Sunday20 April 2014


Workers of the World unite

Workers of the World unite

17 Apr 14

Bosses of employee-owned companies claim greater engagement and increased profitability. So why isn’t everyone doing it?



Fair payment charter: Cheque’s in the post

Few issues are more contentious in construction than payment practices. So will a new fair payment charter that asks contractors to commit to shorter payment times actually work - or merely add to the pile of previous failed attempts to reform the industry?

The squeeze is on

Tax changes for temporary site workers

In a radical move that seems bound to increase labour costs, the government is clamping down on temporary site workers claiming to be self-employed. And as if that wasn’t bad enough news for construction companies using this kind of labour, they’ve only got two weeks to prepare for the change

George Osborne

Budget 2014: Over to you, George

Ahead of next week’s Budget, Building looks at the measures the construction industry can expect to emerge from Osborne’s red box

UK floods

Flooding: 'We're planning for the wrong future'

As recent events have starkly illustrated, the UK can no longer ignore the growing risk of floods. But what can planners and designers do to manage our rising water levels? Here four of the country’s leading experts give their views

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Skills shortages: Let the right ones in

With the upturn in work has come predictions of a skills shortage. But the CIC’s Jack Pringle thinks the need for architects, QSs and engineers is already so critical that we should be sourcing them from outside the UK and Europe

Paul Sheffield - Kier

Kier boss hints he's leaving construction

Chief executive Paul Sheffield says he is excited about using his skills to do “something completely different”

What goes around …

Procurement: Facing the consequences

For five years some clients have been taking advantage of the downturn by dumping risk on contractors and screwing them down on price. But now things are on the up, is the supply chain hitting back?

Green Deal montage

Green Deal: One year on

The Green Deal is one year old this week but the celebrations are, to put it mildly, subdued. We look back on a year of disappointments for the energy efficiency retrofit market

Mark Reynolds

Dear next prime minster …

Agenda 15 is Building’s campaign to influence the next government by telling politicians what construction needs to be able to thrive. To get you thinking, we’ve asked four senior figures in the sector what single policy change they would most like to see adopted by the next government


The truth about spending on flood protection

The government claims that flood protection spending is rising, but as the UK towels itself off after yet another deluge, the public is understandably sceptical. So what’s the real story?

state of play

Construction and immigration: Have your say

With the immigration debate raging, Building wants to hear the views of the construction sector on the issue


Autumn Statement preview: Five construction priorities

With debt still soaring, George Osborne is unlikely to be announcing much in the way of new spending. Here we look at the chancellor’s top five construction priorities

Al Wakrah Qatar World Cup stadium by Zaha Hadid Architects - aerial view

Al Wakrah stadium: The big heat

Despite pressure to move the 2022 World Cup to the winter, Qatar is soldiering on with plans to hold the games in the summer. So how will the new stadiums cope with the scorching temperatures, and carbon neutral and legacy goals?


Can the government's consultant framework defy the critics?

A government framework worth £750m to construction consultants was finally re-tendered at the end of October - 10 months late. Can it be taken seriously after such a delay?


HS2: Obstacles ahead

What does the Labour Party’s ambivalence towards HS2 mean for those looking to work on the £43bn project?


Fuel wars: Review of green charges

The prime minister surprised everyone last week when he announced his desire to ‘roll back’ green charges on energy bills. So where does this leave the government’s energy efficiency policies?

One Hyde Park

Foreign investment in housing

With London house prices rising 10% this month and alarm that more people than ever are being priced out of home ownership, pressure is growing to clamp down on foreign investors


Modern methods of construction: Material change?

Will the surge in demand lead to a permanent shift towards modern methods of construction?

workers in Qatar

Qatar's migrant construction workers: what can be done?

Pressure is on the Qatari authorities to do something about the working conditions of those building the World Cup 2022 infrastructure and venues, so what are the risks UK companies working there could face?


Deal or no deal?

The Green Deal is in trouble - but what are the alternatives? Building asked some of those at the heart of green policy where they thought the scheme was heading

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