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Subsidy cut 'puts £6.4bn of wind farms at risk'

8 Jul 15 | By Yoosof Farah

Barbour ABI warns hundreds of wind farm schemes could be in jeapordy after government decision to close the Renewables Obligation early

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Solar panels

Industry leaders slam 'perverse' EU ruling on green goods VAT

10 Jun 15 | By Yoosof Farah

Industry leaders brand European Court of Justice ruling ‘perverse’ and ‘hypocritical’

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Early ECO scheme end spells job woes for green businesses

10 Apr 15 | By Will Mann

Watering down of energy efficiency policy means utilities likely to hit targets ahead of schedule

Houses of Parliament

Make home energy efficiency an infrastructure priority, say peers

9 Apr 15 | By Will Mann

Letter to the Times newspaper says funds should be spent making UK’s buildings energy efficient

John Prescott Ecobuild

Prescott: We need green unity

5 Mar 15 | By Iain Withers

Ecobuild latest: Former deputy prime minister calls for cross party unity to tackle climate change

Energy secretary

Lib Dems back energy efficiency as national priority

5 Mar 15 | By Joey Gardiner and Iain Withers

Ecobuild latest: Energy secretary Ed Davey opposes proposal for independent body to oversee infrastructure delivery



Brief history of zero carbon animation

Animation: A brief history of zero carbon Video

10 Jun 14 | By Vern Pitt

All you need to know about the troubled history of the UK’s journey to try to reach zero carbon homes in 2016

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'The Treasury still have a completely outdated view of sustainability'

25 Oct 13 | By Joey Gardiner

How should the government kick-start its stuttering sustainability policy? Building, Ecobuild and the UKGBC held three roundtables at three party conferences - and three common themes emerged


Deal or no deal?

3 Oct 13 | By Joey Gardiner

The Green Deal is in trouble - but what are the alternatives? Building asked some of those at the heart of green policy where they thought the scheme was heading

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M&E feature

Renewable Heat Incentive: The heat is on

2 Oct 13 | By Andy Brister

Andrew Brister looks at plans to reignite the Renewable Heat Incentive and asks whether the moves will achieve the government’s targets


The timber trail

20 September 2013 | By Ken Smith, Bureau Veritas Certification UK & Ireland

As the EU cracks down on illegally harvested timber, what are the industry’s responsibilities?

Energy secretary

Interview: Ed Davey, energy secretary

02 August 2013 | By Joey Gardiner

The energy secretary on the Green Deal, nuclear, and George Osborne’s climate change scepticism

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How to be a Green Deal assessor

21 Jun 13 | By Roxane McMeeken

What’s involved in working as a Green Deal assessor, what training is required and what skills are needed? Read on to find out


It's a regulations jungle out there

13 Jun 13 | By Adam Branson

Can green certification schemes around the world ever be consolidated to avoid all the confusion?



Will energy efficiency fare any better under this government?

12 Jun 17 | By Neil Cutland

Many will be concerned by Michael Gove becoming environment secretary but Greg Clark’s reappointment at BEIS is to be welcomed

Conor Leyden

How to build homes safely in flood prone areas

20 Jan 17 | By Conor Leyden

New homes can be built safely in flood prone areas but we need to have a grown-up conversation about development

Barny Evans

Sapping energy: How to react to new energy regulations

21 Dec 16 | By Barny Evans

Developers and property managers take note: new regulations will affect your energy performance certificate for existing buildings

Barny Evans

Will mainstream developments go off-grid?

7 Nov 16 | By Barny Evans

Up to now problems with onsite energy generation and storage have been barriers to going off grid, but several factors could be about to change the status quo

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Barny Evans

London's energy policies may not actually improve air quality

5 Sep 16 | By Barny Evans

Reducing air polution is a priority for the London mayor, but he needs advisers to really think through how to tailor renewable energy for the specific needs of the capital


Paddington pole gets cut down to size

22 Jul 16 | By Sarah Richardson

From the Paddington Pole to Theresa May’s cabinet, both appear to be busily wielding an axe

Paul King

Zero Carbon RIP

4 Apr 16 | By Paul King

Improving quality of life and tackling climate change must go hand in hand in delivering the new homes that the UK needs

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Simon Rawlinson

Here we go again

18 Dec 15

The government’s resolve - yet again - to postpone the decision on airport expansion shows that planning remains subservient to politics, and sets off alarm bells for the National Infrastructure Commission - which must act now to protect its authority


The clock is ticking

16 Oct 15 | By Sarah Richardson

The government must act quickly on energy efficiency delivery – damage has already been done