Government urged to use pollution eating tiles

21 May 15 | By Yoosof Farah

The new government has been urged to use pollution-eating products to cut air pollution

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Contractors back sustainability school

12 Aug 14 | By Vern Pitt

Award-winning Supply Chain Sustainability School expands into the facilities management sector


MPs slam government's 'muddled' support for green innovation

4 Aug 14 | By Vern Pitt

MPs criticise government over its lack of support for firms developing innovative low carbon construction products and services

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M & S Cheshire Oaks

Building performance awards winners revealed

12 Feb 14 | By Will Hurst

Marks & Spencer’s Cheshire Oaks store and Chapman BDSP’s 2012 Velodrome among winners of CIBSE’s awards

Brussels backs 40% emissions reduction target

13 Jan 14 | By Vern Pitt

Members of the European parliament approve plans that should stimulate investment in green projects

Lovell, Morgan Sindall, -Greenwich

Morgan Sindall and British Land score high on carbon disclosure

17 Oct 13 | By Vern Pitt

Report for Carbon Disclosure Project recognises firms who are open about carbon emissions and take action to mitigate climate change


The 350-seat auditorium is now capable of multiple stage configurations

University of Sussex: The second act

18 Nov 15 | By Ike Ijeh

The renovation of the University of Sussex’s arts centre transforms the space beyond an education facility to a fully fledged performance venue

Birmingham New Street station

Birmingham: New Street cred

28 Sep 15 | By Ike Ijeh

It was never going to take a lot to improve on the squalid eyesore of the 1960s incarnation of Birmingham New Street Station. Shame though about the whiff of fakery

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London City Cruise Port

London City Cruise Port: In at the deep end

22 Sep 15 | By Ike Ijeh

Greenwich looks set to be home to a cruise ship terminal big enough to compete with New York’s and Sydney’s and which will be part of a much larger commercial and residential development. But its relatively shallow, narrow river setting makes the project an ambitious undertaking

3d printed glass

3D-printed glass: Print me off another Shard

16 Sep 15 | By Ike Ijeh

Glass has resisted the technological advancements in 3D printing, but now a team from MIT has invented a technique for printing fully transparent glass. The breakthrough, says Ike Ijeh, could revolutionise the way we make windows, cladding and even full facade systems

Walkie Talkie

Tall buildings: Height vs heritage

9 Sep 15 | By Ike Ijeh

London’s lack of a coherent tall buildings policy has led to controversial ‘carbuncles’ such as the Walkie Talkie crowding its skyline

Staircases are configured as bold single flights to aid legibility and accessibility

The Plimsoll Building: Close encounters

2 Sep 15 | By Ike Ijeh

The incorporation of two schools into a residential building is an example of school designers becoming more responsive to the changing physical and political environment

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York House

A day at the office: Your guide to human happiness

26 Aug 15 | By Ike Ijeh

How can you use design to actively influence and improve people’s lives? British Land is using its own headquarters as a test bed for incorporating wellbeing principles that it hopes will foster a happier, more productive workforce.


Government Soft Landings: Strings attached

1 Aug 13 | By Thomas Lane

Government Soft Landings will apply to all central government projects by 2016 - here’s what you need to know

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Edwina Cramp

Who is to blame for misleading energy efficiency claims?

9 May 17 | By Edwina Cramp

Media reports on the performance gap have pointed the finger at energy modelling professionals but action is required from the whole industry, including clients

Nicola Gillen

Five steps to detoxifying your office

17 Jan 17 | By Nicola Gillen

Toxic workplaces risk employee wellbeing, so here’s how to rethink your work environment

Helen Gough

Dawn of a new era for buildings

27 Sep 16 | By Helen Gough

Digital disruption is a challenge to our industry but there are smart solutions that can be applied to individual buildings and across portfolios

Debbie Hobbs

Wellbeing: Going mainstream

15 Jul 16 | By Debbie Hobbs

It’s time for all of us to talk the language of health and wellbeing

Michael Dariane

The WELL building standard is changing how we design

5 Jul 16 | By Michael Dariane

Truly embedding wellbeing into our buildings may be new to the UK but it will become second nature soon

Ben Derbyshire

Announcing: the Home Performance Label consortium

28 May 15 | By Ben Derbyshire

Be part of the group that develops HPL into an established industry tool for the labelling and promotion of better-performing homes

Nick Offer

Construction industry must step up on sustainability

10 Feb 15 | By Nick Offer

Does your business know enough about efforts to reduce the impacts of climate change?

Nick Offer

Can building services continue to serve?

2 Sep 14 | By Nick Offer

As the market comes out of recession building services teams need to be vigilant

Shaun McCarthy

Buildings are only as sustainable as their users

12 Aug 14 | By Shaun McCarthy

It seems the recession has had a damaging effect on sustainable FM and there is no sign of recovery

Matt Fulford

Government has quietly unlocked a £900m energy efficiency pipeline

21 Jul 14 | By Matt Fulford

The government’s new energy audit scheme might seem like another green burden on companies, but there is money to be made too

Richard Kauntze

Office workers: In a happy place

9 May 14 | By Richard Kauntze

Good infrastructure makes for happy commuters, and good offices and surroundings make for happy workers. The property industry can play its part in both

Ant Wilson

Is commissioning the key to successful building performance?

20 Mar 14 | By Ant Wilson

Fine-tuning a building’s performance is not easy and more work needs to be done to help facilities managers and building owners

Andrew Waugh

Can industry go green when government wavers?

13 Mar 14 | By Andrew Whalley

The latest minor upgrade to Part L of the Building Regulations is symptomatic of a wider malaise

Pete Halsall

Is research the answer to overheating in UK homes?

27 Feb 14 | By Pete Halsall

The scale of overheating in UK homes is truly shocking, its up to our industry to get the design and construction right

Paul Stepan

Simplifying energy efficiency schemes for non domestic buildings

7 Feb 14 | By Paul Stepan

The government’s new Building Energy Efficiency Survey will form the evidence base for policy-making from here on

Ant Wilson

Does old insulation work?

22 Jan 14 | By Ant Wilson

We know how to build insulated but we don’t know how the thermal performance of building materials deteriorates over time - perhaps we should …

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Lynne Sullivan

Why cutting operational carbon is the priority

17 Jan 14 | By Lynne Sullivan

Calculating embodied energy in buildings is neither straightforward nor ready to be applied

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Bill Bordass

Can our politicians set a carbon saving example to the world?

9 Jan 14 | By Bill Bordass

Cutting our carbon emissions is not just a matter of technical measures, it requires a dramatic cultural change and real political will

Rob Pannell

Part L - a stepping stone to zero carbon?

19 Dec 13 | By Rob Pannell

It’s good to see that the principle of focusing on buildings’ fabric is being implemented but we have a long way to go as an industry

Pete Halsall

Smart buildings need smart people

4 Dec 13 | By Pete Halsall

Changes in building performance technology is a huge area of opportunity for architects and engineers entering the profession

Bill Bordass

Making up energy policy as we go along

27 Nov 13 | By Bill Bordass

Without a proper evidence base, this government is making decisions on energy, carbon and buildings that are disastrously ill-informed

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Graham Cash

Contractors must embrace FM

21 Nov 13 | By Graham Cash

What does a contractor truly know about buildings if it has never managed one?

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Ant Wilson

Rubbish in, rubbish out

21 Nov 13 | By Ant Wilson

What’s the use of different energy prediction software packages producing such varied results?