Thursday29 June 2017


Building archive screen grab of 1962 article: Fire Protection: Bureaucracy or Commonsense?

This week in 1962

23 Jun 17

Some 55 years ago, Building’s leader was on a subject that has had tragic cause to be on the receiving end of much scrutiny this week – fire regulations

Archive image GE1992

General election in 1992

16 Jun 17

Another election kicked off by a Conservative prime minister to secure a solid mandate – but what a difference

Image of Whitehall shuffle article

This week in 2002

9 Jun 17

In 2002, Building published images of a deck of cards to illustrate government reshuffles

Pattern book prophet

This week in 1977

2 Jun 17

40 years ago a marketer was pushing a radical residential idea – to get rid of architects

State of decay article from 1992

This week in 1992

26 May 17

Quarter of a century ago the results of an Audit Commission report on council housing put the dampers on any post-election parties for the Conservatives

Archive oic

This week in 1997

19 May 17

This time in 1997 Building polled readers’ attitudes to their work and the results were far from happy

Archive pic

This week in 2002

12 May 17

Back in 2002 one firm took an unusual approach to retaining its employees by consulting the Tao Te Ching

Archive pic

This week in 1987

5 May 17 | Updated: 5 May 17

Thirty years ago, Building was looking at the potential for former psychiatric hospitals to be converted into residential

Equal opportunites article from 1997

This week in 1997

28 Apr 17

This week, 20 years ago, the UK was preparing for a general election

Bridge over the River Thames image of page

This week in 2002

21 Apr 17

As the disputes over the Garden Bridge drag on, Archive looks back to a less cynical but equally fraught time for bridge building in London

Green Deal archive pic

This week in 2012

13 Apr 17

Five years ago, British retailers were being a little reticent about getting involved with the government’s Green Deal

Image of article and Building front cover from 8 April 2016 about Zaha Hadid's death

This week in 2016

7 Apr 17

One year ago, Building was publishing tributes to one of the greatest and most recognised architects of her generation

Get real

This week in 1997

31 Mar 17

In 1997, the Building was looking at the first virtual walkthroughs of CAD models

Archive image: How to make friends and influence parliament

This week in 2002

24 Mar 17

Building wrote that the construction industry had finally worked out how to get its voice heard by government 15 years ago

Tax returns archive illustration from 1997

This week in 1997

17 Mar 17

The end of the financial year 1996/97 also brought low-level panic over tax policy

Archive image

This week in 2002

10 Mar 17

Recruiting and retaining good staff is a long-running challenge for construction businesses

Skills debate archive pic

This week in 1987

3 Mar 17

Concerns around training haven’t changed hugely in the last 30 years

Archive 240217

This week in 2012

24 Feb 17

Five years ago we reported on the Prince of Wales’ involvement in a scheme for an ‘eco-hamlet’

Archive image

This week in 2002

17 Feb 17

We look at the costs of prefabricated buildings, 15 years ago

Archive image from 1997

This week in 1997

10 February 2017

We look at hospital rebuilding, 20 years ago

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