Montgomery Passivhaus School

Top of the class: Passivhaus school design

A primary school in Exeter won’t win any architectural awards, but is earning gold stars in zero-carbon and Passivhaus design. Thomas Lane swots up on how to deliver a low-energy building on a budget


Where the school has an atrium, the E-stack units can vent directly into the space, reducing the cost of installing roof terminal units

Natural ventilation: Second wind

A Cambridge university research team decided traditional natural ventilation strategies were just not up to scratch and came up with a new approach. Stephen Kennett reports

University of Cambridge architecture department

Reducing heat loads: Testing the water at the University of Cambridge

Sustainability and innovation - When the architectural department at the University of Cambridge demanded a sustainable, lightweight building for its students, the designers had to overcome the problem of overheating


Mark Halstead

Efficiency in the NHS doesn’t have to mean cost cutting

8 Dec 16

NHS trusts must squeeze every penny out of limited captial funding, but with some careful thought at in the early stages they can deliver better outcomes

Ben Bolgar

Placemaking in student housing

6 Dec 16

Involving students, staff and the local community in masterplanning has helped transform this university campus

Michael Stimpson

Building a university in the mountains

30 Nov 16

The harsh winter and remote mountain location of the University of Central Asia in the Kyrgyz Republic created some unique challenges


Philip Watson

What’s stopping us building schools using off-site techniques?

24 Nov 16

Modular schools can be bespoke and beautiful, but to build at the volumes needed to keep up with demand we need to think carefully about our delivery model

Mark Halstead

Good stakeholder management

29 Sep 16

Keeping control and engagement with all stakeholders is not just sensible but vital in any project

Anthony Langan

Designing schools in batches

1 Sep 16

Creating 12 schools on a tight budget requires a strategic approach to standardised design and a collaborative use of BIM

University students

Online poll: University funding

1 Sep 16

Will Brexit damage funding for the UK’s higher education sector? Vote here

Richard McCarthy

Campuses are in need of a makeover

31 Aug 16

University and college campuses up and down the country need to up their game if they’re going to beat the competition in attracting top students

Mark Halstead

Chronic over optimism in the NHS

16 Aug 16

If we want to avoid more healthcare projects doomed to failure we need a healthy dose of realism and pragmatism