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BIM Level 3 push to start in new year

29 Nov 16 | By Iain Withers

Building Live: BIM tsar Mark Bew says he is ready to engage with industry on next phase of digital construction


BIM laser scan of Parliament ordered

9 Jun 16

BIM work will help inform £6bn renewal of Palace of Westminster

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£15m confirmed for BIM on deadline day

4 Apr 16 | By Iain Withers

BIM experts hail government’s adoption of BIM level two


Firms ‘not ready’ to meet BIM deadline

1 Apr 16 | By Iain Withers

NBS survey shows just 10% of the industry believes it is ready for the government’s BIM level 2 deadline on Monday


BIM level three scoops £15m funding

21 Mar 16 | By Iain Withers

Government increases financial support for BIM


Budget backs BIM level three

17 Mar 16 | By Iain Withers

Government says it will develop new standard for construction to “maintain global leadership”




BIM: The inside story one year on

20 July 2012

Building caught up with the team on the Manchester library refurb project to see if BIM was everything they hoped it would be



BIM: It’s good to talk

16 Mar 17 | By Ike Ijeh

The lack of a consistent approach to BIM software product data means that exchanges can be inaccurate and cause problems


BIM survey: Multi-dimensional issues

11 Nov 16 | By Joey Gardiner

Building’s annual BIM survey shows a lack of qualified staff, perceived higher costs and handicaps for SMEs, makes a fully digital built environment a far cry

BIM Initiative 2016 - BIMSpace

Taking off into BiMSpace

10 Nov 16 | By Andy Pearson

Balfour Beatty has been co-ordinating the National Automotive Innovation Centre project from its digital modelling powerhouse hut, developed by Cullinan Studio. We took a look into BiMspace, winner of BIM Initiative of the Year


BIM: Cost vs benefits

24 May 16 | By Alinea Consulting

The industry is frequently told it must engage with building information modelling, but there is little information available on the cost versus benefit balance of integrating BIM into a construction project

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Have you seen the BIM deadline?

1 Apr 16 | By Joey Gardiner

From Monday, any firm wanting to be considered for public sector construction work will need to be BIM level 2 compliant. Yet just days before the deadline, only about half of companies are using the technology


Dominic Thasarathar

Preparing for tomorrow's smarter built environment

10 Apr 17 | By Dominic Thasarathar

Digital technology is disrupting the built environment and firms need to be aware of this to keep a competitive edge

Mark Bew

A year after the BIM mandate

4 Apr 17 | By Mark Bew

A year ago today BIM level 2 was mandated for all public projects, what’s changed since and what’s next for our digital futures?

Dominic Thasarathar

Transforming how we build

31 Mar 17 | By Dominic Thasarathar

Technology is disrupting the way we carry out construction, which will create opportunities for those willing and able to adapt

Dominic Thasarathar

Six trends that will define design for contractors

21 Mar 17 | By Dominic Thasarathar

Advances in technology will lift many of the constraints currently faced by contractors and it will pay to keep up to speed with the changes

Steve Faulkner

The benefits of Integrated Project Insurance

31 Jan 17 | By Steve Faulkner

Early contractor involvement and a ‘no blame/no claim’ ethos are just some ways this procurement method could improve the industry

Chloe McCulloch

BIM: digital dexterity and the next level

11 Nov 16 | By Chloë McCulloch

Building’s latest BIM survey shows usage is widening and deepening but SMEs must not be left behind on this digital journey

Mark Leesom

BIM's answer to Brexit

15 Aug 16 | By Mark Leeson

If Brexit is going to make it harder to win European contracts, BIM Level 3 could be a vital selling point