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  • Comment on: BD online is changing

    JOHN EYNON's comment | 21 Sep 10 11:47 am

    hi there
    not surprised by the comments but also not surprised by amanda's letter. lets faceit , all information comes at a price, and the internet has been living on borrowed time (or money!) since it started . someone has to pay to create, publish , host and update all this stuff? i'm sorry, perhaps its the internet fairies that keep it all going! i appreciate all the comments but I would rather pay the cost of a sunday paper evey week to maintain the content and keep this going.

    BD for me has always been a must read, and unless it changes radically will continue to be so.

    good luck!


  • Comment on: Why architecture students should pick up the trowel

    JOHN EYNON's comment | 16 Aug 11 2:12 pm

    BIM simply enables what we've been talking about for decades - i.e. truly collaborate and work as integrated teams.

    Is there scope for convergence of education? Common foundation courses perhaps that teach the basics of design , procurement, construction and FM, before specialising in your dream career. It seems to me odd that we are trained in tribal isolationism then suddenly expected to work in an integrated way as if by magic after graduation!

  • Comment on: Love it or Hate it...?

    JOHN EYNON's comment | 24 Aug 11 1:03 pm

    perhaps we should go back to quill pens and parchment......
    I think you make some good points James.
    BIM is a tool, and is no more or less than that, not a substitute for the people using the systems, nor an inhibitor to quality of design.
    BIM enables us to work together better as teams and produce better buildings for our customers.
    If in the process we can handover better asset information to end users at the completion of projects, whats the problem?

    Is it just coincidence that with the upsurge in 3d packages, architectural design has taken on much more free flowing geometries? I dont think so, and clearly there are designers out willing and capable of exploiting the possibilities of the technology.

  • Comment on: Is architecture best taught by practising architects?

    JOHN EYNON's comment | 23 Sep 11 9:32 am

    I'm sure I can hear the ticking in the distance...our industry, all the professions and the education system are in the melting pot. Under external pressures such as climate change, demographics and economics, to name a few. Are the days of silo based education, professions, and institutions numbered?
    With the affordability and relevance of education to practice becoming real issues, can we realistically continue as we are?

  • Comment on: Wayne Rooney hires architect to design shed

    JOHN EYNON's comment | 16 Nov 11 9:34 am

    perhaps this should be the subject of a design competition for Christmas, with all entry fees going to Shelter. how about it BD?

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