Thursday27 April 2017


Construction workers

Waiting for a EU turn

2 Nov 16

The new government professes grand ambitions to boost housebuilding and infrastructure. But how can it square this with its commitment to clamp down on foreign workers?

Image of the week

May at Downing Street

Image of the week: All eyes on her

21 Apr 17

Members of the press assemble at Downing Street on Tuesday


Election 2017 leaders

The Brexit election

26 Apr 17

Before the parties nail down their manifestos, we take a look at what construction might expect from June’s vote


Sarah Richardson

Free schools don't come cheap

7 Apr 17 | By Sarah Richardson

The question of whether the government is spending too much on free schools development is far from clear cut

Sarah Richardson

Our work cut out

31 Mar 17 | By Sarah Richardson

Labour saving technology might stem the skills shortage, but it’s unlikely to be introduced quickly

Sarah Richardson

Nuclear chill

24 Mar 17 | By Sarah Richardson

Concrete is about to be poured at Hinkley, but future nuclear projects are beset with problems

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