High speed train

Mace mulls legal challenge to CH2M's £170m HS2 win

16 Feb 17 | By Iain Withers

Sources suggest Mace could launch High Court challenge “within days”


Hill sells construction claims arm to Pret owner

21 Dec 16 | By Yoosof Farah

The firm’s construction claims business snapped up by huge European investor which owns Pret a Manger

Alastair Baird

Barratt London boss arrested

19 Oct 16 | By Dave Rogers

Firm suspends London regional MD Alastair Baird amid allegations of misconduct over contract awards

Ted Lowery

Case in focus: Issuing payment notices

17 Feb 17

Was a contractor’s interim payment notice valid and, if so, had the employer issued an effective payless notice?




Alejandro López Ortiz

Chile: Turning challenges into opportunities

19 Mar 15 | Updated: 19 Mar 15

Since the 1990s, Chile has been developing its infrastructure, but, as in many other Latin American countries, much is still lacking

Kwadwo Sardokie

Ethiopia: It's not about the oil

14 Jul 14

Political stability and solid investment in infrastructure and renewable energy make Ethiopia an attractive proposition, but new entrants to the market should proceed with care

Kwadwo Sarkodie  Fabiana Blasiis

Brazilian flair

1 Sep 14

Infrastructure development in the recent World Cup’s host country offers opportunities for UK firms

Nate Galer and Juan Pablo Moreno

Colombia: Latin America’s newcomer

9 Jun 14

Colombia looks to finally be living up to its full potential, with enormous opportunities for the infrastructure and construction sectors


Online poll: Air pollution

23 Feb 17

Is Sadiq Khan right to clamp down on firms using polluting machinery on site? Vote here


Richard Saxon

Interview: Richard Saxon

By Francis Ho

Richard Saxon, chair of the Joint Contracts Tribunal, speaks to Building legal columnist Francis Ho about new kinds of contracts, the competition, and where he thinks the industry is heading

Rolls Building

Pre-action protocol: Room for improvement?

By Simon Tolson, Dominic Helps

The TCC pre-action protocol is due for review – but do solicitors working in construction law think it needs major change?

Immigration 3

Crossing the line

By Roxane McMeeken

With the Calais crisis still a hot media topic, the government is on the warpath against construction companies employing illegal workers. But is the sector doing enough to make sure it doesn’t get caught out?

Rolls Building

Legal 500 2014: Building columnists in this year’s top lawyer list

By James Clegg

See which of our regular columnists featured in this year’s list of the great and the good in the UK legal trade

Procurement on trial

Procurement on trial

By Joey Gardiner

Construction firms are increasingly emboldened to take the government to court over its procurement decisions, but who’s to blame?

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E-disclosure: A clearer path?

By Steven Williams, Dominic Helps

As electronic communication and documents become increasingly ubiquitous, procedures around disclosure have to be updated to keep up

Brentford stadium

Planning for stadiums: A sporting chance

By Alistair Watson

Applying to build a sports stadium in an urban area can lead to a number of planning issues. But developers and contractors should point out the benefits it can bring to the community


Legal 500 2013: Building columnists make top-lawyer list

By James Clegg

See which of the writers in our legal section appeared in this year’s Legal 500


Catherine Gelder

Just sign here …

24 Feb 17 | By Catherine Gelder

When you start a new business arrangement it is best to confirm the terms in writing. A recent spate of construction disputes show the risks involved in relying on oral contracts

Ian Yule

It was never a problem before

22 Feb 17 | By Ian Yule

The rule of ‘estoppel by convention’ is increasingly significant in disputes about payment or payless notices. So, what is it and what do the courts say about it?

Jeffery Brown

Had enough of experts?

17 Feb 17 | By Jeffrey Brown

Expert reports are not ‘expected or required’ in the new edition of the pre-action protocol for construction disputes. But construction claims have less chance of settling without them

Howard Bassford and Michael Fry

Turning the tide

10 Feb 17 | By Howard Bassford and Michael Fry

Tidal power could revolutionise UK energy infrastructure. Here, the firm that advised on planning for Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay describes the challenges of that landmark scheme

James Bessey

Scoring an own goal

9 Feb 17 | By James Bessey

A benefit of arbitration is that it stops details of a dispute becoming public. But, as a case involving a football manager shows, if you challenge the arbitration you lose that advantage

Laurence Cobb

Defects: Making it right

3 Feb 17 | By Laurence Cobb

Contractors are expected to come back and repair any defects after completion of a scheme but if they refuse – or an employer does not ask them – who carries the cost?

Grewal Gurbinder

Shorter trials: Take a short cut

3 Feb 17 | By Gurbinder Grewal

The TCC is piloting a scheme to promote shorter trials. A recent case has shown the benefits it can deliver in reducing costs

Tony Bingham

Playing the game

30 Jan 17 | By Tony Bingham

A recent TCC case shows how the back and forth between contractor and employer around payment notices can descend into a parlour game