Wednesday22 October 2014

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Expat hotspots

10 Sep 14

Global construction is set to boom over the next decade, so where are UK construction consultants most in demand?

Stephen Gee

Get in early

22 Jul 14

The number of women in construction is still woefuly low. We need to engage with schools so that children have a better idea of what construction can offer

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Why be a distance learner?

19 Jun 14

More and more construction professionals who want to gain a competitive edge to progress their careers are turning to distance learning. Just don’t think of it as the easy option

Trouble at the top

Trouble at the top

10 Apr 14

Bad managers can have a big impact on staff morale and productivity levels, and they could even pose a serious threat to the industry’s upturn. So why are there so many of them?

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Skills shortages: Let the right ones in

20 Feb 14

With the upturn in work has come predictions of a skills shortage. But the CIC’s Jack Pringle thinks the need for architects, QSs and engineers is already so critical that we should be sourcing them from outside the UK and Europe


A bit of BIM

22 Nov 13

In a crowded workplace, architecture graduates may find that knowing a bit about Building Information Modelling can make all the difference to getting a job


Good Employer Guide 2013: Seeds of contentment

25 Oct 13

Despite the financial drought, many businesses have still found a way to nurture their best talent. We look at what the best companies are doing, and how


Have passport, will travel

27 Sep 13

A survey of built environment professionals reveals a surprising readiness to up sticks and move abroad for work

Louise Clarke

Construction needs a diverse workforce

6 Sep 13

We have to portray construction as a place of opportunity for a wide range of skills


The right leadership team

26 April 2013

Strengthen your executive board - put a woman on it

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Blacklisting: A history of distrust, disunity and discord

14 Mar 13

Is the cause of blacklisting a fundamental flaw in the relationship between workers and their bosses?


Is learning getting harder?

23 November 2012

Are employers still willing to support staff who want to gain more qualifications? James Clegg looks at the impact of the recession on opportunities for part-time study

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Careers: Should I stay or should I go?

31 Jan 14

For young UK construction professionals looking with gloom at this country’s embattled industry, overseas work has long seemed a tempting prospect. But as work here picks up, can the UK retain and even regain its skilled staff? Mike Brown reports

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Good Employer Guide 2013: Sowing the seeds

25 Oct 13

As the industry looks towards growth, the standout companies are the ones that invested wisely during the downturn


Good Employer Guide 2013: Small in size, big on ideas

25 Oct 13

SMEs may not offer the fullest range of employee benefits and they certainly can’t sustain huge HR departments, but these restrictions can in fact make them very attractive employers


Where are all the young QSs?

26 Sep 13

We need to tell the younger generation how much quantity surveying has to offer as a career, before the skills gap gets too big to fill


How to be a Green Deal assessor

21 Jun 13

What’s involved in working as a Green Deal assessor, what training is required and what skills are needed? Read on to find out


Finding work after study

10 Apr 13

How do university courses support students in finding employment? We spoke to four built environment schools to find out what they offer

Strategy needed for apprenticeships

22 Feb 13

The director of the National Association of Shopfitters calls on government to develop a coherent apprenticeships policy

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'I'll be back' - Why bosses return to run their companies

21 Nov 12

Why some bosses come back to save the companies they founded - with varying degrees of success

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