zero carbon

Green for Growth: Zero-carbon homes

The industry needs some clarity on carbon reduction targets. Building looks at three examples of low and zero-carbon housing


Floating House

Flood-proof house: Home and dry

Would you build a house on the Norfolk Broads, one of the most flood-prone areas of the UK? LSI Architects did and its sophisticated design meant getting the project through planning was plain sailing.

Strata tower: Southwark’s sore thumb

The Strata tower sticks out 150m above south London’s downtrodden Elephant and Castle. But, rather than being a symbol of aspiration, the building is turning away from the very area it’s meant to be giving a lift

Tellytubby land: BedZed revisited

Peabody’s BedZed was the housing scheme that first got everyone talking about zero-carbon living. But is it all that it was cracked up to be? 

Passivhaus isn’t just for houses – this furniture store in Erolzheim, south Germany was designed by Keck-Architekten to Passivhaus standards

No biomass, no turbines, no solar panels. Is Passivhaus the way to zero carbon?

The German Passivhaus standard is winning admirers in the UK, many of whom argue that its simple approach to low-energy building is far more practical than the Code for Sustainable Homes


Sarah Richardson

Fitzgerald: Cometh the hour …

13 Apr 17

Turning Bovis’ fortunes around will be no small task for Greg Fitzgerald but you wouldn’t bet against him

Kevin Cammack

Greg Fitzgerald as Bovis CEO is a masterstroke

6 Apr 17

Attracting Greg Fitzgerald out of retirement could be just what the struggling housebuilder needed to do to turn its fortunes around

Karen Jones

It's up to employers to make apprenticeships work

6 Apr 17

The apprenticeship levy is a great start but now the industry needs to do its bit to ensure the quality of the tuition meets its needs


Mark Leeson

Office-to-resi planning rules need a rethink

3 Apr 17

Outrage over tiny studio flats in London being 40% smaller than a Travelodge room means government now needs to set some controls

Félicie Krikler

How to avoid divisive regeneration schemes

28 Mar 17

Too often developers and architects are accused of alienating people by imposing insensitive designs on their communities

Al Watson

Housing white paper: Beware unknown unknowns

27 Mar 17

While the government is preoccupied with Brexit, the housing crisis has been laid at the door of local authorities and developers

Rebecca Larkin

Construction's long-term outlook

23 Mar 17

Lower real incomes are a key risk for the years ahead and have clear implications for construction


Price rises from suppliers should be challenged

15 Mar 17

Material costs are on the up but housing associations can secure better deals from the supply chain if they know how

Steve Douglas

Why was housing ignored in the Budget?

10 Mar 17

Housing didn’t get a mention on Wednesday but other government announcements show a clear direction of travel