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Base building, air-conditioned office
Basic information  
Gross internal floor area: 12,000 m2 
Construction: Steel frame of 44 kg/m2 
Substructure: 200 mm ground-bearing slab 
Roof: Pitched, Sarna single membrane proprietary roofing system with parapets 
External walls: Mostly wall cladding with reconstituted stone. 20% is polyester powder-coated aluminium curtain walling, fully glazed to clear height with double-glazed low-emissivity glass 
Window frames: Aluminium 
Windows: Double-glazed, low-emissivity glass 
Air conditioning: Fan-coil units 
Lifts: Three passenger and two goods 
Capital costs (£)
Substructure 1,254,442
Structure 1,858,812
External envelope 2,508,503
Internal divisions 857,634
Finishings and fittings 2,937,021
Mechanical 4,453,039
Electrical & communications 2,049,543
Lifts 665,672
Preliminaries, overheads and profit 2,321,853
Design risk and contingency1,133,909
Total 20,040,909
Net present costs for energy consumption (£)*
Space heating 5,852
Cooling and fans 24,560
Lighting 19,403
Other energy costs 38,147
Annual total 87,962
Net present cost (over 30 years) 1,617,786**
Net present cost of repair and maintenance costs over 30 years (£, limited to the main elements that change the most)
Roof coverings 202,761
Roof edge and parapet gutter 8,817
Wall cladding 25,619
Curtain walling 38,951
Windows and bris soleil 103,811
Lifts 327,141
Total net present cost707,200
* It is normal to use the same discount rate for all operating costs. However, energy costs are expected to rise more than general inflation, so if we were to use a 2% lower discount rate of 1.5%, the net present cost for energy would be 30.6% higher at £2,112,470.
** Discounted at 3.5%.