The Iceberg, Denmark: Jagged edge

The Iceberg - a residential scheme that owes its dramatic profile to the unceasing Scandinavian quest for light


housing design awards

Housing Design Awards 2013

This year’s Housing Design Awards once again show developers beating off the gloom of the recession and offering high-quality, varied designs for residents to chillax in


Care homes: The new way to get old

According to a Dutch idea, older people need on-site restaurants, bars, village squares and beauty parlours. Is the UK is ready for a revolution in care home design?


Aylesbury Estate: Taking back the streets

How phase 1 of a two decade redevelopment has brought back the traditional grain of the streets to London’s deprived Aylesbury Estate

Floating House

Flood-proof house: Home and dry

Would you build a house on the Norfolk Broads, one of the most flood-prone areas of the UK? LSI Architects did and its sophisticated design meant getting the project through planning was plain sailing.

Bermondsey Square

Operation Hip: Igloo's Bermondsey Square

Bermondsey Square, the centrepiece of a £60m regeneration project in south-east London, is intended to seduce the young and trendy with its take on inner-city living


Félicie Krikler

How to avoid divisive regeneration schemes

28 Mar 17

Too often developers and architects are accused of alienating people by imposing insensitive designs on their communities

Al Watson

Housing white paper: Beware unknown unknowns

27 Mar 17

While the government is preoccupied with Brexit, the housing crisis has been laid at the door of local authorities and developers

Rebecca Larkin

Construction's long-term outlook

23 Mar 17

Lower real incomes are a key risk for the years ahead and have clear implications for construction


Price rises from suppliers should be challenged

15 Mar 17

Material costs are on the up but housing associations can secure better deals from the supply chain if they know how

Steve Douglas

Why was housing ignored in the Budget?

10 Mar 17

Housing didn’t get a mention on Wednesday but other government announcements show a clear direction of travel

Steve Sanham

It's not a housing supply crisis, it's an affordability crisis

7 Mar 17

The government can’t see house prices continue to rise while also delivering affordable homes, so a boost for the rental market is a neat sidestep

Paula Broadbent

Why women don't pick construction careers

6 Mar 17

Women in Construction Week should prompt us all to think about how the industry can discard outdated stereotypes

Mark Leeson

Making the private rented sector work

1 Mar 17

Successful affordable rented schemes are ones that allow communities to grow, and to do that we need to listen to tenants’ needs

Michael Dall

Housing is a numbers game we are not winning

24 Feb 17

Private housebuilding is the fastest growing sector in construction but major investment is needed to solve the housing crisis