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Nuclear haste

2 Oct 15

The Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant is edging closer to reality, with backing from China. But the nearer it gets to going ahead, the greater the opposition gathering against it. Can the industry finally start believing it will happen?


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1 million homes: Hitting the mark

Housing minister Brandon Lewis has publicly stated that he wants to see over one million homes built in the next five years. But can the sector meet this challenge?

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Corporate rebrands: Name dropping

In the week the EC Harris name is dropped as part of Arcadis’ global rebrand, Joey Gardiner asks why the historic names are disappearing from construction – and if the benefits of rebranding outweigh the risks

Construction on hold

Construction on hold

Alarmed by the pace at which construction costs are rising, more and more clients are putting their projects on hold

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School places: Do the math

The Department for Education is scratching its head over how to meet the demand for 25% more school places at a time of rising construction inflation and a dearth of available urban land

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University challenge

With contractors more choosy about the projects they bid for, and inflation eroding HE’s fixed tuition fee income, can universities remain attractive to the industry?

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Crossing the line

With the Calais crisis still a hot media topic, the government is on the warpath against construction companies employing illegal workers. But is the sector doing enough to make sure it doesn’t get caught out?

Green deal

The Green Deal: 'A catastrophe from start to finish'

It’s been called the greatest flop of the last parliament. But why did the Green Deal, the government’s flagship retrofit scheme, fail so spectacularly?

Top 150

Top 150 contractors: Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow

This year’s contractors and housebuilders Top 150 list shows the sector pulling out of recession and with a spring in its step. But with big losses for some contractors pushing down profits, and margins increasing by a mere 1.2%, the danger remains they could still fall flat on their backs.

Walkie Talkie; 1 Fitzroy Place; Wembley stadium; and Nova Victoria

PC Harrington: The higher they climb…

When PC Harrington Contractors collapsed into administration in May, it had debts of around £28.4m and just £900 cash in the bank. We reveal the true story of the firm’s demise

Construction professions

Professions: Now you see them, now you don’t

Construction’s professions could effectively disappear within a decade, according to the author of a challenging report

David Cameron and cabinet

The next five years

Following a surprise result which leaves the Tories free to rule without coalition partners, what can construction expect from the next parliament?

Election 2015

Election special: Now listen here...

Company chiefs and heads of industry bodies from across the sector set out their messages to the prime minister

Election 2015

Election special: The parties compared

With less than a week to go until the election, and all parties having finally published their manifestos, how do the parties line up on the key issues for construction?

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage’s letter to the construction industry

Leader of UKIP responds to Building’s manifesto aims

Natalie Bennett

Natalie Bennett’s letter to the construction industry

Leader of the Green party responds to Building’s manifesto aims

Betting the house

Right to buy: Betting the house

Joey Gardiner scrutinises the Tories’ plans to extend right to buy to housing associations

Attitudes to BIM

BIM survey results: Levelling off?

The government is backing it. Firms are paying top dollar for people that can do it. So why does the number of firms using building information modelling actually seem to be falling?

Stratford Academy, under construction

Do priority schools add up?

The picture emerging from some of the few completed priority schools is one of cut-price, smaller buildings with potentially higher long-term maintenance costs

UKIP posters

UKIP: The vocal minority

Control immigration and large areas of British countryside will not need to be destroyed by housebuilding, says UKIP. Nationalist populism at its most simplistic, perhaps, but the party’s anti-development stance is bearing down on politics at a local level


Apprentices in construction: One step forward…

For construction to exploit the economic recovery, it will need about 30,000 new skilled workers each year - that’s about double the number of apprentices the industry is training up

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