Construction CPD

Gain your CPD points with Building by completing CPD modules online. Each module below contains a full technical article followed by a link to a multiple-choice questionnaire. All are fully CPD accredited.

Continuing Professional Development

Armstrong’s CoolZone phase change materials were installed at Belvoir High School in Nottingham

CPD 8 2015: Ceiling Solutions for Education

This module will examine how suspended ceilings can help meet both the acoustic and thermal-performance demands of schools under the PSBP. It is sponsored by Armstrong Ceilings

The external landing and its drainage

CPD 7 2015: Level thresholds and water ingress

This module examines the key regulations concerning the accessibility of building entrances and highlights ways to avoid the main risks. It is sponsored by LABC Warranty

BPR Architects used Vectorworks BIM software for the design of the Forum North building

CPD 6 2015: Essential BIM technology

With less than a year to go until the deadline for all government projects to use level 2 BIM, this module explains some of the key concepts that underpin the collaboration technology. It is sponsored by Vectorworks

Wavin’s Tigris K1 pipes and fittings were installed on this major residential refurbishment project in Svendborg, Denmark

CPD 5 2015: Continuously operated recirculating systems and legionnaire's disease

This module sets out the advantages of a pumped, circulating drinking-water system in preventing the growth of Legionella bacteria. It is sponsored by Wavin

Make Architects’ £11.6m Serpentine residential scheme in Aylesbury

CPD 3 2015: Specifying flat roofs (part 2)

Following last year’s introduction to flat roofs, this module focuses on installation and the impact of Part L 2013 on specification. It is sponsored by Sika Sarnafil

U-bars are particularly effective when arranged throughout the wall steel on 1200mm vertical and horizontal centres

CPD 1 2015: Best practice for building waterproof concrete basements

To ensure new basements are waterproof, it is essential that a suitable methodology is followed on site. This module, sponsored by Waterproof Concrete with Site Supervision, explains how designers can specify good workmanship

England’s first carbon-negative Passivhaus office, at Watermead Business Park in Leicestershire

CPD 4 2015: Beyond Part L 2013

This module provides guidance on what to expect from the 2016 energy targets for new homes, and how to ensure compliance. It is sponsored by Celotex

BS 5534 has been updated to reflect the increase in extreme weather and to align UK practice more closely with European standards

CPD 2 2015: Revisions to BS 5534

The latest in our CPD series explains why BS 5534 has been revised and outlines the key changes that designers and contractors need to understand. This module is sponsored by Marley Eternit

Reynaers choose its CW 86 unitised curtain walling system for its own head office in Duffel, Belgium

CPD 31 2014: Introduction to unitised curtain walling

The latest in our CPD series considers the importance of unitised curtain walling, design considerations as well as legislation and testing issues. This module is sponsored by Reynaers Aluminium