Wednesday26 April 2017

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Hansom: A touch of class

21 Apr 17

This week, a sheikh is inspired by Shepherd’s Bush and Westfield (who could not be?), Joanna Lumley is perhaps too close to her champagne-quaffing alter-ego, and Pink Floyd’s guitarist gets a luxury home in Hove

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Hansom: Suited and booted

13 Apr 17

In the week Greg Fitzgerald exchanges his slippers for office brogues, the Garden Bridge scheme is left hanging and Mitsubishi upsizes its tower, we want nothing more than to dress up as one-eyed monsters

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Hansom: For fools rush in

7 Apr 17

It’s a bit like the nun on the clown’s back this week (virgin on the ridiculous), as consultants of a certain age bobsleigh at 125 km/hour and Trump officials reveal details for the Mexico border wall - art brings some relief

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Hansom: Unreal

31 Mar 17

This week we imagine an alternative reality where Chelsea FC has British players, birds are singing indoors, HS2 gets on with everybody and after-work drinkies come with a diplodocus on the side


Hansom: Beside the sea

24 Mar 17

As usual, Mipim was a rich hunting ground for me to get the lowdown on the latest property news and catch up with old industry pals. This year, delegates enjoyed an unusual piece of artwork …

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Hansom: Toy town

17 Mar 17

It’s all work and all play this week, as Tony Pidgley longs for electric cars, Sadiq Khan apparently has a magic set and Mace is enjoying playing with bricks - but it’s all ruined when a PR firm throws a strop

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Hansom: Charity begins at home

10 Mar 17

Spurs prepare for demolition, the industry bikes to Cannes, there’s a bargain in Chelsea, Laing O’Rourke is prepared for change (still), and Prince William attends a charity bash. Plus, Swiss restaurateurs want to get high

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Hansom: Best picture goes to …

3 Mar 17

Film crews horse around at Heathrow, there are Luddites at the palace, and at least one person is pleased HS2 is coming through Birmingham. Plus, analyst in Alpine holiday shock and a TV titan returns to White City

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Hansom: Drinking in the view

24 February 2017

This week involved an enjoyable combination of sights and sipping. A swimming pool will offer uplookers an eyeful, the view from my HQ has an unexpectedly named watering hole and the Ally Pally seeks booze

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Hansom: On the cards

17 Feb 17

This week there’s news in spades - diamond geezers in dingy digs, the government and an art gallery join the late club, and One Blackfriars is full of heart. Plus, will an architecture competition answer your prayers?

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Hansom: Tell us another

10 Feb 17

This week we ask: What do you call a Unicorn with a website? How is Mipim like Margate in midwinter? and How many builders does it take to dig up a tamagotchi? Answers on a postcard, please

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Hansom: Maps of meaning

3 Feb 17

The high-end London resi trail stretches from Blackfriars to Greenwich, the rich have a new space to stash their loot, Russia takes an interest in Trump’s wall, and a construction supergroup rocks again

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Hansom: Keepie-uppie

27 Jan 17

We know you’ll want to be on the ball when it comes to Tottenham Hotspur’s £400m new ground so this week we’re sharing some of the more printable gossip from White Hart Lane in our Spurs special

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Hansom: Money, money, money

20 Jan 17

This week, the Garden Bridge Trust is keen to close its funding gap and a place close to my heart is getting a big cash boost. However, one lucky householder doesn’t have to worry about how much things cost …

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Hansom: All in the mind

13 Jan 17

This week, we find people with an incredible gift for predicting the past, architects get an offer they can’t refuse, Renzo Piano finds boat building isn’t plain sailing, and German existentialism gets a new lease of life

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Hansom: Yule never walk alone

6 Jan 17

Christmas pud all eaten up, life returns to what we like to call normal – a world of football rivalries, eye-catching press releases, new year’s honours and Brexit. What’s left of the season of goodwill is restricted to dogs

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Hansom: Road worthy

19 Dec 16

This week, a not-so-ingenious firm hits the road, a Hollywood trolling, demolishing the wrong house is a ‘boo-boo’, contractors lose a Victorian post box and underground cars are a non-starter

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Hansom: We’d like to thank …

9 December 2016

We’re far too modest to mention our IBP magazine of the year award last week, ahem, but of course much of our success is thanks to the everyday, sometimes eccentric contributions of building folk - talking of which …

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Hansom: The malcontents

2 December 2016

If you thought the grouse season was almost over, think again - there’s all manner of bellyaching this week - luckily, we have Titanic-inspired apartments, a tale of love pursued and a nice ski holiday to look forward to

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Hansom: It’s the real thing

25 November 2016

Those who feel the reality show that is life has just taken a surreal turn for the worse in having a game show host elected as the next president of the United States, will find nothing to reassure them on this page

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Hansom: Sporting chances

18 November 2016

This week, Tottenham Hotspur kick off their new stadium, the Building Awards are a night to remember that some may prefer to forget and the competition for one position may not be as hot as some might think

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