Thursday17 August 2017

Cost model

Elbphilarmonie, Hamburg

Cost model: New-build concert halls

As cultural icons they can make a huge contribution to any city, but concert halls can have costs and a complexity of scale to match


Cost model: Residential timber

A familiar building material now has many innovative and scientifically developed forms, of which cross-laminated timber is perhaps the most compelling

New Jaguar Land Rover dealership at Manor Royal, Crawley

Cost model: Car showrooms

The motor industry is booming, with showrooms continuing to be built. And with the customer experience at the heart of the schemes, substantial add-on features may be included

Modular housing in Ladywell

Cost model: Modular construction

Debates about modular construction and off-site manufacture are nothing new. But with more suppliers, better quality and greater awareness within the industry, could it finally achieve critical mass?


Cost model: Palliative care

The demand for high quality healthcare facilities aiming to improve the quality of life of patients with serious illnesses is increasing

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International costs


International costs 2016

27 Oct 16

Global economic volatility, the UK vote for Brexit and currency fluctuations have triggered big movements in the relative construction costs of world cities

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RSS feed for Infrastructure costs

Infrastructure costs

GATEway trial project

Infrastructure: Smart vehicles

5 Jul 17

Connected and autonomous vehicles are expected to lead the next urban transport revolution - transforming urban mobility and the way roads are managed

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Whole-life carbon


Whole-life carbon: Fabric retention

18 Apr 17

In redevelopment or refurbishment, retaining elements of existing buildings offers significant environmental and financial benefits

Figure 1: Warehouse Relocated: 9 Cambridge Avenue

Whole-life carbon: Circular economy

2 Dec 16

Typical design approaches minimise energy use and then offset to reach net zero – but how reliable is offsetting in reality?

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Sustainability costs

Co-op Manchester

Sustainability: BREEAM in new offices

7 Oct 14

Sweett Group looks at the costs of achieving different ratings under the BREEAM 2014 certification for new offices

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Cost update


Cost update Q1 2017

Building, electrical and mechanical costs are rising at varying rates along with materials costs as sterling continues to fluctuate but wages have fallen slightly year-on-year

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