• CPD 1 2019 Welsh slateHHM0414RT08

    CPD 1 2019: Welsh slate

    This CPD, sponsored by Welsh Slate TM , will look at how slate can be used in construction, how it should be installed for different purposes and the regulatory standards that need to be followed by those working with the material

  • Pollokshields-1-LR

    CPD 25 2018: Insight into insulation

    This CPD, sponsored by Kingspan Insulation, outlines insulation options, the way that the performance of insulation is measured and how to ensure the correct thickness is installed to maximise energy efficiency, comfort and space for building users

  • LR-iStock-623373946

    CPD 24 2018: Mitigating risk in an increasingly digitalised construction industry

    Construction projects rely on information, from the outset of a scheme to its conclusion. This CPD, sponsored by Newforma, examine the steps organisations can take to ensure the information they need is at hand

  • RIW-001

    CPD 23 2018: Waterproofing system selection - simplified

    This CPD, sponsored by RIW, will outline the additional considerations that designers should be aware of to ensure the most efficient and robust waterproofing system is selected for their project. 

  • 000_0005_LR_Nortek_CPD_22_2018

    CPD 22 2018: Working climates in rail maintenance facilities

    This CPD, sponsored by Nortek, will examine how such spaces, often hundreds of metres long and featuring large openings to allow trains to enter, can be maintained at temperatures conducive to those who work in them.

  • House Render

    CPD 21 2018: Introduction to acoustics

    This CPD, sponsored by Isover, will look at the fundamentals of acoustics and how we understand sound, how it is measured and how sound is dealt with in order to comply with relevant aspects of Building Regulations

  • REYN-5107

    CPD 20 2018: Aluminium curtain walling

    This CPD, sponsored by Reynaers, will offer insight in to what needs to be considered when specifying curtain walling and provide a basic understanding of regulations and standards

  • Glazing-vision-cpd-Pano_6062_6068-Edit---101217_CDA_Raleigh_Close---Large

    CPD 19 2018: Glazing

    This CPD, sponsored by Glazing Vision, looks at how rooflights can be installed to maximise light, heat retention in cold weather and ventilation in the summer

  • Benefits of Voice Alarms

    CPD 18 2018: Changing Nature Of Risk

    This CPD will outline the sorts of risks different buildings and spaces face and outline a range of potential technologies that could reduce those risks for people going about their daily lives.

  • DSC_0754

    CPD 17 2018: Steel and offsite construction

    Steel has a key role to play in the government’s drive for greater use of offsite construction techniques. This CPD will look at the structural steelwork construction process, with a focus on established offsite processes and practices