Modular assembly forest school

Lime Tree Primary School, a modular assembly forest school in Greater Manchester, has a sensitive design concept from standardised elements



PodSolve: Flexible friend

Leeds East Academy is the UK’s first school to consist of a warehouse full of moveable classroom pods


Coventry University: The £60m prospectus

Arup Associates’ Coventry University Engineering and Computing Building boasts a cryogenic magnet, air traffic control suite and Harrier jump jet

Haggerston school

School refurbishment: Shouldn't you be revising?

Erno Goldfinger’s brutalist Haggerston school in north-east London has been sensitively modernised


Should schools be uniform?

Will standardised schools herald a school building programme where design quality and educational aspiration are crushed under a monotonous wave of Identikit slabs? Ike Ijeh investigates Photos by Mike Pinches


Redeveloping Bart's and Royal London hospitals

It was tempting to hang a ‘do not resuscitate’ sign on two dingy, barely accessible London hospitals, but Skanska’s redevelopment of the sites has made them functional again - which should perk up medical staff and patients alike

Free schools

Free school conversions: Making the switch Video

The government went out of its way to make it easier for free schools to be formed in non-school buildings by easing planning laws. So now that they’ve opened their doors, do they actually work? Take a look at two very different conversions…


Matt Roche

Building the universities of the future

9 Jun 17

Taking a technology-led approach will be the future for designing assets for university estates

Alex Solk

Will the university campus exist in 50 years' time?

12 May 17

Predictions that the campus will be usurped by digital, remote learning ignore the importance of ‘face-to-face’ interaction

Sarah Richardson

Free schools don't come cheap

7 Apr 17

The question of whether the government is spending too much on free schools development is far from clear cut

Michael Thirkettle

Getting skills down to a T

14 Mar 17

The introduction of T-levels is being sold as a lifeline for industries like construction, but Brexit threatens to derail any benefits

Mark Halstead

Hitting NHS deadlines

27 Feb 17

Getting stakeholder engagement right at the start is key to successful management of healthcare projects

Mark Halstead

Efficiency in the NHS doesn’t have to mean cost cutting

8 Dec 16

NHS trusts must squeeze every penny out of limited captial funding, but with some careful thought at in the early stages they can deliver better outcomes

Ben Bolgar

Placemaking in student housing

6 Dec 16

Involving students, staff and the local community in masterplanning has helped transform this university campus

Michael Stimpson

Building a university in the mountains

30 Nov 16

The harsh winter and remote mountain location of the University of Central Asia in the Kyrgyz Republic created some unique challenges

Philip Watson

What’s stopping us building schools using off-site techniques?

24 Nov 16

Modular schools can be bespoke and beautiful, but to build at the volumes needed to keep up with demand we need to think carefully about our delivery model