The Iceberg, Denmark: Jagged edge

The Iceberg - a residential scheme that owes its dramatic profile to the unceasing Scandinavian quest for light



Care homes: The new way to get old

According to a Dutch idea, older people need on-site restaurants, bars, village squares and beauty parlours. Is the UK is ready for a revolution in care home design?


Next up: Rio's Olympic venues

The Olympic focus has now switched from London to Rio, which has the added pressure of hosting two other international sporting events before the 2016 games

Gardens by the bay

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

How Wilkinson Eyre found a sustainable way of cooling two vast glass conservatories in one of the hottest climates on Earth

Wuxi Grand Theatre, China

Wuxi Grand Theatre: Wings of desire

Chinese symbolism and glacial Finnish design work in glorious harmony at PES Architects’ butterfly-roofed opera house in China


Stedelijk Museum: Bathing beauty

Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum has a new addition with a seamless facade that is deliberately un-Dutch in its showiness

Brazil football

Total football: Brasilia's National Stadium

Brasilia’s seventies National Stadium has been rebuilt to the tune of £258m to become arguably the greenest arena in the world. It will be a key venue at the 2016 Olympics but, unlike its London counterpart, its real purpose is crystal clear: it’s all about the beautiful game. By Ike Ijeh

Surrey City Centre Library

Canada's bold new library: Can we borrow it?

A city near Vancouver has taken a bold approach with its new public library - throwing out traditional study spaces and pioneering design by social media. Could it provide a template for our own beleaguered institutions? Ike Ijeh reports


James Clark

The future after Brexit

6 Jun 16

The EU referendum looms, but what is our relationship with the EU likely to look like if it’s an out vote?

David Whitehouse

Here's how to do holistic training

1 Feb 16

The skills shortage is only going to get worse, we need action now


The tipping point

13 Nov 15

With the release of a bullish set of forecasts predicting the industry’s global market will double over the next 15 years, Christmas could come early for construction

Iain Parker

China’s brave new world?

28 Oct 15

Weeks on from the Chinese stock market crash the markets have calmed down, but what does it mean for the global economy?

Barbara Welch

The future remains uncertain

29 May 15

A majority government gives business a stable platform so we can go back to ‘business as usual’ – but what happens next?

Iain Withers

Singapore is running hot

3 Oct 14

The gateway to booming South-east Asia, Singapore also has a thriving construction market in its own right

Julie Hirigoyen

Five - the magic number

25 Aug 14

The ultimate goal for achieving minimum energy performance standards is a ‘factor five’ improvement, while maintaining current growth projections

David Cash

City planning in the Middle East

4 Aug 14

These vast cities rising from the sand can’t just be about bling

David Cash

Qatar: Looking beyond the World Cup

10 Jun 14

Responding to cultural senstitives while building schools in the world’s richest country