Legal Focus

  • The European parliament building in Brussels

    Brexit and construction law: Changing times


    One year on from the EU referendum, nobody knows how a post-Brexit world will look

  • Richard Saxon

    Interview: Richard Saxon


    Richard Saxon, chair of the Joint Contracts Tribunal, speaks to Building legal columnist Francis Ho about new kinds of contracts, the competition, and where he thinks the industry is heading

  • Immigration 3

    Crossing the line


    With the Calais crisis still a hot media topic, the government is on the warpath against construction companies employing illegal workers. But is the sector doing enough to make sure it doesn’t get caught out?

  • Procurement on trial

    Procurement on trial


    Construction firms are increasingly emboldened to take the government to court over its procurement decisions, but who’s to blame?

  • Museum of Liverpool

    Museum of Liverpool: Nightmare at the museum


    The £72m Museum of Liverpool may have opened in 2011, but problems with the design and build mean parts of the iconic building are still inaccessible to the public. Last week’s £1.13m court judgment highlights the dangers for small consultants on big projects

  • Special report

    Insurance special report: BIM


    The rise of collaboration software has created a lot of questions for insurers - not least how to divide up and assign blame if anything goes wrong

  • disputes

    Costly legal disputes: Everyone's a loser


    The amount spent on legal disputes has jumped by a third in the UK over the past year. Why are construction firms still so keen to spend on litigation?

  • electricians

    Sparks fly: The row over electricians' wage agreements

    The decision of seven major M E contractors to break away from the 40-year-old JIB wage agreement was prompted by an ‘urgent need to modernise’ but has already led to angry clashes between workers and police. Building reports on a row that threatens to become the sector’s biggest industrial relations ...

  • Alan Sugar and Hackney Empire

    Hackney Empire vs Aviva Insurance: The Empire strikes back


    This is the tale of a theatre project, backed by Lord Sugar, that landed its client with a £3.2m headache. Now eight years on there’s a legal battle over a bond between the insurer and the theatre owner

  • squirrel tax

    Legal tax avoidance: No place to hide


    Legal tax avoidance is practised widely, but with mounting pressure from protest groups and the chancellor, is it still worth it? Here we weigh the financial benefits against the reputational risk