A wind farm

Macquaire buys Green Investment Bank for £2.3bn

21 Apr 17 | By Hamish Champ

The sale has proved controversial, with environmental groups expressing fears that the impetus behind clean energy technology could be lost.

Event: Flood resilience in the UK debate

23 Mar 17

You are invited to a debate at the ICE on 5 April on the future of flood resilience in the UK

Buckley Gray Yeoman's modular constructed flats in Aldgate

Developers must tackle 'stigma' of offsite construction

8 Mar 17 | By Tim Clark

Ecobuild latest: Head of design for Lendlease says stigma of prefab is holding back offsite method


Flood in York 2015

Flooding resilience: watch the Big Debate

27 Apr 17

On 5 April industry experts debated the future of flood resilience in the UK – watch the debate here

Wavin's AquaCell used at Barton Park, Oxford

Sponsored feature on flood risk: Troubled waters

20 Dec 16 | By Andrew Brister

As the UK prepares for the next wave of winter storms, there is growing awareness of the need to improve the resilience of properties to protect against devastating floods. Andrew Brister reports on the action plan devised by the recent Bonfield Review and looks at some of the emerging solutions

Contrioversially, the plumes of the world-famous Trafalgar Square fountains have now been significantly reduced from this height to minimise water evaporation

Water features: Making a splash

20 Apr 16 | By Ike Ijeh

Technological advances mean we can now enjoy the spectacle of water without any of the misgivings about waste


Jonathan Shaw

How to improve a building's EPC rating

18 Apr 17 | By Jonathan Shaw

The industry needs to be prepared for legislative changes under which some buildings would become unlawful

Mike Chaldecott

Stop, collaborate and listen

13 Apr 17 | By Mike Chaldecott

Sharing ideas around sustainability, off-site technology and other innovations could help the industry to thrive after Brexit

Barny Evans

Should energy use be increased if it boosts productivity?

28 Mar 17 | By Barny Evans

When thinking about the function of a particular building it is important to remember sometimes increasing energy use may be beneficial

Philip Watson

How smart buildings will boost our productivity

21 Mar 17 | By Philip Watson

If we give office workers the means to control their environment we will be contributing to a healthier, happier and more productive population

Ben Kite

Sustainable building on the green belt

20 Mar 17 | By Ben Kite

A small mention in the housing white paper offered a tantalising opportunity to rejuvenate the natural environment in the green belt

Nick Cullen

German plans for electric cars could actually increase CO2 emissions

13 Mar 17 | By Nick Cullen

The desire to make all cars “zero emission’ by 2030 ignores how reliant the country will be on coal-fired power stations

Duncan Lochhead

Ecobuild blog: Driving sustainability - a constant in an ever-changing world

3 Mar 17 | By Duncan Lochhead

Dulux's outlook on sustainability combines being environmentally friendly with customer benefits. Duncan Lochhead talks about its new specifier tool Halo and the Smarter Spaces scheme

Fran Edgerly, Assemble

Ecobuild blog: Regeneration for everybody

24 Feb 17 | Updated: 3 Mar 17 | By Fran Edgerly

A year on from architectural collective Assemble's Turner Prize win, we speak to Fran Edgerley about its groundbreaking Granby Workshop and the importance of community-led regeneration

Adam Crossley

Ecobuild blog: Don’t lose focus on the environment

17 Feb 17 | By Adam Crossley

What businesses think sustainability is has widened into a whole range of interconnected social and environmental issues, but it is important not to lose sight of our carbon emissions reduction target