Wednesday25 May 2016


Sadiq Khan

London’s new mayor: Yes, he Khan

10 May 16

Sadiq Khan has the mother of all in-trays to contend with in his first months as London’s new mayor - everything from housing to Heathrow, Crossrail 2 to controversial planning decisions


M62 motorway

Planes, trains and automobiles

George Osborne is famously a fan of infrastructure - but is he putting his money where his mouth is?

Battersea crane collapse

Battersea crane tragedy: After the fall

Ten years after the Battersea crane tragedy, Joey Gardiner talks to the mother of one of the two men killed in the accident and asks if tower cranes are any safer now than they were a decade ago


Testing our metal

The steel rollercoaster of the last few weeks seems to have ended well, with Greybull’s purchase of Tata’s construction division. But is this, and the government’s call to ‘buy British’, enough to save UK steel?

Cover Mayoral Election

A tale of two mayors

With Londoners headed to the polls on 5 May to decide the city’s next mayor, we look at the impact frontrunners Zac Goldsmith and Sadiq Khan would have on the major construction issues facing the capital

Leo Quinn

Balfour Beatty: ‘Not short of stellar’

When Leo Quinn took over at a troubled Balfour Beatty, he launched a two-year strategy to revive the fortunes of the UK’s largest builder


Have you seen the BIM deadline?

From Monday, any firm wanting to be considered for public sector construction work will need to be BIM level 2 compliant. Yet just days before the deadline, only about half of companies are using the technology


Construction materials: Past our peak?

It turns out that the construction industry is using substantially less ‘stuff’ than it was 15 years ago. Is this a blip or a victory for resource-efficiency?


Apprentices: ‘The numbers don’t add up…’

Three times as many people are leaving the industry each year as are joining, so today’s skills crisis is set to get a lot worse

The Co-op’s 3D Reid-designed headquarters in Manchester

The green business case

Since its election last year the Conservative government has cut back a lot of sustainability legislation. But can sticking with the eco-building agenda benefit construction firms’ business model anyway?


Ecobuild: Programme preview

The ongoing struggle to build homes, the business case for sustainability and how to drag construction efficiency into this century are just some of the themes of Ecobuild 2016


TfL: Branching out

Transport for London’s plans to develop some 75 sites will make it one of the capital’s biggest developers. Here it names the partners for its £3.6bn development framework

Hinkley C

Hinkley Point C: Shovels at the ready …

Construction firms have been poised to build Hinkley Point C since 2007. But nine years later the decision on whether to invest in the £18bn project has yet to be taken


Modern construction: Bring on the robots

Construction needs a million extra hands, but no amount of workers from Poland or from apprenticeship programmes are going to fill the gap. Now, technology-driven reform that makes construction less labour-intensive is being proposed – but is it the game changer the industry needs?

packing a punch

Small housebuilders: Packing a punch

For years, volume housebuilders have held sway over the UK’s new homes sales market. But against expectations, the recession has given some small builders the chance to challenge their supremacy


Brexit: Ins and outs

With an EU referendum looking likely for the summer, the implications of a Brexit are becoming starker – and time is running out for the industry to take a stand

occupational health

Occupational health: Fit for purpose

The construction industry has made huge progress on on-site safety in the last 20 years but health conditions have largely been neglected. Are things starting to change?


Paris summit: Feeling the heat

At this week’s UN Climate Change Summit, the UK could no longer boast of having the greenest policies in the room. So after several months of Conservative policy changes, how is the country measuring up to its own targets?

fulham wharf

It’s the final countdown

With just over four months to go before BIM level 2 will be required on all central government projects, Building reveals the responses to its second annual BIM survey. There’s good news … and there’s bad news

crossrail alamy

Spending cuts: Where the axe falls

As the chancellor prepares to unveil the latest Comprehensive Spending Review and Autumn Statement, Building asks where will the cuts be made

on the turn

Economic recovery: On the turn?

Future-gazing economists don’t have to look very far to see threatening signs on the horizon for the construction industry. As the CPA revises its forecasts down, should we be calling time on the recovery?

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