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Minding your Ps and Qs in Scotland
Different sections of the regulations are being redefined, as Parts A to S will be replaced by six numbered sections based on the European Construction Product Directive.
Technical standards pre-1 May Guidance documents post-1 May
Part A General Section 0General (Regs 1 – 7 and 9 – 12)
Part B Materials and WorkmanshipSection 0General (Reg 8)
Part C StructureSection 1Structure
Part D Structural fire precautionsSection 2Fire
Part E Means of escape from fire, facilities for firefighting and means of warning of fireSection 2Fire
Parts F Combustion appliance installations and storage of liquid and gaseous fuelsSection 3Environment and Section 4 Safety
Part G Preparation of sites, resistance to moisture and resistance to condensationSection 3Environment
Part H Resistance to transmission of soundSection 5Noise
Part J Conservation of fuel and powerSection 6Energy
Part K Ventilation of buildingsSection 3Environment
Part M Drainage and sanitary facilitiesSection 3Environment
Part N Electrical installations and aids to assist the hard of hearingSection 4Safety
Part P Miscellaneous hazardsSection 4Safety
Part Q Access and facilities for dwellingsSection 3Environment and Section 4 Safety
Part R Storage of wasteSection 3Environment
Part S Access to and movement within buildings, and protective barriersSection 4 Safety
 The Building Operations RegulationsSection 0(Regs 13 – 15)