Thursday17 August 2017

Market forecast

Aecom indices for market forecast 28 August issue

Market forecast: Consistently uncertain

8 Aug 17

Construction data – both hard and soft – remains consistently inconsistent. Overall construction activity is slowing, but this doesn’t tell the full story

New work output - sector changes indexed to Q2 2010

Market forecast: Carry on regardless

16 May 17

The UK construction industry maintained notable growth rates and posted high output numbers but uncertainty endures on both the domestic and international stage

UK construction quarterly output

Market forecast: Still on the up

14 Feb 17

The trend continues for rising optimism and workload, though materials costs and wage rates are also increasing, while market uncertainty may have some surprises to pull, says Michael Hubbard of Aecom

Previous market forecasts

Aecom Indices

Market forecast: Medium term limbo

17 Nov 16

Brexit continues to cause uncertainty, with increasingly mixed views about the medium-to-long-term emerging across the market. But as Michael Hubbard of Aecom reports, for now, business is looking good


Construction growth prospects downgraded again by Experian

11 Jul 16

Experian publishes chastening set of forecasts - before it’s even estimated likely impact of Brexit


Market forecast: Certain uncertainty

17 May 16

Q1 sees the UK construction industry with a more uncertain outlook but it’s not all down to the EU referendum – there are a number of complex factors at play


Market forecast: Pressure drop

16 Feb 16

Market conditions remain positive across the country, but boosts to regional activity put the squeeze on local supply chains and tender prices


Construction output to grow by 3.6% in 2016

15 Oct 15

Latest forecast from Experian show output for all construction work to hit £142bn in 2017

MF index

Market forecast: Growing pains

15 Apr 15

Strong output demand has stretched the industry across the supply chain, with increased tender prices triggered by capacity constraints only the most salient sign of strain. Michael Hubbard of Aecom reports

Aecom index series (Previously Davis Langdon)

Market forecast: Rolling on

30 Oct 14

Rising price levels still reflect an industry in relatively rude health, despite ongoing capacity issues and question marks over the global economy

Market forecast 1 graph 250414

Market forecast: Rebound on track

23 Apr 14

Although Q1 2014 saw output and price levels taper off, the overall direction of the industry remains encouraging, especially considering its supply and skills constraints

AECOM Index Series (formerly Davis Langdon)

Market forecast: A confidence shift

30 Oct 13

Leading indicators highlight renewed optimism. But don’t break open the champagne just yet …


Market Forecast: The longest winter

25 Apr 13

Tender prices are flat, with nowhere left to fall, and output in January and February was very low. But is the housing sector showing signs of spring? By Peter Fordham of Davis Langdon, an Aecom company

Market Forecast August 2016 A

Market forecast: Not the whole story

8 Aug 16

As we look at the Q2 figures, people are ready to blame Brexit for plunging the UK construction economy into a darker period. But the reality is more complex. Michael Hubbard of Aecom reports


Infrastructure: Land regeneration for housing

7 Jul 16

We consider the complex, multidisciplinary nature of land regeneration and how housing need and government policy are driving increased demand


Brexit fears prompt further Experian downgrades

22 Apr 16

Construction ouput forecasts for next two years

market forecast chart 2

Market forecast: A change of mood

29 Oct 15

With demand outstripping supply, selectivity was the dominant theme for contractors this year. And a failure to attract tenderers led to more creative approaches to procurement. But will these changes be lasting or is this just the current stage of a cyclical process?

B / quarterly construction output (all work) and annual rate of change (new work)

Economics: Market forecast

15 Jul 15

Revised figures for Q1 2015 saw market pricing volatility increase, with a project’s attractiveness playing a crucial role in this current trend. Michael Hubbard of Aecom reports

Aecom index series (previously Davis Langdon)

Market forecast: Speed shift

29 Jan 15

The recovery rolls on with expectations of tender price increases still firm. But a change of pace in activity is expected to emerge this year. Michael Hubbard and John O’Neill of Aecom report

market forecast 2 graph 180714

Market forecast: Overall improvement

15 Jul 14

Q2 2014 saw tender prices and overall activity pick up the pace, largely due to the housing sector. While the demand for skilled trades has led to increases in day rates and wages

UK Construction Output - All work - November 2013

Market forecast: Back in demand

22 Jan 14

The upturn in industry fortunes - which some predict will continue until 2017 - is being reflected in notable rises in tender prices, building costs, and pressure on resources

market forecast

Market forecast: Turning a corner?

18 Jul 13

Although last month’s Spending Round left a lot to be desired, there are plausible signs of a tentative recovery in construction

market forecast

Market forecast: Mixed messages

31 Jan 13

The new year kicked off with fears of a triple-dip recession but with the markets bullish and most companies cautiously optimistic. Peter Fordham of Davis Langdon, an Aecom company, reports

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