Sunday26 April 2015


Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband’s letter to the construction industry

23 Apr 15

Leader of the Labour party responds to Building’s manifesto aims

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Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg’s letter to the construction industry

23 Apr 15

Leader of the Liberal Democrats responds to Building’s manifesto aims


Letter: Help for first-time buyers and the economy

27 Mar 15

The policy advisor for the House Builders Association responds to our Budget coverage

Insulation and worker

Letter: Scotland needs workers to drive recovery

27 Mar 15

The managing director of the Scottish Building Federation on how workers are needed to keep the recovery going


Letter: Can civilisation survive without surveyors?

27 Mar 15

A reader responds to one of Richard Steer’s columns

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Open letter: Lost in translation

27 Mar 15

The Housing Standards Review tried to consolidate a raft of different standards into Building Regulations. The trouble is, says architecture coalition 4HA, some important sustainable elements haven’t made it across

Zaha Hadid

Letter: Architects are missing core skills

6 Mar 15

A reader responds to Building’s skills survey article

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Letter: What is BIM?

20 Feb 15

A reader responds to James Bessey’s legal article

Office generic

Letter: Best use of space

6 Feb 15

A reader responds to James Maddock’s article with a personal recollection


Letter: The devastation of variations

6 Feb 15

A reader responds to Chris Green’s legal article


Letter: Scottish construction employment

30 Jan 15

Managing director of the Scottish Building Federation bemoans lack of improvement in number of construction jobs


Letter: The cost in space

30 Jan 15

A reader response on James Maddock’s article on office space

Crossrail Whitechapel BDP

Letter: Priorities for delivering infrastructure

23 Jan 15

RICS’ Amanda Clack supports London First’s point on devolution

Building site

Letter: Design and build builders

23 Jan 15

Malcolm Taylor responds to a column by Tony Bingham

An award for building performance

10 Oct 14

An award based on actual building performance? One already exists

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Better understanding BIM

5 Sep 14

The RICS chief executive writes on Frank McLeod’s most recent BIM blog

Useful construction site

The procurement challenge

4 Sep 14

A reader writes and gives their views on the public sector procurement system


Seizing the middle gap in housing

22 Aug 14

Speller Metcalfe’s Matt Brown responds to one of our blogs on housebuilding


BIM is getting lost in translation

8 Aug 14

Having a common industry platform, like Australia does, would go some way to solving BIM problems

london skyline thames

London infrastructure: The long game

8 Aug 14

The London Infrastructure Plan 2050 will hopefully address some of the chronic shortfalls in investment

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