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Space planning
 Primary Schools (m2)Secondary Schools (m2)
Teaching area/place2.5-3.304-May
Gross area/place04-Jun07-Aug
 Cost in £/m2 
Primary schools550-750650
Secondary schools500-750625
 Space/Place (m2)Cost/Place (m2)
Primary schools04-Jun3000-5000
Secondary schools07-Aug4500-7000
(Costs exclude futniture and fittings)   
Costs for 1600m2 Technology block
 Element cost (£)£/m2 gfa (£)% of total cost
Substructure51 200325.12
Stip and pad foundations with dpm, 150mm, 175 mm and 215 mm insitu reinforced concrete power-floated pads and slabs, brick/block cavity walls 1280 m2 @£40
Frame81 40050.888.14
Structural steel circular columns, beams, roof supports and bowstring trusses to single- and two-storey roofs (23.4 kg/m2) 1280 m2 @£46.70
Glulam softwood tie beams and fixings along and across corridors 508m @£37
Reinforced concrete columns to first-floor slab 6 m2 @£472
Upper floors16 000101.6
290 mm insitu reinforced concrete power-floated slab supported on reinfored concrete columns 320 m2 @£50
Roof115 00071.8711.5
Insulated, colour-coated double-skin metal barrel roof cladding with aluminium outer sheets and galvanised steel inner sheets to clerestory roof 460 m2 @£61
Insulated, colour-coated double-skin metal roof cladding with aluminium outher sheets and galvanised steel inner sheets to 15° pitch 1007 m2 @£62.50
Hardrow slates to 40° pitch on timber roof trusses to two-storey block including eaves ventilators 190 m2 (on plan) @£52.50
Bauder VB4-AL flat roof system to gutters etc 33 m2 @£55
Powder-coated aluminium-ribbon double-glazed rooflights to 40° pitch on two-storey block  20 m2 @£183
Powder-coated aluminium rainwater gutters and down pipes 1600 m2 @£5.35
Stairs9 0405.650.9
Precast concrete straight stair flight 1.45m wide x 4.725m going x 2.612 m rise including intermediate landing, beech treads and handrails and ceramic tiles to landings 4 @£1,975
Galvanised mild steel companion ladder 600 mm wide x 2.625 m rise, including handrail and balustrade 1 @£1,140
External walls41 600264.16
Medium quality handmade facing brick (PC £255/1000) 325 mm cavity wall with 140 mm block inner skin 340 m2 @£64
Forticrete reconstructed stone-faced 360 mm cavity wall with 140 mm block inner and outer skins 77 m2 @£56.50
340 mm cavity wall with 100 mm block outer skin with two-coat external cement lime sand rendering, painted with masonry paint and 140 mm block inner skin  146 m2 @£45
Timber-framed wall comprising softwood studding, 2 mm plywood sheeting and cladding, vapour barrier, 100 mm insulation and 18 x 80 mm Doublas fir weather-boarding, including lead flashings 116 m2 @£77
Windows and external doors109 44068.410.94
Polyester powder-coated single-glazed fixed and opening light galvanised steel windows with 4 mm annealed or 6.5 mm laminated glass in softwood subframes  120 m2 @£255
Polyester powder-coated single-glazed fixed and opening light galvanised steel windows with 4 mm annealed glass to clerestory lights 148 m2 @£217
Polyester powder-coated single-glazed galvanised steel fixed light louvred entrance screen with laminated glass 36 m2 @£160
Polyester powder-coated single-glazed steel entrance screens with double doors and laminated glass 50 m2 @£550
Window control gear 40 @£11,000
65 mm framed, ledged and braced door, painted 5 @£330
44 mm half-glazed flush door, painted 1 @£380
57 mm panelled louvred door, painted 1 @£434
Internal walls and partitions49 20030.754.92
Polyester powder-coated single-glazed galvanised steel screen with 4 mm annealed glass  15 m2 @£145
Polyester powder-coated half-hour fire resistant galvanised steel screen or borrowed light with 6.5 mm Pyran glass 66 m2 @£290
Polyester powder-coated half-hour fire resistant galvanised circular steel window ranging from 900 to 1800 mm diameter, glazed with 6.5 mm Pyran glass 10 m2 @£540
140 mm concrete block wall including movement joints and lintels 745 m2 @£12.50
140 mm fair-faced Forticrete solid reconstructured stone block wall including movement joints and lintels 75 m2 @£33
Proprietary WC cubicles 5 @£440
Sundry head restraints, isolated screens etc. ££8,500
Internal doors46 80029.254.68
Plastic laminated flush doors, including ironmongery and painting: 2 500 m2 @£14
half-hour fire resistant, in softwood frame 20 single @£500
  5 pairs @£1,000
one-hour fire resistant, in hardwood frame 4 single @£600
half-hour fire resistant with vision panel, in softwood frame 8 single @£625
  6 pairs @£1,200
Plastic laminated flush sliding door in lining 4 @£1,225
Zinc-coated steel rotary dark room door 1 @£1,100
Polyester powder-coated galvanised steel single-glazed half-hour fire resistant doors and associated screens, including ironmongery 32 m2 @£350
Wall finishes22 400142.24
13 mm gypsum plaster finish on cement lime sand undercoat to walls, including one mist and two coats of emulsion paint 2167 m2 @£7.10
12.5 mm wallboard and skim coat including one mist and two coats of emlsion paint  82 m2 @£10.50
152 x 152 x 5.5 mm ceramic wall tiles on backing £278 m2 @£21
One mist and two coats of emulsion paint on fair-faced blockwork 54 m2 @£2
Two coats of masonry paint on fiar-faced blockwork 30 m2 @£7
Floor finishes26 80016.752.68
2 mm vinyl sheet coverings and skirting on power-floated concrete finish 896 m2 @£15.25
152 x 152 x 12.5 mm ceramic tiles and skirtings on and including screed 156 m2 @£39
Heuga Vortex 625 carpet tiles glued on power-floated concrete finish 267 m2 @£10
25 x 69 mm softwood painted skirtings 145 m @£2.75
Sundry screeds to slope floor coverings and edge trims etc 315 m2 @£2 150
Two coats of Sikafloor 65 floor paint on concrete 189 m2 @£7.50
Entrance matting  13 m2 @£32
Ceiling finishes9 1205.70.91
9.5 mm plasterboard and skim coat to ceilings, including one mist and two coats of emulsion paint 372 m2 @£9
13 mm gypsum plaster finish on cement lime sand undercoat to ceilings including one mist and two coats of emulsion paint 176 m2 @£7.20
12.5 mm wallboard and skim coat to ceilings, including one mist and two coats of emulsion paint 21 m2 @£8.20
Sundry timber framing Item @£1 000
Cement lime and sand rendering on insulated metal lathing to external concrete soffit, including two coats of masonry paint 68 m2 @£49
Fittings and furnishings48 000  
Fixed worktops, benches and equipment   
Sundry fittings and fixtures, including shelving, storage racking, cupboards etc    
Sanitary appliances16 000  
2 cleaners' sinks, 11 basins, 20 sinks, 10 WC suites, 5 underbench sinks and 1 urinal, fountain and sundry other items   
Disposal installations6 160  
PVCu above ground drainage and laboratory waste and vent pipework   
Water installations16 000  
Hot and cold water installation in copper with cold water storage tanks   
Space heating and air treatment84 800  
Low temperature hot water modulated heatnig circuit serving high-level radiant panels and radiators in ancilary areas fed from plant room roof over the first floor   
Local extract ventilation system, fume and dust extract systems and fans from equipment   
Air-conditioning plant to computer room   
Heat source38 565  
Gas fired boilers with pumps, pressure gauges, and boiler flue system   
Electrical installation91 200  
Main switchboard, mains and sub-mains distribution, cable trays and conduits for all systems   
Lighting installation    
Emergency lighting    
Small power and wiring to specialist equipment   
Earthing and bonding   
Gas installation11 600  
Gas supplies to benches and equipment   
Protective installations1 600  
Security alarm    
Communications installations27 600  
Fire alarm   
Telephone wiring   
Data cabling    
Builder's work for services15 475  
Associated holes, sleeves, plant bases etc   
SUB TOTAL935 000  
Contractor's management and staff, site accommodation and other preliminary items - allow 7%, say65 000  
TOTAL1 000 000  
4300 m2 two-storey main teaching block2 666 000  
1280 m2 one-storey science block868 000  
1400 m2 one/two-storey music and drama block1 043 000  
1760 m2 one-storey sports hall block1 223 000  
EXTERNAL WORKS*1 534 000  
(all qualifying for additional costs and including preliminaries, adjusted for a typical site - say @ 22.5%. External works for a 3 ha site, including site preparation, roads, car parks, paved areas, site fencing and boundary walls, landscaping, planting and site furniture - Allow £930 000   
Drainage - allow £224 000   
External services - allow £380 000   
*External works costs exclude the abnormal costs of approximately £325 000 for playing fields for a new school on a greenfield site.   
Alternative teaching area costs
AreaComparative £/m2 rate Cost factor
General classrooms5801
Humanities (generally)5821
Music and Drama7551.3
Home Economics6701.15
Design & Technology6301.09
Sports hall7001.21
Regional factors
Inner London1.09
Outer London1.05
East Anglia0.96
East Midlands0.93
Northern Ireland0.81
North West0.98
South East1
South West0.93
West Midlands0.94
Yorkshire and Humberside0.95