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Green Deal solid wall insulation cashback scheme closed

11 Dec 14 | By Vern Pitt

£24m fund spent less than 48 hours after it opened to applications

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Campaign aims to champion energy efficiency

24 Oct 14 | By Allister Hayman

Campaign by range of businesses and organisations aims to raise awareness of the way people can reduce their energy bills


Amount of work carried out through ECO continues to decline

23 Oct 14 | By Allister Hayman

Latest government figures shows amount of work carried out through Energy Companies Obligation falls for fifth consecutive month

Ed Davey

Davey hits out at Paterson in carbon targets row

17 Oct 14 | By Vern Pitt

Energy secretary slamms thye suggestion the UK should suspend its legally binding climate reduction targets

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SIG sells renewable heat business for £1

14 Oct 14 | By Vern Pitt

Product supplier blames slow uptake of government’s renewable heat subsidy scheme for sale

Ed Davey

Davey unveils £100m Green Deal boost

7 Oct 14 | By Allister Hayman

Energy secretary to announce fresh £100m to reopen Green Deal cash-back incentive scheme



Andrew Stunell

Enough excuses

11 Sep 14 | By Andrew Stunell

We set up false barriers to adopting energy conservation measures in our houses. It’s time we stopped kidding ourselves

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David Adams

As far as it goes

14 Mar 14 | By David Adams

The DECC report leaves many questions unanswered


Green Deal finance redtape cut

3 Feb 14 | By Vern Pitt

Green Deal Finance Company removes barriers for firms to lend under flagship government scheme


Whole-life carbon: Domestic

20 Jun 13 | By Christina Stuart of Sturgis Carbon Profiling

Lifecycle analysis sheds light on whether retrofitting or rebuilding will best help the government to deliver its 2050 carbon reduction targets


How the retail industry is cutting carbon

14 Feb 13 | By Ike Ijeh

Ike Ijeh looks at the steps the retail industry is taking to cut the carbon


Green for Growth: Retrofit

30 Jan 13 | By Adam Branson

A ring-fenced retrofit programme for public buildings would boost the economy, cut carbon emissions, and even pay for itself. So why isn’t it happening?


Helen Gough

What’s in store for the commercial sector in 2017?

4 Jan 17 | By Helen Gough

The current climate of uncertainty may lead to some unexpected opportunities within the UK offices market

Andrew Warren

The government's energy savings are not all they seem

19 May 15 | By Andrew Warren

Evidence has emerged the UK govt is massaging figures to meet EU energy saving targets

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Nigel Banks

Retrofit industry is addicted to grants

26 Sep 14 | By Nigel Banks

When will we stop being dependent on subsidies?

Matt Fulford

Do your buildings adapt to climate change?

4 Sep 14 | By Matt Fulford

The buildings we are building now will need to adapt to climate and social changes not just in the long term but in the next five years

Nigel Banks

Why I'm still optimistic about retrofit

26 Aug 14 | By Nigel Banks

Lasting change is required to fulfil domestic retrofit’s huge potential

Matt Fulford

Government has quietly unlocked a £900m energy efficiency pipeline

21 Jul 14 | By Matt Fulford

The government’s new energy audit scheme might seem like another green burden on companies, but there is money to be made too

Nigel Banks

Revamped Green Deal cashback is only part of the solution

11 Jun 14 | By Nigel Banks

The government will have to go further than its current package of cash incentives to tackle climate change

Andrew Warren

Green Deal incentives leave a carbon gap

14 May 14 | By Andrew Warren

The government’s incentive scheme is coming up short on the carbon emission reductions it was supposed to deliver

Matthew Rhodes

A new model for ECO

28 Apr 14 | By Matthew Rhodes

The difficult bit is turning principles into practice

Matthew Rhodes

Time to move on from ECO

28 Mar 14 | By Matthew Rhodes

The government’s flagship retrofit policy is now even more flawed than when it started

Sean Lockie

Green Deal is not the only way to fund emissions reductions

25 Feb 14 | By Sean Lockie

Just because few people are taking up the Green Deal offer doesn’t mean innovative finance solutions for energy efficiency are dead

Andrew Warren

The cost of cuts to help for fuel poor homes

24 Feb 14 | By Andrew Warren

Cuts in government programmes that help the fuel poor have also hurt construction

Barny Evans

Forget what you think you know about energy efficiency

7 Feb 14 | By Barny Evans

Is it time to focus on consumer education rather than more loft insulation?

Matthew Rhodes

Who’s responsible for making the Green Deal work?

30 Jan 14 | By Matthew Rhodes

The government should have realised long ago that small firms were best placed to deliver its flagship scheme


We need Green Deal 2.0

21 Jan 14 | By Paul King

The Green Deal celebrates its first rocky year in existence this month, it now needs to evolve

Andrew Warren

Energy firms are getting off scot-free under ECO reforms

16 Jan 14 | By Andrew Warren

George Osborne has eviscerated ECO and left it in a position where nearly no work needs to be done

Matthew Rhodes

Why do we put up with these dumb homes?

13 Jan 14 | By Matthew Rhodes

If our homes were a car they would be about as advanced as a 1950s Cadillac

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Vern Pitt

What does 2014 hold for sustainability?

10 Jan 14 | By Vern Pitt

My four predictions for the sustainability agenda this year


Real retrofit requires real professionals

12 Dec 13 | By Russell Smith

Retrofit is being dumbed down, and the results of ignorance can be disastrous

Matthew Rhodes

Let's use ECO extension to reshape the market

4 Dec 13 | By Matthew Rhodes

ECO is fundamentally flawed but we can build something better if we just stick to three simple rules

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Pooran Desai

Retrofit for health

2 Dec 13 | By Pooran Desai

As we build new communities and remodel and retrofit existing towns and cities, we should see ourselves as the new front line in health provision

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Paul King

The faltering transition to treating solid walls

28 Nov 13 | By Paul King

All this debate over policy isn’t driving the industry where it needs to go

Matt Fulford

Building with the lights off

27 Nov 13 | By Matt Fulford

How are we going to build low carbon buildings if the UK’s power supply is cut?