on why data is good. Plus, Costain packs a punch


Hansom: Attention seekers

11 Sep 15

Building Towers gets some well-deserved coverage, Canary Wharf’s seagulls get more attention than they deserve, a secret marriage goes viral, the South Bank looks for funds, and Berkeley Homes joins the FTSE 100


Hansom: Unreal

4 Sep 15

This week: Star Wars comes to Disneyland, World Trade Centre visitors are hearing noises, and construction bods are climbing unbelievably far and sailing incredibly fast. Plus, some schoolkids are virtually flattening Stockholm

Hansom HT

Hansom: Tales of the unexpected

28 Aug 15

Swimming pool architecture reaches a new high this week, Balfour Beatty has something eyebrow raising in the claims department, there’s a prototype design for bonsai-sized flats and sexiness is found in unlikely places

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