• Vince_019 CMYK

    Quick on his feet: Vince Cable talks to Building


    Vince Cable believes he’s gaining ground on his two main rivals over Brexit. But the parliamentary veteran is keen to show his isn’t a party campaigning on a single issue

  • flan mcnamara_18-04-16_L1006224 1

    Team builder: Flan McNamara talks to Building


    Flan McNamara found himself overseeing the creation of the capital’s tallest tower. But it’s all down to the team, not him

  • Bill 9761

    Bill Hocking: Dealer's choice


    Bill Hocking, boss of Galliford Try’s construction arm, might have felt he’d been dealt a bad hand when he took over the job two years ago, but now that he holds all the cards, he’s moved to reduce the risk the firm takes on

  • Peter rogers 019 v1

    Peter Rogers: The long view


    Peter Rogers, the ebullient developer, speaks on his passion for the industry – which he predicts he will leave only horizontally – and what he thinks it should be doing differently

  • Michele andre 014 v1

    Rocky road: Cemex's Michel André talks to Building


    Cemex’s new UK boss, Frenchman Michel André, talks about his vision for the company and for the construction industry as a whole

  • Lara poloni

    Lara Poloni: Steady as she goes


    As the new boss of Aecom’s EMIA operations, Lara Poloni intends to steer a course through uncertain waters by focusing on the firm’s development role and infrastructure opportunities

  • George osborne © alamy

    North and South: George Osborne talks to Building


    George Osborne talks to Building, reflecting on the ‘northern powerhouse’, infrastructure, Brexit and his hope that the current government will finish the job he started

  • George osborne © alamy

    Preview: George Osborne speaks to Building


    He may be editing a London newspaper but the former chancellor still has his eye on developing the ‘northern powerhouse’ that he championed in government. Here, we give a glimpse of tomorrow’s interview, in which George Osborne talks infrastructure, skills and Brexit with Building

  • Soencer McCarthy

    Spencer McCarthy: All in the family


    Churchill boss Spencer McCarthy explains why his business model works and why the firm – one of the UK’s biggest providers of private housing for the elderly – will be sticking with traditional designs for its homes

  • Carolyn Dwyer

    Carolyn Dwyer: Square deal


    The City of London Corporation’s head of the built environment has plenty to take into account, from protecting views of St Paul’s to fostering tech hubs. David Blackman talks to Carolyn Dwyer about her plans for the Square Mile