worker maintenance skills training

Skills shortages fears hit highest level for six years

16 Jul 14 | By Iain Withers

Latest RICS survey finds 51% of firms say there are insufficient workers to meet demand

Vince Cable GCS

Cable: Industry must reform to end skills 'horror story'

2 Jul 14 | By Joey Gardiner

GCS latest: Business secretary Vince Cable says construction must end its reliance on subcontracting and invest in apprenticeships

Peter Hansford

Government hands Hansford an extra year in post

2 Jul 14 | By Allister Hayman

GCS latest: The government has extended chief construction adviser Peter Hansford’s appointment by a year


Hansford: BIM revolution is unstoppable

2 Jul 14 | By Iain Withers

GCS latest: Government’s chief construction adviser hails industry’s shift to BIM


Government 'must enable more SMEs to win work'

2 Jul 14 | By Iain Withers

GCS latest: The government has been urged to overhaul its procurement policy to enable more SMEs to win public work

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Lord Deighton

Deighton: Government's role is to create stability

2 Jul 14 | By Iain Withers

GCS latest: Infrastructure minister says “creating a stable environment” for investment is the government’s most important role in construction



Agenda 15

Building's Agenda 15 campaign

10 Jan 14 | By Joey Gardiner and Sarah Richardson

The UK goes to the polls on 7 May 2015, but political parties will be forming their policies from now. So it is the time for the construction industry to tell the politicians what it needs to be able to thrive


Construction 2025: A world away

11 Oct 13 | By Adam Branson

In the first of a new series looking at the government’s vision set out in the Construction 2025 report, Building asks if the opportunities it highlights for global growth really exist


Politics and infrastructure

13 Sep 13 | By Will Hurst

As the party conference season kicks off, Building looks at what the political parties are saying on the key areas for construction


The wasted recession

12 Sep 13 | By Adam Branson

Recovery may now be on the cards, but did we learn enough from the recession?


Government Soft Landings: Strings attached

1 Aug 13 | By Thomas Lane

Government Soft Landings will apply to all central government projects by 2016 - here’s what you need to know

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Construction strategy 2025: Within our reach?

10 Jul 13

Can the industrial strategy succeed? Four experts address the key challenges

map of the world

Global Construction 2025

3 Jul 13 | By Adam Branson

Twelve years from now, there will be 70% more construction work going on around the world. Building reports on the findings of Global Construction 2025


Tune in to BIM FM

14 June 2013 | By Thomas Lane

What can BIM offer facilities managment and will it have a transformative impact on building operation?

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Stephen Gee

Get in early

22 Jul 14 | By Stephen Gee

The number of women in construction is still woefuly low. We need to engage with schools so that children have a better idea of what construction can offer

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Allister Hayman

New faces

18 Jul 14 | By Allister Hayman

What impact will the government’s reshuffle have on the construction sector and policy?

Sarah Richardson

How much did Latham's report change us?

27 Jun 14 | By Sarah Richardson

A great deal has changed over the last 20 years, but has the construction industry changed as much as Latham would have hoped?

Francis Maude

A bright future

27 Jun 14 | By Francis Maude

Since coming to power in 2010, this government has tried to engage with the construction industry to make public spending on buildings and infrastructure leaner. Here the minister for the Cabinet Office counts the ways

Paul Morrell

Latham was right about partnering

26 Jun 14 | By Paul Morrell

… it’s just taking a long time for the construction industry to do anything about it

Sarah Richardson

Let's pick up the pace

23 May 14 | By Sarah Richardson

Despite claims that Westminster has entered a ‘zombie state’, it’s the perfect time for the industry to be putting forward policy ideas

Sarah Richardson

Seize this chance for change

25 Apr 14 | By Sarah Richardson

The government’s Payment Charter takes us a step closer to fixing the industry’s ills


O women, where art thou?

23 Apr 14 | By Sean Tompkins

It’s important professional bodies and leading employers unite in the effort to attract more women into construction

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Sarah Richardson

Still waiting for fair payment times

11 Apr 14 | By Sarah Richardson

Success of the Construction Leadership Council’s fair payment initiative depends on government and the industry backing enforcement measures