Sustainable buildings linked to improved staff productivity

24 Sep 14 | By Vern Pitt

World Green Building Council report finds “overwhelming evidence” good design influences employees


BRE launches new push into China

26 May 14 | By Allister Hayman

Building Research Establishment has signed a deal to set up a new training and R&D centre in China’s fastest growing city

Solar panels

Brussels rules cast doubt on future of renewables projects

11 Apr 14 | By Vern Pitt

Industry leaders claim latest changes to state aid guidance are a “leap into the unknown”

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Co-op Manchester

UK and France sweep board at green building awards

5 Mar 14 | By Allister Hayman

Ecobuild latest: Green projects in the UK and France picked up the gongs at the annual BREEAM awards

London skyline city of london office offices  worker

Study to make case for benefits of green offices

3 Mar 14 | By Allister Hayman

Ecobuild latest: World Green Building Council launches study to measure the health and productivity benefits of sustainable office buildings

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sustainability useful

Industry warns over lack of UK green energy targets

23 Jan 14 | By Allister Hayman

Brussels commits to Europe-wide target of producing 27% of energy from renewables by 2030, but there will be no binding target for the UK


Brasilia National Stadium

The beautiful game

6 Jun 14 | By Luke McLeod-Roberts

Busted budgets, poor planning and co-ordination, horrendous delays, cancelled transport schemes, laborious bureaucracy, corruption, mass protests and onsite fatalities - apart from that, preparations for the 2014 World Cup seem to have gone very smoothly


Global Clients Group: Demands on supply

3 Oct 13 | By Adam Branson

How two members of the Global Clients Group are meeting demanding sustainability standards


Sustainability: European housing

11 Apr 13

Phil Birch of Sweett Group reviews recent research by the Energy Bill Revolution campaign to assess what it is going to take to turn the UK into the energy efficiency champion of Europe

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Sustainability in India: Growing pains

07 December 2012 | By Thomas Lane

Construction is booming in India, but what chance is there the country can build sustainably?


Milan's canal network: Hidden depths

23 November 2012 | By Ike Ijeh

Milan has ambitious plans to deliver a zero carbon mixed-use scheme in which no home will need a domestic boiler - all by harnessing the geothermal potential of its underground network of canals


Global Clients Group: Does going green pay off?

16 November 2012 | By Roxane McMeeken

The second of our Global Clients Group series looks at the links between sustainability and commercial value


The Global Clients Group

19 October 2012 | By Roxane McMeeken

Building and Ecobuild seek to capture the knowledge of the world’s most sustainable clients


Nick Cullen

The wrong targets

26 Jun 17 | By Nick Cullen

The UK is about to miss a key renewables target but there have been substantial improvements in carbon reduction

Nick Cullen

History in the making

2 Jun 17 | By Nick Cullen

Ending Britain’s reliance on coal would be a seismic change, but it might rely on links with the EU electricity network

Nick Cullen

German plans for electric cars could actually increase CO2 emissions

13 Mar 17 | By Nick Cullen

The desire to make all cars “zero emission’ by 2030 ignores how reliant the country will be on coal-fired power stations

Nick Cullen

Will Trump ever be a cheerleader for sustainable development?

20 Jan 17 | By Nick Cullen

The new US president isn’t known for his commitment to tackling climate change, yet if he can see the economic benefit for his country he might become a convert

Dan Jestico

Trump's confused stance on climate change

15 Nov 16 | By Dan Jestico

The next US president has said he’ll withdraw from the Paris Agreement in his first 100 days, but he’s also acknowledge that fighting climate change requires a global effort

Helen Gough

What can London learn from New York's skyscrapers?

9 Sep 16 | By Helen Gough

The Big Apple’s ‘trophy’ towers are able to secure premium rents, but the situation may be more complicated in London

Debbie Hobbs

Wellbeing: Going mainstream

15 Jul 16 | By Debbie Hobbs

It’s time for all of us to talk the language of health and wellbeing


Ready, action

11 Dec 15 | By Sarah Richardson

World leaders at the Paris summit entered the final stages of negotiation over an agreement to limit carbon emissions this week

Julie Hirigoyen

A Christmas wish with a twist

15 Dec 14 | By Julie Hirigoyen

All I want for Christmas is … for environmental and social concerns to be tackled head on by the real estate sector

Julie Hirigoyen

The wage gap

18 Nov 14 | By Julie Hirigoyen

The CBI is right to say we need fair rates of pay to secure economic and social stabiity, and in construction this approach could also help secure the next generation of workers

Julie Hirigoyen

How sustainable is your own office building?

22 Oct 14 | By Julie Hirigoyen

A new report shows that high quality sustainable office design is not only good for the planet, it’s good for your staff’s wellbeing and productivity too

Julie Hirigoyen

Can World Green Building Week make a difference?

23 Sep 14 | By Julie Hirigoyen

Events like this aim to inspire people to bring about large scale and rapid change, let’s hope enough of us get involved

Debbie Hobbs

How do we get GB to move from G to B?

21 Aug 14 | By Debbie Hobbs

If property investors are to improve the energy performance of their assets they need clarity on the government’s long-term aims

Julie Hirigoyen

Stepping up to the diversity challenge

25 Jul 14 | By Julie Hirigoyen

Lack of diversity in the property sector is a real problem, here are some ideas for how to tackle it …

Debbie Hobbs

Energy performance: Postulation or practice?

3 Jul 14 | By Debbie Hobbs

We urgently need work out how to assess the real in-use energy performance of our commercial buildings so we can understand their true output

Julie Hirigoyen

Let's apply some rigour to the zero carbon homes policy

23 Jun 14 | By Julie Hirigoyen

We could be well on the way to achieving zero carbon homes if demanding standards were used to underpin ‘allowable solutions’

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Debbie Hobbs

Will weather or politics dictate the path for sustainability?

27 May 14 | By Debbie Hobbs

We need to wake up to the fact that we are all individually and collectively responsible for finding solutions to climate change

Julie Hirigoyen

Obsolete office space is a growing problem

8 May 14 | By Julie Hirigoyen

Old and poor quality commercial building stock is a risk for investors especially as sustainability regulations tighten up, but there is a solution …

Claire Bonham Carter

New York's housing stock challenge

25 Apr 14 | By Claire Bonham-Carter

New York already has some of the lowest emissions per capita of any major international city, but this recent report highlights areas where it could go further

Simon Parsons

Securing corporate data in a mobile world

24 Apr 14 | By Simon Parsons

Part two of this blog on mobile technology looks at security risks and what to do if the worst happens

Claire Bonham Carter

Greening New York City

22 Apr 14 | By Claire Bonham-Carter

Here’s the story about how a group of green building professionals got together to produce an important report but nearly came unstuck by Superstorm Sandy …

Shaun McCarthy

Making it - or faking it?

22 Apr 14 | By Shaun McCarthy

Delivering real sustainability outcomes and being accountable for that delivery is becoming the norm for a growing band of intelligent clients

Pooran Desai

We need a new wave of innovation to tackle climate change

7 Apr 14 | By Pooran Desai

The next wave of innovation must bring together different fields of activity - a nexus of technology