Thursday24 April 2014


Nick Raynsford

Housing record is no cause for celebration

28 Mar 14

The Labour MP and Building columnist responds to Andrew Stunnell’s latest column in a letter to the editor

Alejandro Zaera-Polo

New Street architect speaks

14 Mar 14

Alejandro Zaera-Polo on the Birmingham station project’s atrium cladding


Asbestos training needed to avert tragedy

14 Mar 14

Chair of UK Asbestos Training Association reminds us of the dangers of asbestos


Demand for better health and safety

14 Mar 14

‘Following the deaths of two construction workers we demand urgent action by the HSE’


Standardisation is to be avoided

13 Dec 13

Debbie Aplin has raised some important issues about standardisation, which led to a recent landmark rejection by Eric Pickles


UK needs housing crisis solution

6 Dec 13

The UK must look overseas for solutions to its housing crisis if it wishes to succed, writes Peter Vaughan


Lower help to buy threshold

6 Dec 13

The government should consider lowering the threshold towards the average house or flat price

Cycle lane

Cycle deaths are preventable

15 Nov 13

Heavy construction vehicles should be banned from using minor roads

Blacklist Support Group

Blacklisting or prudent management?

30 Aug 13

We haven’t heard the contractors’ side of the blacklisting argument


Make working abroad worthwhile

30 Aug 13

A job overseas used to set you up for life


Late payments are unfair

30 Aug 13

Subcontractors are on the receiving end of some unfair treatment

Ed Davey

Shifting the blame for the Green Deal ...

23 Aug 13

Ed Davey has a cheek in trying to pin the slow take-up on external wall insulation providers

Failing to raise Green Deal awareness

23 Aug 13

The government must invest to ensure the public knows what is on offer

Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace: Lost its shine

23 Aug 13

Conservation is not about recreating the past


The hard truth about Soft Landings

15 Aug 13

Shedding light on Government Soft Landings

Howe Park Passivhaus

Lip service not enough

15 Aug 13

Sustainability is more than just carbon or energy - it’s about the whole life cycle of a building, for both new build and retrofit


On yer bike, Jack

15 Aug 13

The ideal mode of transportation in medium sized cities is cycling

Energy secretary

Shifting blame on energy efficiency

15 Aug 13

The slow take-up of the Green Deal is down to a lack of understanding, not a lack of companies able to provide the right services

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Site worker

Unfair advantage for bigger firms

9 Aug 13

The playing field is not even

classroom education useful

Frameworks can deliver

9 Aug 13

The critical issue is how school funding it spent

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