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£225m modular education framework launches

22 Feb 17 | By Louise Dransfield

The framework is from procurement organisation Fusion21

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NAO says cost of bringing schools up to standard would hit £6.7bn

22 Feb 17 | By Louise Dransfield

Report estimates a further £7.1bn is needed for ‘minor’ repairs

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Green light for Glasgow uni masterplan

17 Feb 17 | By Louise Dransfield

The masterplan is part of a £1bn investment plan to revamp the University’s estate

'Poor quality construction' blamed for Edinburgh school wall collapse

10 Feb 17 | By Louise Dransfield

The report from an independent inquiry into defects across PFI schools in Edinburgh has been published

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Priority schools second phase goes out to market

8 Feb 17 | By Sarah Richardson

Education Funding Agency pushes out delayed £2bn second phase of programme to rebuild 277 schools

Sheppard Robson Knockroon

Plans in for £63m Scotland school campus

1 Feb 17 | By Jim Dunton

Sheppard Robson scheme set to start on site later this year



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Building new schools: Between a rock and a hard place

2 Sep 16 | By Joey Gardiner

Some 3.3 million secondary school places will be needed by 2024 - a 20% increase on today - but how will the demand be met?

University sector

Universities: Losing the higher ground?

1 Sep 16 | By David Blackman

The university sector has provided a solid pipeline of work for construction over recent years, even in the doldrums of recession. But could demand around higher education fall following the UK vote to leave the EU?

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Does training need a reboot?

28 Jan 16 | By Yoosof Farah

The industry is changing rapidly, with companies urgently trying to attract a new generation of talent and projects increasingly dependent on new technologies – it’s vital that the way we train changes too

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Occupational health: Fit for purpose

14 Jan 16 | By Louise Dransfield

The construction industry has made huge progress on on-site safety in the last 20 years but health conditions have largely been neglected. Are things starting to change?

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Universities: Short-term fix

12 Nov 15 | By Joey Gardiner

Raising tuition fees gave university estates a shot in the arm, in terms of investment. But with student numbers predicted to fall and competition fierce, how can institutions maintain that momentum?

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School places: Do the math

4 Sep 15 | By Mark Leftly

The Department for Education is scratching its head over how to meet the demand for 25% more school places at a time of rising construction inflation and a dearth of available urban land

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University challenge

3 Sep 15 | By David Blackman

With contractors more choosy about the projects they bid for, and inflation eroding HE’s fixed tuition fee income, can universities remain attractive to the industry?


Schools: Where are they all going to sit?

28 May 15 | By Joey Gardiner

25% more new school places will be needed in the next five years than the previous five, yet the government is cutting overall capital funding by 16%


Mark Halstead

Efficiency in the NHS doesn’t have to mean cost cutting

8 Dec 16 | By Mark Halstead

NHS trusts must squeeze every penny out of limited captial funding, but with some careful thought at in the early stages they can deliver better outcomes

Ben Bolgar

Placemaking in student housing

6 Dec 16 | By Ben Bolgar

Involving students, staff and the local community in masterplanning has helped transform this university campus

Michael Stimpson

Building a university in the mountains

30 Nov 16 | By Michael Stimpson

The harsh winter and remote mountain location of the University of Central Asia in the Kyrgyz Republic created some unique challenges

Philip Watson

What’s stopping us building schools using off-site techniques?

24 Nov 16 | By Philip Watson

Modular schools can be bespoke and beautiful, but to build at the volumes needed to keep up with demand we need to think carefully about our delivery model

Mark Halstead

Good stakeholder management

29 Sep 16 | By Mark Halstead

Keeping control and engagement with all stakeholders is not just sensible but vital in any project

Anthony Langan

Designing schools in batches

1 Sep 16 | By Anthony Langan

Creating 12 schools on a tight budget requires a strategic approach to standardised design and a collaborative use of BIM

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University students

Online poll: University funding

1 Sep 16

Will Brexit damage funding for the UK’s higher education sector? Vote here

Richard McCarthy

Campuses are in need of a makeover

31 Aug 16 | By Richard McCarthy

University and college campuses up and down the country need to up their game if they’re going to beat the competition in attracting top students

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Mark Halstead

Chronic over optimism in the NHS

16 Aug 16 | By Mark Halstead

If we want to avoid more healthcare projects doomed to failure we need a healthy dose of realism and pragmatism