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Calling time on the coalition

12 Dec 14

From the Green Deal to Crossrail, the government made a number of pledges back in 2010 to keep the industry afloat during the grim five years ahead. But how well has it stuck to them?


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Paying the price

New research into the housebuilding industry shows that although staff are enjoying higher salaries, they’re also taking on more responsibilities, working longer hours and finding their work/life balance out of kilter.

Is the north on the up

Is the north on the up?

George Osborne talks of a creating a ‘northern powerhouse’ but how much faith should the industry put in Westminster’s affirmations?

new houses

Reviewing the Lyons Review

The Lyons Review sets out a routemap to the construction of 200,000 homes a year, so what do private housebuilders and affordable housing landlords make of it?

Toy house

Always read the label: Home performance labelling

The amount of consumer information for home buyers is pitiful, but now a pilot project will test what better home performance labelling might look like in practice

Procurement on trial

Procurement on trial

Construction firms are increasingly emboldened to take the government to court over its procurement decisions, but who’s to blame?

Earls Court

Earls Court: That's show business

Plans to redevelop 77 acres of prime real estate in Earls Court - entailing the demolition of London’s landmark exhibition centre - have become mired in political wrangling. But is there really any doubt as to how it will end?


The sum of their parts: Mergers and acquisitions

There’s no guarantee that mergers will work out for the companies involved - we look at four of construction’s biggest deals

Skills gap news analysis

Training to nowhere

Plenty of young people across the UK are signing up for construction training - the real problem, according to a report out today, is that many are taking courses that simply don’t meet the industry’s needs.

Recovery position

How vital is government as a construction client?

Public sector work has kept much of the construction industry off the critical list for the past six years but with the private sector now in increasingly robust health, how much is government really needed as a client?

Did it change us?

Latham's report: Did it change us?

Twenty years after the publication of Sir Michael Latham’s Constructing the Team, Joey Gardiner looks back at the report’s impact, whether it changed construction for the better and if its grand ambitions survived the financial meltdown

Green Construction Board

What's been the impact of the Green Construction Board?

As the Green Construction Board marks its second birthday, not everyone has found reasons to celebrate. But the board’s defenders point to impressive delivery of a 162-point action plan. Now it needs to convince others it can make a difference

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Brasilia National Stadium

The beautiful game

Busted budgets, poor planning and co-ordination, horrendous delays, cancelled transport schemes, laborious bureaucracy, corruption, mass protests and onsite fatalities - apart from that, preparations for the 2014 World Cup seem to have gone very smoothly

London skyline

The London housing problem

Best estimates suggest that London needs to be creating between 42,000 and 52,000 homes each year to keep up with demand. But with only 17,000 built in the last year, what chance is there of closing the gap?


Is BIM ready to stand alone?

The industry has made great strides in adopting BIM since the government said it would be a compulsory part of public sector work by 2016. However, news the task group driving uptake is soon to be wound down is shaking confidence that the deadline will be hit

Balfour Beatty

What next for Balfour Beatty?

The UK’s biggest contractor appears to have slipped into crisis with a profit warning, the departure of the chief executive and £400m wiped off the firm’s value. So, what is Balfour Beatty’s next move?

Workers of the World unite

Workers of the World unite

Bosses of employee-owned companies claim greater engagement and increased profitability. So why isn’t everyone doing it?


Fair payment charter: Cheque’s in the post

Few issues are more contentious in construction than payment practices. So will a new fair payment charter that asks contractors to commit to shorter payment times actually work - or merely add to the pile of previous failed attempts to reform the industry?

The squeeze is on

Tax changes for temporary site workers

In a radical move that seems bound to increase labour costs, the government is clamping down on temporary site workers claiming to be self-employed. And as if that wasn’t bad enough news for construction companies using this kind of labour, they’ve only got two weeks to prepare for the change

George Osborne

Budget 2014: Over to you, George

Ahead of next week’s Budget, Building looks at the measures the construction industry can expect to emerge from Osborne’s red box

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