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Sustainability: Life cycle carbon management

17 Jun 15

Usual depictions of a building’s carbon life cycle fail to consider the day-to-day running of the place. Reimagining a building’s life cycle could improve its carbon efficiency

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Tracker: June 2015

29 Jul 15

Orders continue to rise sharply across each sector, making the overall construction activity index’s drop into negative territory for the first time in almost three years a nasty surprise. Experian Economics reports

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Building intelligence


Building intelligence: Q1 2015

30 Jun 15

The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show that total construction output hit its highest year-on-year level since 2008. Experian Economics reports

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Construction Market Review


Market review: Mixed signals

23 Jun 15

The construction sector is still thriving but according to economic indicators there was a fall in activity in services and manufacturing

Country focus


Country focus: Oman

15 Oct 14

Oman’s strategic Vision 2020 couples social reform with economic diversification. With five years left to deliver the vision’s ambitious objectives, EC Harris explores Oman’s competitive construction market

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Cost update

AECOM indices

Cost update Q2 2015

25 Aug 15 | Updated: 25 Aug 15

Materials cost inflation falls again but construction weekly earnings continue to outperform those of the wider economy

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Cost model

Cost model: Extra care housing

Cost model: Extra care housing

25 Sep 14

With a rapidy ageing population demanding high standards of both housing and care, while also imposing a rising cost on public finances, could “extra care” housing be part of the solution?

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Lead times

Quality street: Native Land’s Neo Bankside

Spotlight: Residential fit-out

20 Jul 15

As the London residential market continues to boom, the ‘deliverability ceiling’ looms for the supply chain. Brian Moone examines the data

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Willmott Dixon engineer

Bumper month propels Willmott Dixon to top of table

20 Aug 15

Contractor leaps from fifth to first place with 44 contract wins totalling £171m

Full interactive league tables of contract wins by sector, job title and region

Market Review

barbour report logo

Barbour ABI's August market review is out now

20 Aug 15

Barbour ABI’s Economic & Construction Market Review for August is now available to download

Market forecast

B / quarterly construction output (all work) and annual rate of change (new work)

Economics: Market forecast

15 Jul 15

Revised figures for Q1 2015 saw market pricing volatility increase, with a project’s attractiveness playing a crucial role in this current trend. Michael Hubbard of Aecom reports

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League Tables

Top 150

Top 150 contractors: Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow

17 Jul 15

This year’s contractors and housebuilders Top 150 list shows the sector pulling out of recession and with a spring in its step. But with big losses for some contractors pushing down profits, and margins increasing by a mere 1.2%, the danger remains they could still fall flat on their backs.

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