Euston, we have a problem

How HS2 has pulled the emergency cord on plans to demolish London’s most loathed station



Birmingham New Street: Quite a journey

Getting the trains to run on time is one thing, but running to the timetable on a project the size of the £700m refurbishment of Birmingham New Street - while keeping the existing station fully operational - is something else entirely. Thomas Lane jumps on board


Car park of the future

A timber-frame, zero carbon car park. You’ve got to be kidding?

Cable car

Rope trick: Thames cable car

An ambitious plan to build a cable car over the Thames was up against some seriously tough technical challenges, not to mention the dreaded jinx of the Greenwich peninsula. Building finds out whether they pulled it off. Photography by Tim Crocker

Wind turbine

Offshore wind farms: Winds of change

Tidal turbine technology is changing fast and offshore wind turbines are getting bigger, so the government-backed firm Narec is investing £80m into its testing facilities to simulate the harsh conditions at sea. Thomas Lane explains


France's nuclear fusion reactor: The hottest and coldest place on earth

Building goes on the trail of the ITER - a £12.5bn multinational project that might just save the world …

Farringdon station

Farringdon station overhaul: Boring? If only!

London’s Farringdon station has been given an overhaul and is ready for more passengers, bigger trains and Crossrail. But it hasn’t been an easy ride - and digging a 140m tunnel by hand was the least of it. By Thomas Lane. Photography by Colin Streater


Richard Threlfall

Infrastructure: Talking heads

13 Jul 17

Infrastructure’s many stakeholders have plenty to say, and Richard Threlfall can imagine just what they’re thinking, too. The next step is to learn how to listen to each other

Richard McCarthy

What we can do for Brexit

21 Jun 17

The best way to bolster the UK’s negotiating position in Brexit is to have a strong and growing economy. The construction industry needs pull together to show the government how it can help that to happen

Peter Hibberd

Infrastructure: What’s in a name?

31 May 17

‘Infrastructure’ is the word on everyone’s lips at the moment, but how do you define it for contract purposes? For the most part, it might be best not to


Chris Fellowes

Lessons from the Garden Bridge fiasco

10 May 17

The odds were stacked against a bridge that offered little practical or economic benefit, but failing to secure adequate funding was its ultimate downfall

Richard Threlfall

Infrastructure: Going places

3 May 17

Rapid advances in infrastructure technologies will transform the way we build. Construction firms need to stop dragging their feet and catch up with the pace of the new technology revolution

Richard McCarthy

Feeding into the industrial strategy

26 Apr 17

The construction and development industries have a special part to play in the government’s industrial strategy. We have to optimise how we approach infrastructure and asset-use to make sure it is a success

Steve Cooper

Why is infrastructure being underfunded?

27 Mar 17

Europe and the US are falling behind on infrastructure spending, which is a mistake no country can afford to make

Sarah Richardson

Nuclear chill

24 Mar 17

Concrete is about to be poured at Hinkley, but future nuclear projects are beset with problems

Neil Harvey

The Midlands engine - full steam ahead

15 Mar 17

To make this strategy work we need strong regional leadership and a focus on productivity and skills