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Here you’ll find all our coverage for candidates undertaking their Assessment of Professional Competence. You can:

1. Watch candidates answering APC exam questions correctly in our APC Trainer video reconstructions

2. Read our comprehensive guides to answering exam questions on each of the competencies.

3. Look at our guides to competencies with the essentials of what you need to know about each one.

4. Peruse our study guides with advice on what to do and when during your APC course.

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APC Trainer on… Waste management (M009) Subscription Required

Candidates must demonstrate a clear conceptual framework for assessing projects and construction decisions in terms of sustainability, from the viewpoint of waste management, with knowledge of relevant regulations and policy

APC Trainer on: Client care (M003), spotlight on level 2 Subscription Required

The chairman of the APC panel tends to ask the questions on this tricky compentency. Here’s how to win him/her over…

APC Trainer on.... Maintenance Management (T053) Subscription Required

Candidates should have a basic understanding of maintenance and make references to a case studies

APC Trainer: Procurement and Tendering (T062) - partnering Subscription Required

When you're in the hot seat and the questioning turns to partnering, here's what to do...

APC Trainer on.... research methodologies and techniques (T076)

You could use all kinds of projects to show you’ve got a grip of this competence


APC study guides

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APC tips: RICS rules of conduct update Subscription Required

It's vital to keep up with the RICS' frequent changes to its rules of conduct, as these form a key element in the APC process

APC tips: 12-month review

The 12 month meeting marks the half way point in the APC process for graduate route one candidates. The remaining 12 months leading up to the final assessment are intense because in addition to gaining competency experience, candidates must also prepare their critical analysis and final assessment presentation and prepare to review their documentation and revise for the final assessment.

APC tips: What to do about the final assessment template update Subscription Required

The RICS has revised the APC final assessment templates, but don’t panic – this article will guide you through what to do

APC tips: Referral reporting made easy

Our APC trainer explains how to deal with referral reporting and the RICS templates, including writing deficiency reports and how to change competencies

APC tips: Nine-month review Subscription Required

With a third of your training requirement now behind you, it’s time to encounter another milestone

APC videos

APC video

APC video: Business planning competency Subscription Required

Our volunteer candidate answers questions on the components and purpose of a business plan

APC video: Accounting principles and procedures (M001) Video Subscription Required

Alasdair Thompson puts more probing APC questions to another candidate

APC video: Sustainability optional competence Video Subscription Required

Matthew Barrington answers questions from Dean Mills on the criteria for measuring sustainability in completed buildings

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APC competencies explained

Colm Osuilleabhain

APC extras: T062 - Procurement and Tendering

This is a core competency for a range of different pathways and is used by many candidates for their critical analysis

APC extras: M006 – Conflict avoidance, management and dispute resolution procedures

A mandatory competency to level 1, M006 also features as an optional competency on a range of different pathways

APC extras: T017 – Contract practice

In the second part of our series we look at the knowledge APC candidates are required to have of construction contracts

APC extras: Letters of intent

In the first of a new series for APC candidates we look at letters of intent - their purpose, scope and limitations