Euston, we have a problem

How HS2 has pulled the emergency cord on plans to demolish London’s most loathed station



Birmingham New Street: Quite a journey

Getting the trains to run on time is one thing, but running to the timetable on a project the size of the £700m refurbishment of Birmingham New Street - while keeping the existing station fully operational - is something else entirely. Thomas Lane jumps on board


Car park of the future

A timber-frame, zero carbon car park. You’ve got to be kidding?

Cable car

Rope trick: Thames cable car

An ambitious plan to build a cable car over the Thames was up against some seriously tough technical challenges, not to mention the dreaded jinx of the Greenwich peninsula. Building finds out whether they pulled it off. Photography by Tim Crocker

Wind turbine

Offshore wind farms: Winds of change

Tidal turbine technology is changing fast and offshore wind turbines are getting bigger, so the government-backed firm Narec is investing £80m into its testing facilities to simulate the harsh conditions at sea. Thomas Lane explains


France's nuclear fusion reactor: The hottest and coldest place on earth

Building goes on the trail of the ITER - a £12.5bn multinational project that might just save the world …

Farringdon station

Farringdon station overhaul: Boring? If only!

London’s Farringdon station has been given an overhaul and is ready for more passengers, bigger trains and Crossrail. But it hasn’t been an easy ride - and digging a 140m tunnel by hand was the least of it. By Thomas Lane. Photography by Colin Streater


Jason Millett

Construction has never been so crucial

17 Jan 17

As the government finalises its industrial strategy, Mace has some suggestions for boosting construction output

Phil Harris

Time to expand the use of PF2

13 Jan 17

Will the success of some key education projects lead to a wider use of PF2 to fund a growing need for social infrastructure

Steve Denniss

Delivering a healthy digital railway

10 Jan 17

The European Train Control System will go a long way to improve the efficiency of our railways, but it is only part of the solution


Mike McNicholas

London's infrastructure priorities

20 Dec 16

We need infrastructure that understands and responds to the needs of individuals

John Hicks

We need a pipeline of infrastructure projects

6 Dec 16

The Autumn Statement’s emphasis on improving the productivity gap is welcome but the government need to provide more details

Simon Rawlinson

Will the Autumn Statement take a strategic approach to infrastructure?

22 Nov 16

Politicians on both side of the pond are hailing infrastructure investment as the key to boosting the economy and improving the lot of disaffected voters, but for that to happen we need to be better at selecting projects that deliver the greatest benefit

david hill

How to avoid 'chaos' with shared space schemes

8 Nov 16

Projects aiming to declutter our streets have come in for a bashing but with careful planning they improve the experience of all road users

Sarah Richardson

Brexit’s gaping holes

4 Nov 16

Construction faces the prospect of losing large chunks of its workforce because of Brexit

Sarah Richardson

Heathrow: The Great British take-off

26 Oct 16

The government has at least followed the advice of the Davies Commission, but the prospect of a long consultation is concerning