Heneghan Peng’s new Department of Architecture and Landscape for the University of Greenwich

Up where the air is clear

20 May 14

Heneghan Peng’s new Department of Architecture and Landscape for the University of Greenwich will host 14 roof gardens, including ponds, teaching spaces, beehives and even a couple of vineyards


Cromford Mill in Derbyshire

Building 17: Refurbishing Cromford Mill

26 Mar 14

The historic but neglected Victorian factory buildings at Cromford Mill in Derbyshire were overdue a refurb. But decontaminating the timber from chemicals used in industrial dyeing proved a test of modern ingenuity

Newington Butts Elephant and Castle

Cladding for the private rental sector

21 Jan 14

Could fundamental changes to the cladding industry be the key to providing cost-effective, high-quality private rental accommodation?

Part L

Understanding the changes to Part L

10 Dec 13

The new Part L Building Regulations come into force in April and while they may not be as rigorous as some would like, the emphasis on fabric efficiency will still put pressure on housebuilders


New Victorians

22 Nov 13

A 19th-century primary school in Dulwich came with the usual set of problems associated with old buildings. To solve them, Edward Cullinan Architects took a pragmatic and piecemeal approach


Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre roof, Athens

7 Nov 13

Athens’ vast £500m Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre is being crowned with a 10,000m2 ferrocement canopy, designed by Expedition Engineering. Why did the UK practice settled on this unusual choice of material?


Cladding at Birmingham New Street

24 Oct 13

Birmingham New Street station is being transformed by a curving steel cladding system, but attaching such an instantly iconic facade to an existing frame has thrown up a variety of structural challenges

housing expert oct 2013

Housing a nation

9 Oct 13

Nobody has yet come up with a convincing way to solve the housing crisis, and now the problem has got so big we need a plan on a national scale to tackle it


The timber trail

20 September 2013

As the EU cracks down on illegally harvested timber, what are the industry’s responsibilities?


Choosing low-carbon windows

4 Sep 13

There is more to a low-carbon window choice than whether you opt for double or triple glazing


Trowbridge County Hall: Walking on air

19 July 2013

Stride Treglown Architects needed a ventilation solution for a covered courtyard and it found one in a new type of raised access floor


Debenhams Oxford Street: Time to shine

05 July 2013

Debenhams’ Oxford Street store is ready to come out of the shadows with an innovative cladding concept


New Trafford

12 Jun 13

Architect 5plus breathes new life into Trafford Town Hall


The daylight factor

24 Apr 13

Is it possible to increase daylight without raising costs and lowering energy efficiency?


House of straw

17 Apr 13

An affordable co-ownership scheme made of straw is proving highly energy efficient


Royal Marsden Hospital: The X-factor

2 Apr 13

MRI scanners weigh up to 7 tonnes each. So adding an X-ray and scanning suite to the top of a Victorian hospital in a west London conservation area required some creative thinking


Care homes: The new way to get old

28 Feb 13

According to a Dutch idea, older people need on-site restaurants, bars, village squares and beauty parlours. Is the UK is ready for a revolution in care home design?


Lessons in sustainability

12 Feb 13

With schools responsible for 50% of local authority carbon emissions, Matt Fulford looks at how simple measures can produce big savings


Glass: Which is the fairest of them all?

23 Jan 13

Glass may have been about for thousands of years but in future its applications will extend well beyond glazing. Here are some innovative uses to look out for


Rooftop agriculture

11 January 2013

Building looks at a relatively new movement using green roofs to plant our food


Carbon monoxide: The silent killer

14 December 2012

Northern Ireland has taken decisive action to reduce carbon-monoxide related deaths by making alarms that detect the gas compulsory


John Lewis

What to specify: Off-site

21 Feb 17

Manufacturers offer a range of off-site solutions to suit projects of every size, from the modular building complexes at Hinkley nuclear power station to luxury bespoke panels featuring gold-printed wool


What to specify: Education

7 Feb 17

There’s lots to learn this week about the new products for schools and universities, from hard landscaping for a primary school to Portakabin modules and floor screed


What to specify: Cladding

24 Jan 17

This week, cladding systems are bolstered by heavy duty bonding for natural stone and a windproof membrane, and given a makeover with translucent panels and a traditional red brick finish



Big data and virtual reality in architecture

20 Feb 17

By combining big data and VR, architects can significantly improve design


Why have EU workers' pensions become a tax target?

13 Feb 17

HMRC must lift its block on French and Italians in the UK transferring their pension pots tax free, or risk losing the benefits their professional expertise brings to construction

Jack Pringle


1 Feb 17

Smart technologies could allow us to turn cities such as London into more healthy and less frustrating places to live. One Asian state has an app for that


Claire Wansbury

How green space can pay its way in garden villages

9 Jan 17

Cost-benefit analysis of the impact of the natural environment on people could be used to plan the proposed wave of garden villages

Alan Shingler

Prefabrication can have a positive impact on architecture

3 Jan 17

Let’s remain open-minded about the architectural quality modular construction can deliver

Chris Liddle

A chance to rehabilitate our prisons

30 Nov 16

The Autumn Statement recognised the importance of safety in our prisons, but we need a bigger commitment to overhauling the spaces for prisoners and prison officers

Alex Ely

The secret to a great design brief from a client

23 Nov 16

Suprisingly councils tend to be better at discussing ideas with architects at the briefing stage than commercial developers, why is that?

Jack Pringle

It's immigration and jobs – stupid, not the economy

18 Nov 16

Brexit and Trump’s election victory are just the start, western democracies will have to rethink their policies and how they serve ordinary people

Mark Leeson

Architects must improve relationships with contractors

15 Nov 16

A recent report found architects receive poor satisfaction ratings from contractors, which comes from a failure to treat contractors like an end-user client