Wednesday01 July 2015


Sarah Richardson

Something is rotten...

26 Jun 15

As parliament mulls its options for refurbishing the Palace of Westminster, it could learn from what happens when an estate is left to ruin

Sarah Richardson

We need more than ‘keeping up appearances’

19 Jun 15

Construction needs to do more than just change its image to attract the number of recruits the sector needs

Joey Gardiner

Policy by accident

29 May 15

Much of the agenda spelled out by the Queen this week will be welcome but there remain big concerns

Sarah Richardson

Pros and cons

14 May 15

So, now the news has sunk in and David Cameron is back in Number 10, what does the result really mean for construction?

Sarah Richardson

Seriously, now

24 April 2015

The election may have been dominating the news for weeks, but it is really only now - with all manifestos in the public domain - that the battle for votes is under way

Sarah Richardson

The new and improved Brookfield Multiplex

10 April 2015

Brookfield Multiplex’s turnaround is a remarkable one; not just because of what was achieved, but how

Joey Gardiner

Devo Max

5 Jun 15

Regional devolution could drastically alter construction’s relationship with the public sector

Sarah Richardson

Stand and deliver

22 May 2015

The government needs to act now to have any chance of staving off a housing crisis

Sarah Richardson

After the vote

7 May 15

As Britain goes to the polls, how concerned should construction be about the impact of a close election outcome?

Sarah Richardson

The BIM race

17 Apr 15

Research shows that the overall number of firms saying they use BIM has dropped in the last year - should we be worried?

Sarah Richardson

A test of loyalty

25 Mar 15

Leo Quinn’s ability to restore Balfour Beatty’s former glory relies on clients not being spooked by the firm’s latest woes

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