Average prices for cash buyer in $/tonne
Metal Jul-03Jan-04% increase
Roofing Costs
Descriptionunitrange (£)
Metal profiled/flat sheet roofing  
Medium-quality coated aluminium or steel trapezoidal built-up roofing system, sandwich liner system, vapour-control barrier and insulationm235–45
Composite fully insulated coated aluminium or steel trapezoidal roofing systemm250–75
Tiling/slating (including underfelt and battens)  
Concrete roof tilesm235–45
Clay roof tiles (machine made)m240–55
Man-made slate roofingm250–65
Natural slate roofingm2100–120
Metal sheet coverings (including insulation, on breather membrane or vapour barrier)  
Aluminium roofing with standing-seam jointsm255–80
Zinc roofing with standing-seam jointsm265–90
Copper roofing with standing-seam jointsm270–95
Stainless steel roofing with standing-seam jointsm270–95
Milled-lead code five, roofing coated with patination oil and with lead-rolled jointsm290–110
Asphalt, built-up and single-ply roofing (including insulation and vapour-control barrier)  
Two coats asphalt roofing, 20 mm thick, including felt underlaym255–75
Single-layer polymer roofing membranem265–75
High-performance bitumen felt roofing systemm270–80
Roof elements
Average rate (£/m2)
Secondary schools 103
Secondary schools – specialised  
teaching blocks 110
Sixth form/tertiary colleges 143
Universities 180
Universities – specialised  
teaching blocks 152
Colleges 120
Colleges – mixed facilities 108
School/college/university libraries153
General hospitals, GP hospitals,  
cottage hospitals 132
Hospital – mixed specialist facilities125
Ward blocks 160
Offices 137
Banks/building society branches134
One-off housing, detached  
(three units or less)171
Roofing cost model
 Cost of coveringsSupporting structureTypical lifeStrip coveringsScrap valueCost to replaceRepair cost per yearTotal cost to year 60
Metal – pitched
Copper, half hard, 0.6 mm thick6187100311530.28164
Aluminium, PVF2         
colour-coated, 0.7 mm thick48873032490.35253
Lead, code 5, 2.24 mm thick919885310840.28206
Stainless steel, 1.4401 grade,
0.4 mm thick 608710036570.28164
Zinc, 0.7 mm thick 56873033560.43281
Non-metal – pitched         
Tiles, clay, machine-made 34983540382.26305
Tiles, clay, handmade 67983540713.53447
Tiles, concrete, interlocking 25983540292.61309
Tiles, concrete, plain 46983540502.16323
Welsh slate 709810040742.37310
Non-metal – flat
Single-ply 541112060600.9400