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UKIP: The vocal minority

12 Mar 15

Control immigration and large areas of British countryside will not need to be destroyed by housebuilding, says UKIP. Nationalist populism at its most simplistic, perhaps, but the party’s anti-development stance is bearing down on politics at a local level



Apprentices in construction: One step forward…

For construction to exploit the economic recovery, it will need about 30,000 new skilled workers each year - that’s about double the number of apprentices the industry is training up

Victorian terrace

Behind the hype: Sustainable new homes

New research is casting further doubt on long-held claims that a new-build property is necessarily cheaper to run than a refurbished Victorian home


Architecture: The diversity problem

An architectural education will last seven years and leave you with debts in excess of £50,000. So is it becoming a pastime exclusively for the rich?

Prepare to be boarded

Prepare to be boarded

With the recession over, rising turnover and damaged valuations have left construction firms in a climate perfect for acquisition deals. Are you in a position to grow your business or is it time to sell up?


Why we're backing Agenda 15

Our Agenda 15 campaign manifesto sets to influence the next government by setting out what construction needs to thrive. Here’s why some of those who have signed up to support it think this initiative is so important

Unwanted site

No man’s land: Unwanted supermarket sites

Supermarkets are responding to the UK’s shift in shopping habits by massively cutting back their development programmes, leaving the construction industry and affected communities wondering what will happen to the unwanted sites

Agenda 15

A manifesto for construction

Our Agenda 15 campaign aims to influence the next government by telling politicians what construction needs to thrive. Here, we explain the manifesto aims and how you can support them

prediction 2015

Predictions for 2015: Philippe Honnorat

WSP’s UK head of building services on what the next 12 months have in store

prediction 2015

Predictions for 2015: Alan Brown

Cala’s chief executive officer reveals what he’s expecting from 2015

prediction 2015

Predictions for 2015: James Pellatt

Great Portland Estates’ head of projects looks at 2015 from a client perspective

prediction 2015

Predictions for 2015: Jack Pringle

Pringle Brandon Perkins + Will’s principal and managing director forecasts 2015

prediction 2015

Predictions for 2015: Mark Reynolds

Mace’s chief executive predicts what 2015 could have in store for contractors and the wider sector

News analysis timer

Calling time on the coalition

From the Green Deal to Crossrail, the government made a number of pledges back in 2010 to keep the industry afloat during the grim five years ahead. But how well has it stuck to them?

NA 2111

Paying the price

New research into the housebuilding industry shows that although staff are enjoying higher salaries, they’re also taking on more responsibilities, working longer hours and finding their work/life balance out of kilter.

Is the north on the up

Is the north on the up?

George Osborne talks of a creating a ‘northern powerhouse’ but how much faith should the industry put in Westminster’s affirmations?

new houses

Reviewing the Lyons Review

The Lyons Review sets out a routemap to the construction of 200,000 homes a year, so what do private housebuilders and affordable housing landlords make of it?

Toy house

Always read the label: Home performance labelling

The amount of consumer information for home buyers is pitiful, but now a pilot project will test what better home performance labelling might look like in practice

Procurement on trial

Procurement on trial

Construction firms are increasingly emboldened to take the government to court over its procurement decisions, but who’s to blame?

Earls Court

Earls Court: That's show business

Plans to redevelop 77 acres of prime real estate in Earls Court - entailing the demolition of London’s landmark exhibition centre - have become mired in political wrangling. But is there really any doubt as to how it will end?


The sum of their parts: Mergers and acquisitions

There’s no guarantee that mergers will work out for the companies involved - we look at four of construction’s biggest deals

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