Sunday20 August 2017

Richard Piggott

My digital life … Richard Piggott

21 Feb 14

The Szerelmey business development manager on Pinterest, a useful app for tube strikes and watching Homeland on his iPad in bed

Niall Cairns

My digital life … Niall Cairns

7 Feb 14

The Assael Architecture director on networking, meeting over a swift half and watching bagpipe videos on YouTube

Chris Birch

My digital life … Chris Birch

31 Jan 14

The Hilson Moran director of sustainability on treadmills, listening to Elbow, and why intra-office email should be banned

Kathryn O’Callaghan

My digital life … Kathryn O'Callaghan

24 Jan 14

The Interiors Group head of design on her love of Pinterest, listening to Take That and organising her life with a Mac

Rachel Moan

My digital life ... Rachel Louise Moan

17 Jan 14

The CAD author for isurv on pitching TV shows, venting frustrations in German, and understanding the entire history of mankind

Gary Raife

My digital life ... Gary Raife

10 Jan 14

The divisional manager at Lakehouse on Mumford & Sons, Dubai, and childbirth.

Henk Johan Bassie

My digital life ... Henk Johan Bassie

20 Dec 13

The James Hardie managing director on Playing to Win, the generation gap, and being knee deep in mud

Karla Bennett

Digital Life … Karla Bennett

13 Dec 13

Bennington Green’s Karla Bennett on prank Facebook posts, following the TOWIE crew, and being an “Apple queen”

Paul Turpin

My digital life … Paul Turpin

6 Dec 13

The associate director of HLM on running apps, Arcade Fire, and summing up life in 140 characters

Ben Walker

My digital life … Ben Walker

2 Dec 13

The LDA Design principal landscape architect on Katy Perry, scaffolding boards, and forgetting to log out of Facebook

Kate Ison

My digital life … Kate Ison

22 Nov 13

The ICE media relations manager on buying pilates classes online, one click purchasing addiction, and a worrying obsession with Bus Count

Dave Darnell

My digital life … Dave Danell

15 Nov 13

The WSP rail director on emailing during Match of the Day, text banter, and using social media to keep an eye on his kids

Tina Cardy

My digital life … Tina Cardy

8 Nov 13

The Institution of Structural Engineers director of communication on the pros and cons of social media, Caitlin Moran, and how Google stops her getting lost

David Frise

My digital life … David Frise

1 Nov 13

The AIS chief executive on turning into his mother, listening to dubstep in the gym and using Twitter as displacement activity

Karan Ogden

My digital life … Karen Ogden

25 Oct 13

The James Hardie Building Materials marketing manager on Urban Dictionary, eighties pop cheese, and how Candy Crush Saga took over her personal life

Doctor David Philp

My digital life … Professor David Philp

18 Oct 13

Mace’s head of BIM likes to send out culinary tweets, wishes he had a ‘Hackintosh’ and stays away from Facebook

David Bootle

My digital life … David Bootle

11 Oct 13

Ryder Architecture’s public relations leader on being distracted by Twitter, his favourite cycling app and the album that takes him back to his bass playing days

Kevin Louch

My digital life … Kevin Louch

4 Oct 13

The Standford Industrial Flooring MD on playing at LinkedIn, buying shirts and swearing like a marine

Deborah Saunt

My digital life … Deborah Saunt

30 Sep 13

The DSDHA director on online mapping apps, Stella McCartney handbags, and Talking Heads

Debi Lama

My digital life … Debi Lama

20 Sep 13 | Updated: 22 Sep 13

Stewart Milne Timber Systems’ regional sales manager Debi Lama on Amy Winehouse, agreeing with the PM (about Twitter), and why her computer is so slow

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