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Construction strategy 2025: Within our reach?

Can the industrial strategy succeed? Four experts address the key challenges

Strategy for Construction


Captains of industry

5 Jun 13

This year construction is higher up the political agenda than ever, with calls for fresh investment. The government has responded and is shortly expected to unveil its Industrial Strategy for Construction


Allister Hayman

Labour conference: No borrowing for building

23 Sep 14 | By Allister Hayman

A fretful conference saw Labor tighten its stance on austerity, ruling out extra borrowing for capital spending

Brian Berry

Labour conference: Brownfield or greenfield housing?

23 Sep 14 | By Brian Berry

We need to get the balance right between brownfield and greenfield development and I’m not sure Labour has done that yet

Jack Pringle

Scotland's Aladdin

23 Sep 14 | By Jack Pringle

Alex Salmond and the yes campaign lost their battle for an independent Scotland - but by letting the genie of devolved powers out of the bottle, they did us all a favour

Julie Hirigoyen

Can World Green Building Week make a difference?

23 Sep 14 | By Julie Hirigoyen

Events like this aim to inspire people to bring about large scale and rapid change, let’s hope enough of us get involved

Andrew Kinsey

Is your waste data rubbish?

22 Sep 14 | By Andrew Kinsey

Robust data about waste produced on site needs to comply to certain standards, but so far this isn’t happening in England



Agenda 15: The next phase

19 Sep 14

As the party conference season approaches, Building is now ready to unveil the next stage of its Agenda 15 campaign to create a manifesto for construction for the next parliament.

Your views


The industry has had its say ...

5 Jun 13

Five hundred people responded to our questionnaire in the run-up to the Government Construction Summit next month. Here’s a flavour of what they said …

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