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Cost model
Public health services 
 Unit rate (£/m2 gifa)
Rainwater installation 
Above ground rainwater system; gutters, downpipes, outlets and connections. Item @ £8,800.1.44
Above ground drainage 
Above ground internal soil, waste and vent pipework, fittings, accessories. Item @ £37,700.6.19
Hot and cold water services 
Water storage tank, booster pump set, plate heat exchanger for dhws, including all ancillaries; distribution pipework, fittings, accessories, insulation, including final connections to appliances. Item @ £115,000.18.88
Public health services total26.51
Mechanical services  
 Unit rate (£/m2 gifa)
Gas installation 
Gas supplies from site boundary; distribution to serve boilers and kitchen appliances; pipework, fittings and accessories. Item @ £13,100.2.15
Heat source and space heating 
Boiler plant; 2 nr condensing boilers, 1 high efficiency boiler, total output 1800 kW; pumps, pressurisation unit, distribution in plant room; lthw heating system to ahus and dhws heat exchanger, including radiators to first and second floors, underfloor heating to changing areas and sports hall; valves, steel pipework, fittings, accessories and insulation. Item @ £262,700.43.14
VRV cooling system to multi-purpose room, fitness suite and admin areas. 1100 m2 @ £118/m2.21.31
Supply and extract ventilation, serving pool hall, fitness suite, multi-purpose room, changing areas and ancillary areas; 5nr air handling units (all with heat recovery, pool hall unit also includes gas fired de-humidifier), with a total duty of 23 m3/s; dampers, attenuators, ductwork, insulation, grilles, fittings and accessories; all pool hall equipment suitable for swimming pool environment. 2910 m2 @ £112/m2.53.52
Roof mounted reversible fans to sports hall. Item @ £20,000.3.28
High level extract fans to squash courts. Item @ £8,000.1.31
Kitchen extract installation. Item @ £2,500.0.41
Central ddi control system excluding head end. System includes mccs, inverters, local starters/isolators and associated power, control and communication wiring and wire ways. Item @ £181,000.29.72
Protective installations 
Dry riser installation; 3 nr risers. Item @ £7,500.1.23
Testing, commissioning and manuals. Item @ £13,400.2.20
Preliminaries. Item @ £97,000.15.93
Mechanical services total174.20
Electrical services 
 Unit rate (£/m2 gifa)
Mains and sub-mains installation 
LV switchboard to supply mechanical plant, lift and general lighting and power distribution boards; form 4 type 2 with integral multimeter and power factor correction; provided with 25% spare fuse switches. Item @ £31,600.5.19
LV distribution to distribution boards; XLPE/SWA/LSF cabling generally; containment; power supplies to mechanical plant and lift. Item @ £32,200.5.29
Distribution boards to serve lighting and power requirements complete with mcb protective devices; provided with 25% spare ways. Item @ £22,700.3.73
Lighting installation 
Lighting installation; low energy compact fluorescent, tubular fluorescent, high pressure sodium and metal halide lamps; lighting control system; main sports hall configured to have four set levels with four lamps and two ballasts per fitting; dimmable control to multi purpose room lighting; moisture proof fixtures to all wet areas; pool hall provided with uplighters and underwater lights (rated at IPX8). Item @ £239,400.39.31
Emergency lighting installation; conversion packs 
Item @ £29,900.4.91
External lighting to car park, pathways, activity space, entrance and feature lighting. Item @ £20,700.3.40
Small power installation 
Supplies to final circuits; including containment; sockets. Item @ £78,500.12.89
Communications installations 
Public address and sound distribution system. Item @ £23,500.3.86
Alarm installation; L2 coverage; analogue addressable system; panel; breakglass units, detectors, sounders, cabling and containment. Item @ £55,700.9.15
Disabled toilet alarm system. Item @ £4,300.0.71
Telephone and data installation to administrative areas; structured cabling system to category 5E standards; active equipment; containment; outlets 480 m2 @ £21.80/m2.1.72
Security installation 
CCTV installation to building exterior and selected interior spaces; power and control wiring; cameras; monitors; recording equipment. Item @ £35,800.5.88
Security and access control installation; swipe card access to selected internal areas; intruder alarm system. Item @ £27,500.4.52
Protective installations 
Earthing and bonding. Item @ £5,200.0.85
Lightning protection. Item @ £5,900.0.97
Testing and commissioning. Item @ £12,800.2.10
Preliminaries. Item @ £74,800.12.28
Electrical services total116.76
Lift services 
 Unit rate (£/m2 gifa)
1nr 8 person, 630 kg machine room free lift; serving three floors. Item @ £27,800.4.56
Lift services total4.56
Special installations 
 Unit rate (£/m2 gifa)
Swimming pool water treatment; slipstream ozone system with uv treatment; water circulation pumps; 2000 litres make up water tank; plate heat exchanger for pool water heating; sand filters; control panel and associated power and control wiring; pipework, valves, fittings, accessories and insulation. Item @ £183,000.30.05
Special installations total30.05
Total services installation costs£352.08
  • Main contractors profit, overheads, attendances and preliminaries
  • Builders’ work in connection with engineering services
  • Loose furniture, fittings and equipment
  • Sanitaryware
  • Below ground drainage
  • Statutory authority connection charges
  • Professional fees
  • VAT
  • Inflation beyond four the quarter 2003
    Table 1 – Typical internal design criteria
    Internal temperaturesRelative humidityVentilationLighting levelsNoise rating
    Offices19°C minUncontrolledUncontrolled12 l/s/person300 luxNR 35
    Fitness centre16°C min23°C + 3°CUncontrolled12 l/s/person300 luxNR 40
    Sports halls18°C minUncontrolledUncontrolled1 ac/h winter 4 ach/h summer250-500 lux1NR 40
    Swimming pool29°C ± 1°C229°C ± 1°C250% – 70%10 l/s/m2600 luxNR 45
    Dry changing room20°C minUncontrolledUncontrolled10 ac/h extract, 8ach/h supply200 luxNR 45
    Wet changing room25°C minUncontrolledUncontrolled10 ac/h extract, 8ach/h supply200 luxNR 45
    Kitchen18°C minSpot coolingUncontrolled20 ac/h300 luxNR 40
    WCs18°C minUncontrolledUncontrolled10 ac/h extract200 luxNR 45
    Corridors18°C minUncontrolledUncontrolled200 luxNR 40
    Cafe/reception19°C minUncontrolledUncontrolled12l/s/person150 lux/300 luxNR 40
    1Lighting to the sports hall typically to have a range of levels to cater for different sporting events.
    2To be maintained at 1°C above pool water temperature.