Thursday23 March 2017


Tax returns archive illustration from 1997

This week in 1997

17 Mar 17

The end of the financial year 1996/97 also brought low-level panic over tax policy

Archive image

This week in 2002

10 Mar 17

Recruiting and retaining good staff is a long-running challenge for construction businesses

Skills debate archive pic

This week in 1987

3 Mar 17

Concerns around training haven’t changed hugely in the last 30 years

Archive 240217

This week in 2012

24 Feb 17

Five years ago we reported on the Prince of Wales’ involvement in a scheme for an ‘eco-hamlet’

Archive image

This week in 2002

17 Feb 17

We look at the costs of prefabricated buildings, 15 years ago

Archive image from 1997

This week in 1997

10 February 2017

We look at hospital rebuilding, 20 years ago

Archive image

This week in 1992

3 Feb 17

We look at wind power, 25 years ago

Archive image

This week in 1982

27 Jan 17

Three-and-a-half decades ago, Building reported that building graduates would not struggle to find employment

Archive image

This week in 2016

20 Jan 17

One year ago, Building was investigating what might happen in the event of a Brexit vote

Archive image from 2012

This week in 2012

13 Jan 17

Five years ago, Building was flagging up a number of problems with an eco subsidy scheme

Archive 100197

This week in 1997

6 Jan 17

Two decades ago, Building was feeling optimistic about the year to come

Archive 161216

This week in 1986

20 Dec 16

Thirty years ago 60% of ‘unemployed’ construction workers were believed to be earning off the books


This week in 2001

9 December 2016

15 years ago New York’s authorities wanted to redevelop the area devestated by the 11 September attacks

Steven Dixon, Rick Willmott, Sir Ian Dixon and Peter Willmott

This week in 1996

2 Dec 16

20 years ago a fresh-faced Rick Willmott was being groomed to take over Willmott Dixon

America archive piece

This week in 1971

25 Nov 16

45 years ago a delegation from the RICS reported on their ‘mission to America’

Japan to export cheap homes to the UK

This week in 1986

18 Nov 16

30 years ago the UK housing industry was warned of an attack on the market by Japanese off-site manufacture

Industry unites for election

This week in 1996

11 Nov 16 | Updated: 14 Nov 16

20 years ago the industry prepared to get political ahead of the election of Tony Blair

Going into Europe

This week in 1971

4 Nov 16

45 years ago Building was organising a conference about going into Europe

Things that go bump on the site

This week in 1996

28 Oct 16

20 years ago Building investigated some spooky goings-on

Archive, Moscow tackles the problem picture of article

This week in 1966

21 Oct 16 | Updated: 21 Oct 16

50 years ago a GLC delegation was investigating whether Soviet Russia had the answer to Moscow’s housing crisis

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