Tuesday28 February 2017


Tracker index

Tracker: December 2016

31 Jan 17

In the final month of last year there was growth in the total activity index due to improvements in the non-residential and the civil engineering sectors


Tracker: November 2016

10 Jan 17

The total activity index and R&M index both fell and the orders index ticked up, while the indices for the separate subsectors showed mixed results


Tracker: September 2016

1 Nov 16

Residential activity grew but the civil engineering index dropped to its lowest level since February


Tracker: July 2016

30 Aug 16

The construction activity index suggests workloads are contracting again, tender prices continue on a downward trend and a general pessimism clouds the employment prospects index


Tracker: May 2016

30 Jun 16

The construction activity index fell by a point in May following a brief peak in April, while individual sub-sectors enjoy mixed fortunes


Tracker: October 2016

24 Nov 16

The construction activity index ticked down three points, while the R&M index lost points and is exactly in the zero-growth region


Tracker: August 2016

4 Oct 16

The construction activity index for August suggests that we are returning to normality after June’s EU referendum shock


Tracker: June 2016

2 Aug 16

The construction activity index ended Q2 at a level of 60 points, five points higher than a month earlier


Tracker: April 2016

31 May 16

Activity has been increasing consistently for the past six months for the sector as a whole, with no imminent sign of a change in this pattern over the coming quarter

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