Thursday27 October 2016



Farmer Review: Telling it as it is

19 Oct 16

Mark Farmer’s review outlines familiar problems but is hopefully the spark for powerful change


Theresa May: The record so far

14 Oct 16

The first three months of Theresa May’s tenure has seen her strong early promise soured

Chloe McCulloch

Theresa May must show her cards

30 Sep 16

Now the industry needs reassurance that the May administration will not lose momentum on infrastructure delivery


Recruitment: Hire education

16 September 2016

The temptation, given such overwhelming demand, is to continue planned recruitment drives


School places: Tricky equations

2 Sep 16

The shortage of school places may have become a familiar headache, but there still seems to be hope within Whitehall


McAlpine: Like one of the family

12 Aug 16

The decision of the intensely private, family-run business to hand control to an outsider by appointing the first chief executive in its 147-year history was a momentous shift in strategy

Sarah Richardson

London 2012: A belief in the afterlife

29 Jul 16

A tour around the Olympic park in Stratford gives instant proof that east London has avoided having its ambition trampled by the blight of many past Olympic legacies


The darling buds of May

7 Oct 16

Theresa May’s Brexit announcement provides clarity but raises concerns


Housing: Beyond slogans

23 Sep 16

The need to focus on housing affordability and delivery couldn’t have been clearer


Brexit: The slow burn

8 Sep 16

Exclusive research by Building shows the construction industry may be slowing down faster than we think after the Brexit vote

Dave Rogers

Brexit: Just get on with it

26 Aug 16

Since the result, the country has not fallen off a cliff

Sarah Richardson

Nuclear: The powers that be

5 Aug 16 | Updated: 5 Aug 16

The latest delay with the Hinkley nuclear power station is, for many, the most galling of all


Paddington pole gets cut down to size

22 Jul 16

From the Paddington Pole to Theresa May’s cabinet, both appear to be busily wielding an axe

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