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APC video: Business planning competency Subscription Required

12 May 10

Our volunteer candidate answers questions on the components and purpose of a business plan

APC video: Sustainability optional competence Video Subscription Required

10 Feb 10

Matthew Barrington answers questions from Dean Mills on the criteria for measuring sustainability in completed buildings

APC video: Project Financial Control and Reporting competence (T067) Video Subscription Required

21 Oct 09

Matt Barrington simulates another APC grilling as he faces more questions from Dean Mills

APC video: Contract practice competence (T017) Video

8 Oct 09

Dean Mills questions a ’candidate’ in our new series of films covering the APC process

APC video: Accounting principles and procedures (M001) Video Subscription Required

22 Mar 10

Alasdair Thompson puts more probing APC questions to another candidate

APC video: Risk management competence (T077) Video Subscription Required

10 Feb 10

Dean Mills puts another candidate through his APC paces

Matthew Barrington

APC video: Cost planning competence (T022) Video Subscription Required

9 Oct 09

The second in our film series on the Assessment of Professional Competencies sees Dean Mills ask questions on cost planning