London skyline city of london

Luxury housing markets creating ‘dystopian’ cities

3 Oct 14 | By Iain Withers

Leading cities expert says emergence of super-prime residential markets in cities around the world for helping create “dystopian” urban environments

north east

Northern cities outline £15bn transport vision

5 Aug 14 | By Allister Hayman

George Osborne welcomes £15bn plan to to improve road and rail connections across the region

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NW Cambridge Lot 3: key-worker homes designed by Mecanoo

Skanska wins role on £1bn Cambridge scheme

1 Aug 14 | By Vern Pitt

Contractor to provide infrastructure and logistical services for the first phase of the huge housing-led North West Cambridge project

Boris Johnson

Boris outlines £1.3 trillion London infrastructure plan

31 Jul 14 | By Vern Pitt

Industry applauds “long-term visibility” of workload and potential for investment

Campsmount School

Leeds universities reveal £375m pipeline

30 Jul 14 | By Iain Withers

University of Leeds and Leeds Metropolitan plans to spend £375m on capital projects over next four years

High Speed Train

Consultants bid for potential Sheffield city centre HS2 station

28 Jul 14 | By Iain Withers

Sheffield procures consultants for rival HS2 station to Meadowhall




Christchurch: Rebooting the city

25 Sep 13 | By Ike Ijeh

Arup’s Sensing City project in New Zealand’s Christchurch


The Iceberg, Denmark: Jagged edge

19 Sep 13 | By Ike Ijeh

The Iceberg - a residential scheme that owes its dramatic profile to the unceasing Scandinavian quest for light


Sustainability: European housing

11 Apr 13

Phil Birch of Sweett Group reviews recent research by the Energy Bill Revolution campaign to assess what it is going to take to turn the UK into the energy efficiency champion of Europe

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Community housing in Toxteth

26 Mar 13 | By Adam Branson

It’s just 32 homes on a small plot in Toxteth, but Habitat for Humanity’s housing project is creating a community of volunteers, trainees and entrepreneurs and bringing hope to an area feeling the brunt of the housing crisis


Car park of the future

22 March 2013 | By Ike Ijeh

A timber-frame, zero carbon car park. You’ve got to be kidding?

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zero carbon

Green for Growth: Zero-carbon homes

7 Feb 13 | By Thomas Lane

The industry needs some clarity on carbon reduction targets. Building looks at three examples of low and zero-carbon housing

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Rooftop agriculture

11 January 2013 | By Ike Ijeh

Building looks at a relatively new movement using green roofs to plant our food


Sustainability in India: Growing pains

07 December 2012 | By Thomas Lane

Construction is booming in India, but what chance is there the country can build sustainably?


Steve Douglas

Grenfell review must be considered and fearless

20 Jul 17 | By Steve Douglas

Politicians and professionals must be responsible and forensic in seeking the truth

Steve Burns

Five tips for fending off dreaded ‘scope creep’

18 Jul 17 | By Steve Burns

There will always be changes to projects as they progress, but there are steps architects can take to ensure alterations do not derail the scheme

Jon Leach

What this year's Serpentine Pavilion means

14 Jul 17 | By Amy Koerbel, Michael Orr, Jon Leach

The secrets behind this year’s Serpentine Pavilion and how the team meets a deadline of only 20 weeks

Mark Bew

Tragedies underline that we must understand ‘why’ before deciding ‘what’ to build

12 Jul 17 | By Mark Bew

Recent events have stressed how involved construction is with communities and shows that we must take the long view when planning urban environments

Pooran Desai

Zero-carbon way forward for COP21

7 Dec 15 | By Pooran Desai

Proven examples of low carbon development have a role to play in inspiring the confidence to make the environmental commitments we need

Barny Evans

Out of the frying pan, into a flat

20 Aug 15 | By Barny Evans

Overheating in homes, particularly in city flats, is increasingly common

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Mike Hall

What makes a healthy city?

6 Oct 14 | By Mike Hall

The vitality of our cities is the theme of this week’s World Architecture Day and one area we can make a difference as a profession is in the quality of elite and community sports venues

Iain Withers

Singapore is running hot

3 Oct 14 | By Iain Withers

The gateway to booming South-east Asia, Singapore also has a thriving construction market in its own right

Julie Hirigoyen

Can World Green Building Week make a difference?

23 Sep 14 | By Julie Hirigoyen

Events like this aim to inspire people to bring about large scale and rapid change, let’s hope enough of us get involved

David Cash

City planning in the Middle East

4 Aug 14 | By David Cash

These vast cities rising from the sand can’t just be about bling

Kwadwo Sardokie

Ethiopia: It's not about the oil

14 Jul 14 | By Kwadwo Sarkodie, Fabiana Blasiis

Political stability and solid investment in infrastructure and renewable energy make Ethiopia an attractive proposition, but new entrants to the market should proceed with care

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Shaun McCarthy

Do we need a new best practice for our supply chains?

11 Jul 14 | By Shaun McCarthy

If we scrutinise something hard enough, the cracks will start to show, and demonstrate that today’s best practice is not enough

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Pete Baxter

The future of infrastructure lies with industry collaboration

2 Jul 14 | By Pete Baxter

The technology exists to bring together the government, businesses and the public on infrastructure schemes

Adrian Malone

Future impossible?

30 Jun 14 | By Adrian Malone

A couple in the future decide to extend their semi-detached home - here’s how they might do it

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Chris Tinker

More small sites needed to boost housing supply

12 Jun 14 | By Chris Tinker

There’s no chance of meeting demand for homes by prioritising large sites, despite political consensus, says Chris Tinker of Crest Nicholson


Garden City Prize: Now the hard work begins

5 Jun 14 | By Ian Tant

Barton Willmore’s Ian Tant on how a housing obsession bagged a place on the prestigious Wolfson Prize shortlist

Shaun McCarthy

Sustainable infrastructure - myth or reality?

19 May 14 | By Shaun McCarthy

Is our infrastructure becoming more sustainable? The news is good but we still have a long way to go

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Shaun McCarthy

Making it - or faking it?

22 Apr 14 | By Shaun McCarthy

Delivering real sustainability outcomes and being accountable for that delivery is becoming the norm for a growing band of intelligent clients

Jon Kirkpatrick

Healthier by design

9 Apr 14 | By Jon Kirkpatrick

Experts have suggested that up to £1bn a year could be saved on healthcare if the UK introduced better town and city planning

Pooran Desai

We need a new wave of innovation to tackle climate change

7 Apr 14 | By Pooran Desai

The next wave of innovation must bring together different fields of activity - a nexus of technology

Pete Halsall

Humanising city systems

4 Apr 14 | By Pete Halsall

There is a lot going on in the development of smart city concepts, but what are they prospects for us, mere humans?

Nick Pollard

Sustainability can transform our urban areas

31 Mar 14 | By Nick Pollard

As an industry, we have to strive for the delivery of future-proofed resilient infrastructure

Shaun McCarthy

Need to achieve local and competitive supply?

25 Mar 14 | By Shaun McCarthy

Small businesses are important but it is important also to attract businesses with larger balance sheets and working capital to contribute to the economy