Thursday22 June 2017



Tracker: April 2017

30 May 17

Labour shortages and cost increases loom large as several sector indices start to look a little limp


Tracker: March 2017

4 May 17

The repair and maintenance activity index returns to positive territory for the first time since September but the total activity index remains unchanged


Tracker: January 2017

28 Feb 17

The total activity index fell into negative territory for the first time since July last year. The repair and maintenance index also continued on its downward trend


Tracker: November 2016

10 Jan 17

The total activity index and R&M index both fell and the orders index ticked up, while the indices for the separate subsectors showed mixed results


Tracker: September 2016

1 Nov 16

Residential activity grew but the civil engineering index dropped to its lowest level since February


Tracker: February 2017

28 Mar 17

Activity growth in the sectors was positive this month, as the residential and non-residential indices both increased, and the total activity index recorded a significant improvement

Tracker index

Tracker: December 2016

31 Jan 17

In the final month of last year there was growth in the total activity index due to improvements in the non-residential and the civil engineering sectors


Tracker: October 2016

24 Nov 16

The construction activity index ticked down three points, while the R&M index lost points and is exactly in the zero-growth region


Tracker: August 2016

4 Oct 16

The construction activity index for August suggests that we are returning to normality after June’s EU referendum shock

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