Monday27 April 2015


Sarah Richardson

Seriously, now

24 April 2015

The election may have been dominating the news for weeks, but it is really only now - with all manifestos in the public domain - that the battle for votes is under way

Sarah Richardson

The BIM race

17 Apr 15

Research shows that the overall number of firms saying they use BIM has dropped in the last year - should we be worried?

Sarah Richardson

A test of loyalty

25 Mar 15

Leo Quinn’s ability to restore Balfour Beatty’s former glory relies on clients not being spooked by the firm’s latest woes

Sarah Richardson

Nobody wins

13 Mar 15

The rise of the smaller political parties could mean the next government finds it harder to take a pro-development stance on housebuilding

Joey Gardiner

Are greens good for you?

27 Feb 15

Those promoting sustainability have to get better at putting the case that investing in green construction can boost growth

Sarah Richardson

The privileged few

13 Feb 15

It’s imperative that architecture doesn’t become an occupation only available to the wealthy elite

Sarah Richardson

One by one

30 Jan 15

If everyone pitches in, the effort required to breach the skills gap might be smaller than you think

Sarah Richardson

The new and improved Brookfield Multiplex

10 April 2015

Brookfield Multiplex’s turnaround is a remarkable one; not just because of what was achieved, but how

Sarah Richardson

A Budget for the regions

18 Mar 15

The chancellor’s focus on regional growth was in contrast to his national infrastructure announcements, which lacked an integrated and coherent approach

Sarah Richardson

In from the cold

5 Mar 15

The drive to retrofit may be the biggest casualty of the government’s failure to fulfil its green promises

Sarah Richardson

Hear our voice

20 Feb 15

The sector’s thoughts on political developments count for little if they’re not being heard by Westminster

Sarah Richardson

Mixed messages

6 Feb 15

Agenda 15 is starting to make its mark in Westminster, but there is still plenty to be done

Sarah Richardson

A need for certainty

23 Jan 15

John Laing’s return to the stock market has highlighted the UK’s short-term approach to infrastructure

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