Sustainability Focus

  • Ecobuild seminar speakers

    Ecobuild seminar highlights: Look who’s talking


    Ecobuild’s seminar and conference programmes will feature more than 400 speakers from industry, government and beyond. Here, some of these experts give a sneak preview of their key messages

  • Power in the union

    Power in the Union


    It seems increasingly possible that the UK will vote to leave the EU in 2017. For many sustainability professionals, this would be a nightmare scenario

  • Cobalt Place

    The Green Frontier


    All fields of sustainability will once again be covered at this year’s Ecobuild, from design and construction through to use of innovative materials. Andrew Brister talks to two of the show’s premier partners, Skanska and Lend Lease, about their approaches to the sustainability agenda.

  • 50 sustainability stars 2015

    50 sustainability stars 2015: Great expectations


    On the eve of this year’s Ecobuild event, Building asks the cream of construction’s young sustainability talent how they think this government has done on the environment - and what they’re hoping for from the next one

  • Victorian terrace

    Behind the hype: Sustainable new homes


    New research is casting further doubt on long-held claims that a new-build property is necessarily cheaper to run than a refurbished Victorian home

  • Hong Kong skyline

    Can tall buildings ever be sustainable?


    With debate still raging over the 230 towers lined up to make the London skyline look more like Hong Kong’s, Ike Ijeh looks at whether tall buildings can ever be sustainable

  • Houses of Parliament

    Ecobuild 2015 programme preview


    From an election manifesto for construction to the latest in biophilic design, there is something for all tastes at Ecobuild. Andrew Brister picks out some of the highlights

  • Zappos HQ, Las Vegas

    Get happy: Wellbeing in buildings


    There is a strong body of evidence of the tangible ways that building design can improve wellbeing. Now an increasing number of major clients are realising that this is not just good for employees’ health - it’s good for business

  • Insulation

    Sustainability: Thinner insulation


    High-performance insulation materials enable much thinner profiIes to be used than their counterpart products. Sweett Group investigates if the benefits from the use of these thinner insulation materials outweigh the costs

  • Paul King

    Interview: Paul King


    Outgoing head of the UK Green Building Council Paul King sees an industry in large part willing to deliver the government’s green agenda. Unfortunately, the government itself has so badly undermined its own policies, the sector is no longer sure what that agenda is any more