Friday04 September 2015



Building schools: Must try harder

4 Sep 15

The last time a new government was formed the school building sector was handed an abrupt halt


Immigration: The crackdown is coming

28 Aug 15

The employment of migrant labour has been a problematic issue for construction for a long time

Sarah Richardson

Thoughts for the lilo

7 Aug 15

Is the optimism that 2015 brought with it already on its way out?

Sarah Richardson

Hold that axe

24 Jul 15

The restructuring of construction roles could stall relations between the industry and government

Sarah Richardson

Emergency Budget: Words, words, words

9 Jul 15

Osborne said it was time to be ‘bold’ on infrastructure but the most significant news was in other areas

Sarah Richardson

Something is rotten...

26 Jun 15

As parliament mulls its options for refurbishing the Palace of Westminster, it could learn from what happens when an estate is left to ruin

Joey Gardiner

Devo Max

5 Jun 15

Regional devolution could drastically alter construction’s relationship with the public sector

Joey Gardiner

Houses and Parliament

21 Aug 15

The government must be careful not to deter housing associations

Sarah Richardson

The war on green

31 Jul 15

As another green policy goes up in smoke, does the government risk failing to live up to its obligations?

Sarah Richardson

On shaky ground

17 Jul 15

The government’s dropping of zero-carbon home requirements smacks of short-termism

Sarah Richardson

Beyond the headlines

3 Jul 15

Osborne’s emergency budget looks set to disappoint those hoping for more than familiar headlines

Sarah Richardson

We need more than ‘keeping up appearances’

19 Jun 15

Construction needs to do more than just change its image to attract the number of recruits the sector needs

Joey Gardiner

Policy by accident

29 May 15

Much of the agenda spelled out by the Queen this week will be welcome but there remain big concerns

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