The Iceberg, Denmark: Jagged edge

The Iceberg - a residential scheme that owes its dramatic profile to the unceasing Scandinavian quest for light


housing design awards

Housing Design Awards 2013

This year’s Housing Design Awards once again show developers beating off the gloom of the recession and offering high-quality, varied designs for residents to chillax in


Care homes: The new way to get old

According to a Dutch idea, older people need on-site restaurants, bars, village squares and beauty parlours. Is the UK is ready for a revolution in care home design?


Aylesbury Estate: Taking back the streets

How phase 1 of a two decade redevelopment has brought back the traditional grain of the streets to London’s deprived Aylesbury Estate

Floating House

Flood-proof house: Home and dry

Would you build a house on the Norfolk Broads, one of the most flood-prone areas of the UK? LSI Architects did and its sophisticated design meant getting the project through planning was plain sailing.

Bermondsey Square

Operation Hip: Igloo's Bermondsey Square

Bermondsey Square, the centrepiece of a £60m regeneration project in south-east London, is intended to seduce the young and trendy with its take on inner-city living


Tom Dickson

Collaboration is key to Starter Homes

24 Jan 17

Local authority partnerships now have ambitious targets for delivering homes for first time buyers, and much depends on knowledge sharing with stakeholders

Alan Shingler

Prefabrication can have a positive impact on architecture

3 Jan 17

Let’s remain open-minded about the architectural quality modular construction can deliver

Philip Bevan

Modular homes can have design integrity

19 Dec 16

In the rush to build more homes we must ensure that offsite construction still allows for good design

Jules Bickers

The next step for regeneration

13 Dec 16

The government’s new strategy for regeneration released last week offers a useful insight for local authorities

Steve Douglas

A much needed boost for affordable housing

12 Dec 16

London is set to be the big winner of the Autumn Statement commitment to affordable homes, and the GLA’s new guidelines will help too

Sadie Morgan

Homes for humans

1 Dec 16

As we scramble to address the housing crisis and rapidly changing demographics, we must not overlook the positive difference good design can make

Paul Morrish

Why are so many homes empty when we have a housing crisis?

28 Nov 16

National Empty Homes Week is a time to reflect on the dual scandal of homelessness rates among the young and England’s 220,000 empty properties

stephen stone

The fountain of youth

18 Nov 16

One thing is clear about the skills crisis in construction: if we don’t act now, it will decimate our industry. Key to solving this challenge is investing in talent and enthusing young people

Richard McCarthy

Fast forward housebuilding

28 Oct 16

The government is putting both funding and policy in place to get new housing delivered more quickly and encourage small and specialist developers. Now it’s up to all parts of the industry to get a move on and build more homes